Top 4 Android TV Box To Try In 2023

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Android TV Box: Even though many families now have smart TVs, many consumers still use non-smart or “dumb” TVs. Upgrading these “dumb” TVs is a quick and simple process. You can access all the possibilities of TVs using the Android TV platform by simply connecting an Android TV Box or Android TV Stick. Many of these Android TV boxes are out there, but in this post, we’ve narrowed the field down to the best ones.


Top 4 Android TV Boxes In 2023

Let’s discuss top four android tv boxes in 2023.

Nvidia Shield TV 

The remote control for the Nvidia Shield TV is one of its nicest features. Shield’s unique Toblerone-shaped remote control is unlike any other on the market. There is a microphone for voice control, and Bluetooth and IR controllers are all supported. The Shield TV remote also incorporates illuminated buttons that make it simple to operate at night or in a dimly lit space. In case you misplace it, or it hides behind a pillow or a couch, there is also a remote locator to help you locate it.

nvidia shield tv

In 2023, The Shield TV provides every feature you’d want from a cutting-edge streaming device. Additionally, it supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and 4K HDR content. To improve the visual quality of HD material on your TV, the Shield TV also employs AI upscaling. Without having to purchase an expensive gaming setup, you can play PC games on your TV with Nvidia’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming platform, which is most prominently supported by Shield TV. Click here to play Steam on Nvidia Shield.

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Chromecast 4K With Google TV 

Undoubtedly, Google’s Chromecast with Google TV is the best streaming device on the market. There is much to appreciate about Google’s Chromecast, especially given its asking price, even though it may not have as many features as the NVIDIA Shield TV streaming box. Connecting the Chromecast to your TV and launching Google TV is fairly simple. It makes a terrific streaming companion for your living area.

chromecast 4k with google tv

The new Chromecast’s form shape is among its best features. It functions like a TV stick plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. The gadget is quite portable, but you can’t say that for many of the other streaming devices in this collection. Google should be applauded for taking the initiative to develop the Chromecast in three distinct colorways—Snow, Sunrise, and Sky—even if it will be primarily concealed beneath your TV. You also get color-coordinated control with the new Chromecast, which is a thoughtful addition. Also, if you have Vizio smart tv, you can easily add apps.

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Chromecast HD With Google TV 

The currently available Chromecast 4K and Google Chromecast HD with Google TV are comparable. The Chromecast HD’s body has the same oval shape it uses to conceal itself behind the TV. It also features a short HDMI cord that lets it hang off the TV’s back. In addition, it contains a USB Type-C power port, just like the Chromecast 4K gadget. The Chromecast HD has a remote, an additional intriguing feature to note. The remote is also the same; therefore, it has the same size, button layout, and other characteristics.

chromecast hd with google tv

The output resolution of the Chromecast HD and Chromecast 4K differs significantly. The more recent gadget enables fundamental HD video, as its name suggests. Yes, it produces 1920 x 1080 video, which is ideal for smaller, older, and less sophisticated TVs that don’t necessarily require 4K compatibilities. You can play HDR content on Chromecast HD, a brilliant move by Google. How to pair/unpair firestick tv remote easily? Check Out.

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NVIDIA TV Shield Pro

The Shield TV Pro has a larger form factor, which is the first thing you’ll notice about it. It is significantly larger than the standard model to accommodate several added features. It may be set up as a SmartThings hub and used to control compatible smart home appliances. Additionally, two USB connections are available for connecting devices like keyboards, external storage, and more. The Pro model now features more advanced specifications than the standard model.

nvidia tv shield pro

This variant has 16GB of storage instead of 8GB and 3GB of RAM instead of the standard version’s 2GB. Overall, the Pro model’s improved specs, particularly the added memory, make it a superior gaming tablet. This one can handle Android games that might need more memory than 2GB. Additionally, the Pro form of Shield TV supports NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service, which enables you to stream some of the best and most demanding PC games available. Consequently, it has more overall power and should be able to handle power users. Another fantastic feature of the Pro model is that you can use it as a Plex server.

By simply attaching an Android TV Box or Android TV Stick, you can now enjoy all the features available on TVs using the Android TV platform.

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