Top 5 Amazon Firestick Remote App (Complete Guide)

amazon firestick remote app

Amazon Firestick remote app has quite a few alternatives, as standard TV will be transformed into a smart Android TV using an Amazon FireStick remote. It will grant your TV exposure to every aspect of an Android phone. With your voice, you can complete several tasks and install apps. You can use the Amazon FireStick with a mobile virtual-remote app. Being able to control things from a distance is incredibly beneficial if your remote is lost. The FireStick remote apps let you remotely access media services. You should not worry about misplacing the remote because one can use a smartphone to experience everything.

amazon fire tv

Further in the article, you will read about some top amazon firestick remote apps.

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Top Amazon Firestick Remote Apps

Here are the top amazon firestick remote apps that we recommend:

The authorized Alexa voice remote

The authorized remote application is available to download for free. The fact that it works with several operating systems is one of its best features. The Amazon Fire TV remote app functions exactly like a standard FireStick remote, and it has extra functionality and allows you to see all of the content on the app.

alexa voice remote

After downloading the app, you need to connect your phone and FireStick device to the same Wi-Fi. You should log in with the same account on your Fire TV. The Fire TV remote now features the Alexa speech assistant for essential controls. On a smartphone, choosing the app only requires one tap.

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The infrared remote app CetusPlay belongs on the official Fire TV store. With Android TVs and Fire TV Sticks, it performs amazingly well. Controller modes are one factor that makes this an app you should consider installing on your Amazon Firestick device. Consider playing games on your Fire TV while using the gamepad or remote control app on your phone. With CetusPlay, you can do precisely this, which significantly enhances the fun of watching TV.


You also have access to CetusPlay’s app store, making it simple to sideload apps. This feature expands the functionality of the Fire TV device by enabling programs like Chrome.

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The Harmony Remote

Another universal remote software that stands out from the competition is the Harmony Remote, which has many capabilities and is very user-friendly. It is the preferred remote worldwide for fans of intelligent homes since it supports many controller modes, including voice search.

Another advantage of the Harmony Remote is that it uses Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi. But if you’re not linked to the same network, you can still utilize the remote. Knowing that you need to have a good Wi-Fi connection is why the app isn’t working can be annoying. Excellent Fire TV remote app is the Harmony Remote. However, it has a few drawbacks that you must consider concerning the advantages it offers.

harmony remote

You need to purchase the Harmony Hub and link your phone and TV to it to configure the Harmony Remote. Without it, you cannot compel them to cooperate.

It’s one of the top smart home hubs, which is terrific news. Your connected devices and entertainment systems are integrated, resulting in a seamless experience.

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The AnyMote Universal Remote App

The AnyMote Universal Remote app differs from other remote apps in several ways. It offers you a wide range of modification options that let you personalize it, much like the other items on our list. Although it contains a navigational pad for simple navigation, you can also assign motions to specific keys.

anymote remote app

It has the identical drawback as the Harmony Remote in requiring a hub to function. You can, however, choose between purchasing an Amazon Echo or an AnyMote Hub, and you have a choice, so it’s more open than the Harmony Remote.

Alexa is a benefit of using an Echo as a hub, just like the official Firestick TV app.

DroidMote Remote App for Fire TV

This great application lets you view your favorite TV series and movies. Additionally, you get the essential functions, like D-pad commands and an easy app menu that opens with just one press. Due to the DroidMote’s lack of a hub, we can compare it to CetusPlay. It isn’t as customizable as CetusPlay, though. If you wish to use the Fire TV as a gaming hub, there is no option to switch controller modes. The DroidMote Network app does need to be installed on your Fire TV. Since it’s free, it’s still far superior to purchasing new gear.

droidmote remote app

So, these were some alternatives to the amazon firestick remote app.

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The official Fire TV remote app and CetusPlay are my top two picks, although all of the applications are worth a look. Harmony Remote and AnyMote are viable options if you use iOS and search for one, and you might also give DroidMote a try because it’s undoubtedly competitive.

Therefore hope you have got a clear view as to which amazon firestick remote app will be good for you.

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