Canva GIFs: How to create Animated GIFs with Canva?

Canva GIF

Canva is an online design and publishing tool that launched in 2013. It has a mission to allow everyone to design anything and publish all over. Canva came up with the ideal online GIF creator and video editing program for creating simple and complicated GIFs, with everything you need handy and accessible.

Canva GIF

An advantage of Canva in comparison to any other free graphic design tool is that the software permits every single element to be modified with clarity. Using this tool, we can form various beautiful and fantastic visuals, backgrounds and images, icons, and fascinating overlays.

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Steps To Create Animated Canva GIFs

Start with a brief loop of slides that you can gradually change if you’re starting. As you gain confidence, you can start making more complex GIFs, such as those that use numerous moving objects, a longer loop of slides, and GIFs that incorporate videos.

Step 1: Determine The First Step Of Your Canva GIFs

Step1 Canva GIF

Consider your motivation for making your GIF before you start. Is it for the job? Is it for relatives or friends? Or is it only to develop your brand? Consider your animation after deciding on your purpose.

Your GIF could be as basic as changing a word’s last few letters or a graphic.

  • Changed Words
  • Structural Changes
  • Longest Unchanged Words

Step 2: Pick A Focal Point For The Design

Consider the design of your GIF after deciding on your why and how. Choose an image from our library or import one from your desktop by dragging it into the download box if your design is based on an image. Additionally, you may import content from your Facebook or Instagram accounts and external hard drives like Google Drive or Dropbox. If you’re using text, experiment with different text styles and placements on the first slide to test the design.

Step 3: Download Your GIF And Distribute It

Download GIF

To save all or a few of the pages of your design, click the Download button and then choose the GIF option from the drop-down menu. Impress your friends, relatives, followers on social media, or coworkers at work when it has been downloaded.

How To Use An iPhone Video To Create Canva GIFs

GIFs created from your iPhone videos let you repeatedly relive those unguarded, everyday moments. It’s simple to make with the program, and you can import it from your photo library or social media.

Canva iPhone

Step 1: Upload The Video To Canva From Your Device

Drag the video from your pictures app into the download screen on your computer to upload it to Canva’s creative platform. If you’re using the app, use the upload media button to import

Step 2: Edit The Video

Start editing your video now; this is the part you’ve been waiting for. On your white toolbar, click the scissors icon in the top left-hand corner. After that, you can cut your video to only a few frames.

Step 3:Download Your GIF And Distribute It

Downloading your created GIF completes the process. Click the download button, and scroll until you find the GIF format option. Select and then download your GIF and share it with friends, family, colleagues, or your social media followers.

  • Changed Words
  • Structural Changes
  • Longest Unchanged Words

Ideas For Canva GIFs To Get You Started

Still trying to figure out where to start? We’ve got you covered with GIF-creating starting points that will inspire your exceptional works.


Laugh with pals about enduring memories of reactions.


Create a GIF that can be shared repeatedly.

Interactive Media

With thoughtful posts, start a dialogue about your brand.

Animation In GIF Email

Impress customers with a design that stands out and highlights possibilities.

Guidelines For Creating Memorable Canva GIFs

Tips on how to use Canva’s tools, platform, and library of templates, graphics, and text can help you perfect your Canva GIFs.

Improve Your Design

By choosing the appropriate design template for the social platform, you may optimize your design template before you even start creating your GIF, depending on where you’re uploading it. The search box makes it simple to find every template in the library.

Insert Animations

Canva Animation

To give your images a dynamic touch, be daring and add motion with animations and attention-grabbing slide movements like flicker, pop, or skate.


You may also start creating your GIFs by using Canva GIFs, as GIFs have recently gained popularity in the industry. GIPHY, the internet’s most widely used GIF repository, has more than 300 million daily active users. 2018 saw Google acquire Tenor, a keyboard application and GIF library. More than 400 million GIF searches are done daily on the Tenor app. You can see that there is a growing need to produce GIFs.

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