Best Folder Lock For PC To Ensure Your Privacy

best folder lock for pc

Which is the best folder lock for PC? The world is changing. The era where we live is in the transformation process, where we see everything shifting towards digitization or technology. There is no single aspect in our lives that technology does not touch. And to get any work done through technology, we need a tool: a PC or computer.  

When using a product or gadget, it is of utmost importance to get knowledge of the pros and cons of the usage of the product. Our PC or computer is like a lifeline to us as every little detail is in our system, which not only simplifies our work but makes our life easier too, but every coin has two sides, so along with the comfort and functions that computers provide, there is some risk with it as well. Computer or pc has a connection to servers exposed to many external threats. So what should you do? Refrain yourself from using a PC or computer? No, there is a solution to every problem, which I will discuss further.

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Ensure Your Privacy

So when you walk away from your desk, even for a moment, do you consider locking your computer? Not necessarily because you might think it’s not a big deal. But let me tell you, leaving your computer unlocked is not safe. I mean that anyone could sit at your computer and gain access to your private information, which can be very dangerous to your professional and personal life. It’s a lot like going your car running with the doors opened.

ensure your privacy

To be more specific with stats, more than 200 million confidential business records were reported lost or stolen in the past few years, and those data losses did not originate from external sources or threats. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, the owner of the pc gets engaged in such behaviours or negligent attitude that increases the risk of data loss; leaving the computer unlocked is also one of them. You could not even imagine such a common practice be so dangerous. Right?

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Data From A Survey Conducted

  1. Every one in two employees said that they leave their computer connected and unlocked when they are not at their desks. For example, they go to lunch or go home in the evening.
  2. One in five employees stores system login information and passwords on their computer or writes them down and leaves them on their desks, in keyless closets, or on their computers.
  3. Statistics show that more than 75 per cent of employees do not use privacy screens when working remotely in a public of folder lock

So basically, this is the pattern that even educated people follow, which later becomes trouble for them. By now, you must have got an idea of how important it is to take safety measures while you rely on your PC entirely. Therefore, let me simplify your work and tell you the importance of locking your computer, and now the question arises how and from where. In this competitive world where multiple alternatives are available, choosing the right product is a task.

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Folder Lock

So I present to you the folder lock, which is a tool that helps you password-protect files, folders, and drives. This tool can hide, protect, encrypt files on your computer, hard drive, or any portable storage device. It can also save files from viruses and spyware and prevent them from being viewed by other PCs in the network for your privacy.

x folder lock

You can share your PC with multiple people, but you can have your own private space with this folder lock. No one can access it as it allows you to lock your file and hide your file, which is an added benefit that gives extra protection to your system.

Reasons Why You Should Go for Folder Locks 

Below are some reasons listed why you should go for X Folder Lock

Gives You Privacy

Your computer is your very private space, and what you choose to do with it or not is anyone’s business.

gives you privacy

Locking your computer will prevent people from accessing your private information or your PC. You can help protect your files and any email conversations with your friends.

Helps Prevent Unwanted Inconvenience

When the computer is not in use for a while, the monitor may turn off to save power. However, this does not mean that the computer is off. A stranger may come in and use a key such as delete, enter, or space to wake your computer. When you are not around, These keys can sometimes submit a form or execute a command.

helps prevent unwanted convenience

For example, when the Delete key is used to wake up the computer, you might lose an important file or text in a document with the same key.

Helps To Protect Confidential Information

Sometimes someone can send you confidential information only for your eyes. This is especially important if you work for a company or client where you have to be very careful with private information. If they notice that you are not taking care of it, they may ask questions about your credibility.

protects confidential information

In addition to this, some information may be subject to non-disclosure between you and the client. Locking your computer while not with your computer will help protect confidential documents and information.

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Prevents Modification Of Data

When you don’t lock your computer, it is like giving open access to your files, whether personal, confidential, or public, to unauthorized persons.

prevents modification of data

This means that anyone can log into your computer and edit, delete, or even share data from your computer.


So after getting aware of all the threats and even the solution to it, you definitely will be thinking of making up your mind to get this folder lock for your PC. So why delay in good work? The privacy should come first!

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