Best MTU Settings for PS4 [Full Guide]

mtu for ps4

MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit, it is the factor that decides the maximum packet size allowed in an interface, and it is configurable, although it has its default size if we don’t touch it. Here, we would be discussing the best MTU settings for PS4.

For instance, the ethernet default MTU is 1500 bytes. When we compare the more significant and the smaller packets, the larger MTU has greater efficiency. Sometimes, the packet size is bigger than the MTU of an interface. In such cases, fragmentation occurs. It is the process where the router will divide the original packet into smaller sizes so that each of the new packets will not exceed the MTU of the interface, thus solving the problem.

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Guide to Best MTU Settings For PS4

  1. In the PS4 home screen, select the settings option.settings
  2. Then choose the network and click on the connect to internet option available there.internet connection
  3. Then apply custom and select the preferred wifi.

Let the IP settings be automatic, and do not specify an option for the DHCP, let the DNS setting be automatic.

We can finally see the MTU settings displayed on the screen; it consists of two options which are automatic and manual. We choose manual as we want to change it to our desired setting. When we choose the manual option, it shows us a default value of 1500.

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Enhancing the Multiplayer Experience

In the next part of the best MTU settings for PS4, we would be discussing the multiplayer experience. MTU settings can help enhance the multiplayer gaming experience for top multiplayer games such as call of duty. We have our default MTU setting to 1500 in our PS4. This value is the maximum bytes that the servers can send in packets to each unit. We can modify this value by reducing it 25 units at a time. This is while checking the smoothness and the stability of the connection every time we update it. The most negligible value for which we can change the MTU value is 576. No value below it can be entered in the box.


For example, we want to check the optimum gaming experience. We must first change the value to 1475 and then play the game to feel the experience. Then again reduce the weight to 1450. We must again play the game to understand which leads to the ultimate gaming experience. One particular case is followed when talking about Grand Theft Auto games (GTA), in which we can play the solo public lobby online. Here, we can adjust the MTU settings and set the value as 800 as it is observed that while playing the unattended public lobby, this setting proves to be the best one in terms of gaming experience and a relatively significantly less lagging experience.   

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1473 TRICK

Next best MTU settings for PS4. Setting the MTU value to 1473 is preferred by most who have enjoyed their gaming experience at its peak. It won’t make too much of a difference.


For instance, if a game wants to send you 1700 bytes of data and your MTU is 1500, then it would send one size of 1500 byte packet and other a size of 200-byte packet, in a similar way when 1473 is the case it would send one of 1473 byte packet and the other one of 227-byte packet, the 1473 setting does not have a single complaint it probably guards against all the DDOS attack and is one of the best setting ones can choose for the best experience. 


Earlier, we discussed the best MTU settings for PS4. Apart from the MTU settings, the DNS(Domain Name System) settings also perform a vital role in terms of internet speed and to do so. You can go to the network rather than the same settings as the MTU settings. Still, the DNS page pops up before the MTU settings, and we can see two main settings: primary DNS and secondary DNS.

DNS settings

Set the primary as and the secondary as You can check with these settings about 8-10 times and take the average of the observed speed mentioned after settings. You can try the other combination by adjusting the primary to and secondary to be the same. Recheck this combination about ten times, take the average of the internet speed, and then compare it with the previous settings, which will help you determine the best DNS settings.

Some Tips to Play Without Interruption

Here are some other best MTU settings for PS4.

On the settings page, you have the notifications option to enable the option of disabling the pop-ups while playing video, which helps in the smooth gaming experience.

settings page

To increase the controller’s battery life, you can go to the controller options and change its brightness to dim, then don’t forget to set the resolution settings to automatic. These small changes will help you in many ways. 

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These were some of the best MTU settings for PS4. We hope you liked them. A combination of these settings must surely help you optimize the speed of your PS4, which will eventually help improve your gaming performance.

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