Amazon Recovery Page: How to Retrieve Your Account?

amazon recovery page

Finding your Amazon account is one of the most searched queries despite having the details on the Amazon website. However, here we will discuss the amazon recovery page in simple words. There are three essential scenarios when one is required to retrieve an Amazon account

recover amazon account

  1. Forgetting the password
  2.  Hacking the account
  3.  Losing the phone

Having to amazon recovery page itself is a daunting and time-consuming process. Don’t worry, and we have your back. With the proper guidance, you can instantly recover your amazon account. Written below are the details to tackle each scenario.

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Forgetting the password

Forgetting the password is the most common reason for attempting to retrieve an Amazon account. Many people have different accounts, meaning they must remember all of them. Amazon is such an excellent online shopping platform that most people browse it even for time-pass. Those who keep it logged in always have a high chance of forgetting the passwords. 

How to retrieve your Amazon account when you forget the password

  1.  Click on ‘Forgot Your Password.’click on forget password
  2.  Enter your Email or Mobile Number and click ‘Continue.’enter email id or phone number
  3.  If you have typed in your email, you will receive a code. Do not forget to check your Spam folder too. 
  4.  You will receive an SMS code if you have typed your phone number.
  5. Type in the code, and you will be asked to enter the name with which you started your Amazon account.
  6.  The next and final step is to create a new password. Note it down so that you can retrieve it easily if you forget.create new password
  7.  Contact Amazon Customer Service if you have changed the email or phone number since you started the account. 

How to remember your password

  1.  Create an easy-to-remember password that is related to shopping
  2.  Have it saved in your phone or your close one’s phone
  3.  Have it written down in the notepad on your laptop
  4.  Log in whenever you need it, which will help you remember it.  

Hacking the account

The severity of this scenario is only contemplated once you receive notifications of money withdrawal in your phone. If someone hacks your phone, they could change your email id and phone number in the Amazon account, and you would no longer be in control. One who does that does not have good intentions. Remain calm and follow the necessary steps to get your Amazon account back. 

How to retrieve your Amazon Account that is hacked

Follow these steps to recover your Amazon account when two-step verification fails.

  1.  Try signing in using the given backup method, either by using email or by phone number.sign in
  2.  If it fails, click the link given on the Account Recovery page to start account recovery.
  3.  Follow the instructions given on the page and upload any of the government-issued documents for identification, such as: account recovery
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving License
  • Voter’s ID Card

Upload the required document as an image or document, or pdf. Check for the image or document clarity and hide identification numbers as a precaution.

You can make changes to your account only after completing your verification process. Usually, the process takes two to three working days from the day of the initiation of the verification process. 

On the successful verification of the Amazon account, the two-step verification will be turned off automatically. You will be given an email notification regarding the same. Once you receive the email notification, enter the Amazon account and sign in with your password. You may create an all-new strong password and enable two-step verification with a different phone number or email id.

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Losing the phone

Why is logging out whenever you stop browsing on Amazon a good practice? It will help you to remember your password. Your account will be safe even if you lose your phone. Losing the phone is the worst scenario that one would go through. Losing contacts is a concern but someone having your Amazon account with saved bank details is much more severe. Read the details below to know what to do when you lose your phone.

How to retrieve your Amazon account when you lose your phone

  1.  Most importantly, approach your service provider and deactivate your phone your operator
  2. Get an alternate phone number and log in to your Amazon account from another device.
  3.  Change your registered phone number and email id, and add a new phone number and email id. The person who has your phone will also have access to your email id that you have used to register an Amazon account.change emailid
  4. If two-step verification fails, someone gets access to your Amazon account. Follow the aforementioned ‘Steps to Retrieve Your Amazon Account If Two-step Verification Fails’.


Despite having all these recovery procedures, it is always good to take enough precautions. Use the phone number of a family member other than yours as a secondary phone number. Use authentication from two phones by going to log in and Security in the Amazon account. You can add another app besides the Authenticator App, open it on the second phone, scan the QR code and connect. Follow these methods, and you will not regret them in the future. So this is all about the amazon recovery page.

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