8 Best Remote For YouTube TV in 2023

best remote for youtube tv

Youtube introduced Youtube TV, a remarkable platform that allows users to browse YouTube on their TVs. However, choosing a channel to watch could be difficult because you need a Youtube TV remote. You cannot do this with your standard remote.

It is simple to access YouTube TV from anywhere with these remote devices. You can surf YouTube using a variety of universal remotes; some of them contain a YouTube-specific button that will take you to YouTube TV. However, YouTube has made it possible to surf YouTube TV using various devices.

You may personalize your streaming experience by learning how to use the best remote controls for Youtube TV from this post.

remote for youtube tv

YouTube TV is a live-streaming service. More than 85 broadcast, cable, and local sports networks are available for live viewing. Additional benefits include cross-platform viewing, up to six accounts for a single fee, and unlimited DVR storage.

Excellent channel variety and superior performance are provided by YouTube TV. If you’re ready to pay the service’s exorbitant monthly fees, it’s a great option for cord-cutters who want to mimic the cable TV experience.

Additionally, Youtube TV has excellent DVR functionality. Even though many members of your household enjoy watching live TV, that doesn’t guarantee you want to watch the same thing. You can link up to six user accounts on YouTube TV, and up to three persons can stream various programs simultaneously.

Best Remote For YouTube TV In 2023

Let’s discuss the top 8 best remotes for YouTube tv in 2023.

SofaBaton X1

The SofaBaton hub-based remote, the X1, is among the top Youtube TV remote controls. You can operate your preferred streaming player, every other gadget in your entertainment center, as well as smart home appliances using this remote.

sofabaton x1

Multiple devices can be combined into one activity or scene, such as “Movie Night” or “Watch Roku,” using this YouTube TV control. The X1 will immediately start all necessary components when you push the button with that particular label.

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Apple TV Siri Remote

A decent Youtube TV remote is the Apple TV remote. This remote would be a wonderful pick if you’re a big admirer of Apple products.

apple tv siri remote

Using its brand-new touch-enabled clickpad, you can click titles, swipe through playlists, and move in a circle around the outer ring to find the precise scene you’re looking for. Additionally, you may use Siri to search for what you want to watch just by speaking.

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Google Chromecast Remote

Another excellent choice for your YouTube TV is the Google Chromecast control. It offers several useful features. It is a nice choice even though it isn’t quite a universal solution and just offers a few features.

google chromecast remote

To increase the capabilities of the Chromecast control, you can get a remote add-on from a reputable tech business.

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Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Amazon fire TV cube is a respectable option for a Youtube TV remote. Amazon made the announcement that YouTube TV would be accessible on Fire TV in late 2019.

amazon fire tv cube

You may access it right away by downloading the app. Simply say, “Alexa, Open YouTube TV” and “Alexa, Download YouTube TV” to get started.

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PDP Gaming Remote

Any Xbox One owner would benefit from the PDP Gaming remote, which is a favorite among devoted users and is fully licensed by Microsoft. The channel, mute, D-pad, A, B, X, and Y buttons on the PDP remote control, as well as YouTube TV, your Xbox, Blu-ray player, and streaming media programs.

pdp gaming remote


To allow you to game, stream, and watch YouTube TV whenever you want, it also incorporates motion-activated illumination.

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Fosmon Mini Keyboard

Both YouTube TV and regular YouTube may be controlled with the Fosmon tiny keyboard. This small keyboard can be your pick if you enjoy watching YouTube on a large screen and are an avid viewer.

fosmon mini keyboard

Although it adds another device to your table, it is worthwhile.

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Broadlink RM4 Pro

The Broadlink Pro Hub and App are one of the best apps for managing your smart home, YouTube TV, and home theater system. It has built-in temperature and humidity sensors that can trigger particular actions, such as turning on your air conditioner or dimming the lights, and it enables you to plan events like “Movie Night.”

broadlink rm4 pro

This is still a pretty cool technology, even though the app might not be the best replacement for a sophisticated remote.

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Using a YouTube TV remote would enhance your viewing experience. YouTube TV offers fantastic channel diversity, first-rate DVR functionality, and exceptional performance. Choose one of the top 7 Youtube TV remotes from our list after careful consideration.

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