8 Best Cable Alternatives To Buy In 2022

best cable alternatives

Often, cable packages are too expensive and can significantly affect one’s budget. Basic packages are affordable, but it becomes costly once you add in all the channels you wish to watch. Luckily, plenty of options serve as the best alternative to cable TV and help save money. There are some best cable alternatives that you could buy in 2022 and spend your time.

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cable alternatives

Some of these options also offer a free trial. Live TV providers provide a better performance, more streamlined user interfaces, and most of all, recurring monthly fees. Yes, there is no annual contract lock-in. It provides a list of some of the best cable TV alternatives in 2022.

One could also use a FireTVStick to access these cable alternatives.

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What Are Best Cable Alternatives In the Market

Few of the best cable alternatives available in the market in 2022 are:


One of the first businesses to introduce how we watch TV today is Netflix. The best thing about Netflix is that they have both their original series and the classic television shows and films you want to watch.


It has a free trial of 30 days so that you can test it, and then if you like it, you can start using it by paying the monthly fees. Netflix is excellent at suggesting television shows or films comparable to the ones you’ve already seen.

Visit: Netflix

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Amazon Prime Video

This is another top streaming platform nowadays. Amazon Prime Video is a good choice if you want access to award-winning TV and the option to retain all your entertainment on one platform. There are numerous classics that you may watch on it. In addition, they are producing an increasing number of Amazon Original Series.

prime video

Additionally, if you currently have an Amazon Prime subscription, you may enjoy the included Prime Video material for no additional cost. Amazon also has 30 days free trial. 

Visit: Amazon Prime Video

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You can stream Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, 30 seasons of The Simpsons, and a tonne of other networks and brands owned by Disney. It also has exclusive documentaries, series, and movies. If you have the capacity on your devices, the streaming service also allows unlimited downloads for up to 10 instruments.

disney plus

Additionally, Disney+ supports simultaneous streaming from up to four devices. Disney+ is compatible with devices like Amazon Fire TV, Sony PlayStation 4, and Apple and Android smartphones. 

Visit: Disney+


Hulu is the cheapest of all these cable TV alternatives. It also has a free trial. You can test it, and if you like it, you can buy a subscription. You may also cancel the plan without incurring fees if you decide that the Hulu app is not the best for you.


The app doesn’t have any contacts. It has numerous TV shows and movies to stream. Along with this, it also gives access to major cable channels and offers Hulu Live as well with more than 70 live channels that may be streamed with Live, and you can also watch on-demand content. 

Visit: HuluApp

YouTube TV

YouTube TV continues to be one of the best cable TV alternatives because it is straightforward, simple to use, and has a wide variety of channels. Unlimited storage DVR was its most distinctive feature, but Hulu has already surpassed it. The fact that YouTube TV lags behind cable TV the least is one of our favorite features. The live streams may be a bit delayed for Sling and other providers. Some streaming video providers focus largely on original or on-demand programming, while others are made to displace your cable subscription.

youtube tv

Using the most recent methodology, YouTube TV provides more than 85 news, entertainment, and sports channels in one bundle. It supports a wide range of platforms and incorporates special DVR functions. YouTube TV also has a free seven-day trial.

Visit: YoutubeTV

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Sling TV 

The service provides two basic channel bundles (Orange and Blue), after which customers can select more limited options. Sling TV offers a variety of programs for any taste, including sports, comedies, kids’ shows, and foreign language channels.

sling TV

Although, its cloud DVR is not unlimited like Hulu and YouTube. With Sling’s a la carte selection, you have more control over the channels you pay for when watching TV. This is how it sets itself apart from other streaming providers. 

Visit: SlingTV


Philo offers unlimited DVR, just like Hulu and YouTube. It has no contracts and provides a seven-day free trial which you can cancel whenever you wish to. This is the best option for people on a small budget.


It is one of the most cost-effective streaming services available. You will also get a 30-day DVR. Philo has around 30 live channels. 

Visit: Philo

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FuboTV is the best alternative because it has almost every single sports channel. It was launched in 2015 and is costlier than its competitors. Along with this, it supports 4K streaming for some of the content. The UI of FuboTV is elegant and well-designed. It offers 250 hours of cloud DVR.

fubo tv

It has three different plans for the viewers to choose from. Its digital video recorder is set apart from its competitors as it offers unrestricted access. 

Visit: FuboTV


These are a few of the best cable alternatives that could be used by you and would be beneficial for you in 2022.

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