Top 10 Best google gravity tricks | Complete Guide

top 10 best google gravity tricks _ complete guide

Google is the ultimate search engine today. But, instead of just searching and exploring the sites, Google can also be used for some outstanding purposes. Yes, Google gravity is one such way to get an edge over your friends in terms of being tech-savvy. Read this complete guide to know the top 10 best google gravity tricks.

We all know, google is a widely used search engine across the world. So, what will happen if Google Chrome suddenly stops working, displaying the error message, “Not enough memory to open this page in Google Chrome.” This article acts as a guide to learn briefly on this topic.

All of us use it for many purposes, from searching for something funny to get an answer to our questions. Apart from being just a search engine, Google is also a highly functional and interactive tool that has many kinds of ‘magical’ features hidden in it. One can use these google gravity tricks and enjoy the extremely satisfying features of google. Moreover, you can also amaze your friends with these tricks. Read this article on 10 Best Browsers For Android TV In 2023.

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What is Google Gravity?

In simple words, Gravity means everything that goes up in the air is bound to fall. The same concept is used by google; Google gravity lets you see the fall of the google search bar and the Google logo itself according to the law of Gravity. In this case, the user can observe everything at the bottom of their screen. Anyone can easily do it by typing google gravity in the search bar and then pressing enter. Moreover, there are many features and tricks of Google Gravity.

10 Best Google Gravity Tricks You Must Know

All these tricks are discussed below. Let’s explore these top 10 best Google gravity tricks:

Google gravity level zero fall

This trick lets you see the basic google gravity fall. Moreover, all the other tricks depend on this one.


Basically, one has to type google gravity in the search bar. Then, tap on the first search result. Then, tap on the ‘I am feeling lucky option.’ You will observe google gravity right there. 

Visit: Google gravity level zero fall

Google Sphere

Google sphere is a little different compared to the other Google gravity tricks.

google sphere

But it is the same thing that makes it unique and appealing as well. In this truck, everything around Google starts revolving at different angles and speeds. 

Visit: Google Sphere

Google Terminal

If you are old enough to be called a ’90s kid, then you must have those old nostalgic memories of using classic computers.

google terminalGoogle terminal trick of Google gravity will give you the same nostalgic feels. You can enjoy your old memories with this one where just keyboard input works.

Visit: Google Terminal

Google Loco

What happens when there is an earthquake? Everything starts shaking, Right? The same happens in this Google gravity trick.

google loco

Google loco will show you the screen as if there is an earthquake and everything is shaking. Kids eagerly enjoy this seismic tremor. Moreover, you can wait for some time to see the fall of the Google logo as the effect of the earthquake.

Visit: Google Loco

Underwatered Google

Have you ever wondered about Google being around hungry sharks? Try imagining the same, and google gravity lets you see the same in this trick.

underwatered google

Just type Underwatered google in the google gravity search bar, and the result is there in front of you. 

Visit: Underwatered Google

Barrel roll

Spin the entire search page of Google as a barrel. Yes, that’s what this Google trick is all about.

barrel roll

Just visit the Google gravity page and search ‘do a barrel roll.’ The entire search page will do a barrel roll for you.

Visit: Barrel roll

Google Guitar

What about the combination of tech giant Google and a guitar. Let’s experience the same with google gravity guitar.

google guitar

One can play and record this guitar online. However, it’s temporarily nonfunctional and will fix soon. 

Visit: Google Guitar

Google Gravity Reverse

As the name itself suggests, everything gets reversed or opposite in Google’s gravity reverse trick. In fact, the logo name of google itself is shown as ‘good’ for this trick of google Gravity.

google gravity reverse

Moreover, we can drag and drop the google search bar wherever we want. As soon as you touch somewhere, all the key icons will drag to the same place in no time.

Visit: Google Gravity Reverse

Google space

The action of this Google gravity trick follows its name literally.

google space

Just like Google, Gravity was the fall of the Google logo on the bottom of the screen. Google space is the journey of Google to the space or top of the screen.

Visit: Google space


This Google gravity is all dedicated to Pacman lovers.


Play this classic arcade game without installing an application or visiting any other site. Just search Pacman on Google gravity, and it’s in front of your screen.

Visit: Pacman

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In the end, these are the top 10 best Google gravity tricks. Use the easiest and get the end goals. We hope you will enjoy these Google gravity tricks and amaze your friends and family.

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