How to Fix the Error “Apple TV Video Not Available”

apple tv video not available

Apple TV+, a streaming service compatible with some streaming devices, showcases Apple originals. But, at times, when you decide or plan to watch something interesting on your Apple TV plus, and it throws up an error “video unavailable,” it’s a dampener. At times bad weather is attributed to an inconsistent internet connection, due to which this type of error can pop up on your screen.

Apple TV+ ‘Video Not Available’

Multiple reasons could range from poor internet connectivity and incompatibility due to display settings to system issues. So, what could be done to rectify the error? Let’s find out through the below troubleshooting steps;

Resetting Internet Connection

One of the main reasons for the “apple tv video not available” error could be weak or no internet connection. One could try logging in to the channels or programs through a different device with the same internet connection.

video not available


If the problem still exists, try switching off and then switching on the Wi-Fi connection. Try changing the internet connection settings if this doesn’t resolve the issue. Lastly, if nothing works, then contact the internet service provider.

Subscription Validity

At times, we tend to forget to either renew or recheck the subscription of the streaming service. Hence, check the validity of the same and, if required, reactivate it in the following way;

  1. Go to Account Settings  Apple TV + 
  2. Click on Subscriptions
  3. Choose the required option

Signing in and out of your account

Often, just signing out and then signing in to your Apple ID might do the trick.

This doesn’t make any changes to your account, as all your data is saved on iCloud Storage or iCloud Drive.

Apple TV+ reset

Another way of resolving the issue could be by resetting your Apple TV+ application. This would mean starting afresh and removal of your personal information. For this;

  1. Go to Settings on your Apple TV application
  2. Click on Reset
  3. Follow the prompts

Different streaming device

Nowadays, many of us have multiple device access to one’s applications. So, if your Apple TV+ has a similar multiple-device accessibility option, it can help you resolve the concern. 

Try using one of the other devices through the playback approach. If it works on that device, then, after pausing the video, go back to the original device that popped the error message and retry playing the video. It might work.

Change Display Settings

Another tactic for sorting out the “apple tv video not available” error could be changing your device’s display settings. Sometimes some video settings on specific devices are incompatible with Apple TV+ content. So, one could change the display settings by changing the resolution to a lower one and disabling the HDR option.

You can follow the below steps;

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select the audio and video option
  3. Select the video output option
  4. Select the resolution required

Number of subscribers

Apple TV+ application has an option for a ‘Family’ subscription, wherein a maximum of 6 people can be subscribers and log in at one time from different devices. This includes the main subscriber, who invites the rest of the 5 people to join as members.

apple tv

So, if the screen throws up the “Apple TV video not available” error when it’s a Family subscription, one could check the Family Sharing settings. Review that for the Family Sharing and Media and Purchases, you are using the same Apple ID.

Also, ensure that the purchase-sharing option is available. Lastly, communicate with the shared subscribers to check their settings too.

Using the Cold Boot option

Last but not the least, one can try the cold boot option wherein the device on which you are streaming the Apple TV+ is completely shut down and then restarted.


To conclude, more than one of the ways mentioned above should work. It may take a little while to resolve the same. Often Apple TV+ devices get regularly updated with upgraded softwares, so the device probably needs regular upgradation. And if nothing works, then you should contact Apple support or their customer service.

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