Top 5 Best TV Under $1500 In 2023

best tv under $1500

Have you ever purchased a TV and been disappointed with the quality or been distraught over how much you wasted because it wasn’t the right one? Don’t settle for a low-quality TV next time. Instead, research and shop until you find the perfect TV for your needs, and get the best tv under $1500.


In this article, I will share tips on what to consider when shopping for a TV and what to avoid. I’ll also share my top 5 best TVs under $1500.

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Things To Consider Before Buying a TV

Below are some points that you need to consider before you go to buy a tv for your home:

  • As a gamer, you need a TV with high refresh rates and low input lag. gamer tv
  • While binge-watching movies, the requirement will be a TV with a large screen and high contrast ratio.
  • TV with a high contrast ratio and a wide color gamut. 
  • High refresh rate and low input lag. 
  • Wide color gamut and a high contrast ratio.
  • TV with a screen size of 40 inches or larger. streaming apps
  • If you are a TV watcher, the requirement will be a TV with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher. 
  • Screen size can be of 40 inches or larger and a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher. 
  • With a screen size of 40 inches or larger and a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher.

 What To Avoid When Shopping For A TV?

 When shopping for a TV, it is important to avoid buying a too expensive one. If you are searching for the best TV under $1500, avoid purchasing a TV over 55 inches. 

Even if you want to buy a TV over 55 inches, avoid purchasing one over 70 inches. If you believe a TV is over 70 inches, avoid purchasing a TV over 80 inches. 


If you want to buy a TV over 80 inches, you should avoid purchasing one over 90 inches.

List Of 5 Best TV Under $1500

Since you can get a good TV for less money, new technologies are making their way into more mainstream models, making them more accessible to a wider range of people. You can get a very good TV for less than $1,500. If you’re willing to compromise on size, you can easily find some high-end TVs with excellent picture quality, including several features, for under $1,500; if you’re ready to settle for a 55 or 65-inch screen, however, there are a few entry-level versions available in plus sizes.

A good recommendation list of the best TVs under $1,500 are listed below.


The best TV under $1500 is LG OLED55C1PUB. Because of its OLED panel, it’s a premium TV with excellent overall picture quality. OLED televisions are distinct in turning individual pixels on and off, resulting in a nearly infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity. It looks great in dark rooms because it has excellent black levels, and watching a movie with black bars on the top and bottom isn’t distracting.


It also includes a user-friendly web OS smart platform that allows you to stream your favorite content without using external devices. The LG C2 OLED is slightly improved over its predecessor, the LG C1 OLED, but it is currently significantly more expensive, with the 48-inch model selling for less than $1,500.


The pros of buying this TV are:

  • The contrast ratio is nearly infinite.
  • Response time is near-instantaneous.
  • Viewing angles are broad.
  • Blacks that are flawless, with no visible blooming.


Samsung QN55QN90AAFXZA – Best Tv Under $1500

If you need something to use in a bright room, the Samsung QN55QN90AAFXZA is the best TV under $ 1,500. This TV is so great for use in a well-lit room because it has Mini LED backlighting with incredible SDR peak brightness, which, when combined with the exceptional reflection handling, means you won’t have any problems using it even next to a bright window. Even when viewing HDR content, it highlights and displays a wide color wide variety to make those highlights and colors look vibrant. It’s also a good option if you watch a lot of sports or TV shows in a bright room with a few other people. It has a good viewing angle, so the image looks consistent.

Samsung QN55QN90AAFXZA


The pros of buying this TV are:

  • Outstanding native contrast ratio.
  • Excellent Mini LED full-array local dimming capability.
  • A good viewing angle.
  • Peak brightness in HDR is incredible.

Buy: Samsung QN55QN90AAFXZA

Sony A80J OLED 55

Overall, the Sony A80J is excellent, and one of the best tv under $1500. It’s ideal for watching movies in low-light environments because it has a near-infinite contrast ratio that produces deep blacks with no blooming around bright objects. HDR content looks amazing because of its deep blacks and wide color gamut, but its HDR brightness is only adequate. It’s also great for watching sports because of its near-instantaneous response time and its HDMI 2.1 inputs, so it’s great for gaming. It’s impressive as a PC monitor, but exposure to static elements risks damaging the screen with burn-in.

Sony A80J OLED 55


The pros of buying this TV are:

  • The contrast ratio is nearly infinite.
  • The image remains accurate even at wide viewing angles.
  • The smooth motion requires a near-instantaneous response time.

Buy: Sony A80J OLED 55

Sony KD-85X85J

Setting the best 85-inch TV under $1,500 is difficult because there aren’t many big TVs in this price range, so if you’re willing to spend more, the Sony KD-85X85J is the best 85-inch TV under $1,500. While it is slightly more expensive, it provides better picture quality than other less costly TVs. The 85-inch model performs similarly to the 55-inch model we tested, with a high native contrast ratio for deep blacks in dark rooms. Still, it lacks a local dimming feature to improve picture quality further. It also gets so bright that it becomes a good HDR experience and handles reflections well if used in a room with a few lights.

Sony KD-85X85J


The pros of buying this TV are:

  • Excellent contrast.
  • Excellent response time.
  • A large number of smart apps are available.

Buy: Sony KD-85X85J

TCL 75R646

The TCL 75R646 is the best 75-inch TV for under $1,500 for a larger screen. It’s a great all-around TV with a few features to enhance your overall experience, and it’s not too expensive and available in a large size for under $1,500. Although we only tested the 55-inch model, the 75-inch model should perform similarly. It consists of Google TV as its built-in interface, which is simple to use and has many apps available for download and utilizes Mini LED backlighting for image quality, which produces deep blacks thanks to the good full-array local dimming feature, and there isn’t much blooming around bright objects

TCL 75R646

It also includes Google Chromecast to stream your favorite content, and the built-in mics on the remote and TV allow you to use the Google Assistant feature. Unfortunately, it does not upscale lower-resolution content from DVDs well, but it has no problems watching HD cable channels or Blue-rays.


The pros of buying this TV are:

  • Excellent native contrast ratio.
  • Peak brightness is high in SDR and HDR.
  • Excellent handling of reflections.
  • There are two HDMI 2.1 inputs.

Buy: TCL 75R646 

The Average Cost Of A TV

 Televisions are an integral part of most families today. They can be found in households ranging from small apartments to the sprawling mansions of the rich and famous. There are many different types of televisions, each with unique features and benefits.


The average price of a TV is provided to give you a general idea of what a TV generally costs. However, the average cost of a TV is around $1500. It is essential to remember the fact that this is just the average cost of a TV. Some TVs cost less than $1500, and others cost more than $1500.


While no TV is perfect, most are good enough to satisfy almost everyone, and the differences are often subtle unless you look for them. This blog will inform you about the best TVs for under $1500. As you can see, the top 10 TVs are all different and offer different features. If you’re in the market for a TV under $1500, this article will help you find what you’re looking for.

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