How Can You Connect A FireTv Stick To A Projector?

can you connect a firetv stick to a projector

How can you connect a Firetv stick to a projector? The modern convention of watching movies and sitcoms is with the help of online broadcasting. Thus, projectors connected to TV seem to be the most effortless and appealing mode of entertainment. Anything we can use to watch on our phones can now be readily viewable on a large screen with the help of a projector and firestick.

firetv stick to a projector

However, many presume that connecting a firestick to the projector might require extensive technological knowledge. This notion is wrong, and in this article, we speak about connecting a firestick to the projector to ease it up for people with a false impression. This article will discuss how you can connect a firetv stick to a projector.

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What is a Firestick?

A firestick is a media streaming gadget introduced to give consumers varied entertainment alternatives and other perks. It is a small dongle that plugs into almost any TV and converts it into a highly functional smart TV. A firestick is an alluring upgradation considering the high functionalities, relatively low price, and no hardware complications for installations.

It appends shrewd and modern features like Dolby vision and voice command functionality to the old TV set and enables one to stream movies, TV shows, and live sporting events over the internet. You can access a wide range of additional content on FireStick, such as music, pictures, games, and apps.


It works with any TV with an HDMI connector and is compatible with most current operating systems (including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux). 

Thus FireStick becomes a smart new purchase for both corporate and residential installations. 

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Connectivity Options Open For Firestick

Setting up FireStick to work with a projector might be challenging for some users due to the lack of an HDMI port on most projectors.

hdmi extension cable

In such circumstances, one alternative that we shall go into depth about here is connecting this media streaming device with the use of an HDMI extension cable

Connecting A Projector To A Firestick Through An HDMI Connector

A tool that aids in extending the length of an HDMI cable is an extender cable. As a result, if you’re utilizing an HDMI extender cable to connect your FireStick to a projector, be sure the length is longer than the distance between the two devices.

Therefore, you will need an additional power source if you are using an active HDMI extension cable to connect your FireStick. The passive HDMI connector doesn’t require a booster or other power source. 

Let’s look at the processes involved in this process to connect a Firetv stick to a projector using an HDMI connector: 

  1. Finding out what kind of port your projector has is the first step. After determining the port type, you must understand more about its specific requirements. You may check your projector’s user manual for this information or look it up online. projector
  2. Find an HDMI extension cable that is compliant with the projector’s port standards once you’ve determined what they are. You may consult the HDMI extension cable’s user manual or look it up online to accomplish this.
  3. Place the HDMI extension cable’s one end into the FireStick’s HDMI port to begin. firestick's hdmi port
  4. Next, one of the projector’s open ports should accept the opposite end of this connection. Make careful to select an appropriate port on your projector; the one that is open or vacant is preferable since it will ensure future trouble-free, continuous operation.
  5. Turn on your FireStick after connecting both devices. You can accomplish this by hitting the FireStick’s remote control’s Power button or, in specific circumstances, by pressing the Power switch, which is frequently accessible just behind the HDMI port. turn on your firestick
  6. Both of these devices should begin operating correctly and without any issues once they are switched ON.
  7. Assuming your projector is turning on and set up to the proper input, you should now be able to see the information from your FireStick shown on the screen. If not, there might be a connection problem or a problem with the projector’s settings. If this is the case, we advise troubleshooting these problems first before continuing.
  8. Use an OTG cable to connect the remote control from your FireStick to the USB port on your projector. Please ensure the batteries are full as soon as they are put in to avoid any issues later. If you don’t already have a charging station, you can purchase batteries at any nearby retailer. otg cable
  9. It’s time to set up your FireStick’s settings according to your needs and preferences after connecting the remote control to your projector’s USB connection. Use a Bluetooth keyboard or even a program like the Official FireStick Remote App to do this. use a bluetooth keyboard
  10. It is now time to alter your projector’s volume and other settings. You may do this by using your remote control or simply by pushing the necessary buttons on the projector itself. After that, experiment with adjusting both devices’ volumes concurrently until they are equally distributed. Possibly your FireStick or the projector’s settings are the problems if this doesn’t work.
  11. Once you’ve finished adjusting these two devices so that they are no longer closed, it’s time to disconnect the HDMI extension cable that connects them. Once this connection is broken, you can securely resume watching movies and television shows on your projector screen.

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Projector Connection With FireStick Via VGA Adapter

A VGA adapter is used to connect the FireStick to a projector.

  1. The adaptor converts an HDMI signal into a VGA signal, which most projectors can handle. If a VGA adapter or HDMI extension cable is not available, you can link the two devices wirelessly.  vga adapter to a projector
  2. All you have to do is link your fire stick with the projector if you choose to connect it via the remote control.
  3. Also, an MHL adapter can be a great alternative if a VGA cable is not available. Another method of connecting these two devices is by utilizing a VGA cable.

Whatever way you use, ensure to place the FireStick in an optimal position. So that it can stream information efficiently.

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