10 Best Browser For Android TV | 2022

10 best browsers for android tv

Android TV to stream TV is the most commonly used to watch episodes and movies from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, watch locally saved media from apps like Kodi and Plex, and even play games from your PC. On the other hand, your Android TV may be used to surf the web. Unfortunately, the stock edition of the operating system does not include a browser. So, which browser is better for Android TV? Here are the ten best choices.best browsers for android tv

LG TV is one of the top-rated among all others. Use third-party apps while using LG Smart TV to customize your experience.

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List of Some Best Browsers for Android TV

Check these best 10 browsers you can use on your Android TV:


When it comes to browsing on a smart TV, Puffin is regarded as one of the best options. It is well-known for encrypting internet traffic and hosting websites on its cloud servers. This browser has features that are unique to it and its top-notch security. For example, this browser is entirely compatible with your Android TV remote, a unique feature in the TV industry.puffin

Other features include its App, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You might even generate a QR code for a URL and transmit it to your television. However, it offers free time for a limited period before requiring the customer to upgrade to the Pro Plan. 

Download: Puffin

Mozilla Firefox

On an Android TV, this browser lets you use a standard web browser. It allows you to browse in dark colors. Bookmarks and saved passwords might also be synced across all devices. Almost all of the add-ons that function on the PC version are also supported on the TV. This is something that few browsers can boast about.mozilla firefox

It does not, however, have a standalone version for Android TVs. As a result, you’ll need to keep an eye out for a website where you can sideload it. 

Download: Mozilla Firefox 

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TV Web Browser

This is the most decent web browser for an Android TV, with simple and easy-to-use functionality. It has a clean and modern user interface with simple menu navigation. Other advantages include the opportunity to switch to the search engine of your choice and quick access to all bookmarks and browsing history. A voice search capability is also available, which works with the Android TV remote.tv web

This browser is well-known for having all essential functions but omitting the extras. 

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TV Bro

This browser is open source, allowing users to inspect the source code before installing it. This could be a very useful alternative to choose from with features like compatibility with Android TV Remote, smooth scrolling, and the ability to save open tabs when you close the browser.

This App’s only drawback is that it requires sideloading from a third-party website.

Download: TV Bro


This browser has earned a few praises due to its anonymous online browsing feature on an Android TV. Apart from this, it has other features that might catch your eye. It has an automated history clearing feature that deletes your browsing history after a stipulated period. It also has dark mode by default throughout its App which is a bonus.duckduckgo

The only setback with this browser is that it lacks a native TV App, making its user sideload it.

Download: DuckDuckGo

Kiwi Browser

This browser comes with its built-in adblocker making it the preferred choice for browsing the web. Other additions are a built-in translator app that translates the pages on the go, and it also lets users turn on the dark mode.kiwi

Spectrum Apps are used in every TV to customize the experience. But in Vizio, it is quite tricky. But fantasize about your experience of Vizio Smart TV by getting a Spectrum App.

Download: Kiwi Browser

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Samsung Internet Browser

Tracking Blocking turned out to be one of its most outstanding characteristics. These trackers are in charge of keeping tabs on your daily browsing habits. This could result in a significant online security risk. To combat it, turn on the Tracker Block toggle, and it will take care of the rest.samsung internet

Other features include simply modifying font size, an adblocker, and a high contrast option that provides the finest image possible. 

Download: Samsung Internet Browser


Opera provides a clean and simple user interface compatible with your smart TV. It swiftly loads pages and adapts them to your Android TV. The handy Speed Dial function allows you to access commonly frequented websites from the homepage quickly. Like a PC browser, users may access bookmarks and create individual tabs. Page security and the option to launch a new private tab for private browsing are available in the Opera browser.opera

Opera is meant to be used with a regular TV remote control and does not require the usage of a mouse or keyboard. Users can see where they click or select, thanks to an on-screen cursor. 

Download: Opera

Google Chrome

YouTube is far more interactive than before, thanks to Google Assistant’s voice search features and connectivity with Chromecast devices. There is no longer any need to leave the comfort of your couch to discover the film you’re looking for.google

It provides a uniform surfing experience across all of these Operating Systems, with the same look and feels across all devices. If you use Chrome, you’ll have no trouble using your custom shortcuts from your Smart TV on another device.

Download: Google

Jio Pages

Because this App is available straight from the Play Store, there is no need to worry about sideloading an APK. This browser has many extra features, such as curated movies and the ability to surf incognito mode.


It also has a PDF reader, download manager, and a section for the most recent news. JioPagesTV also supports regional languages, which makes it more popular in India. 


Hopefully, this article would have given you an overview of the best browsers for your Android TV. But now it is your play to decide which is the best for you. Make a wise decision. Good luck!

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