How To Cast TikTok To TV? [Easy Fix To Try]

cast tiktok to tv

This article will discuss how to chrome cast TikTok to tv. There is no need to introduce Tiktok; we all know it. It is the app by which the idea of short videos was popularised worldwide. Because of them, Youtube introduced Shorts, and Instagram introduced the Reels feature. Users can share videos from 15 seconds to up to 1 minute in various categories like education, music, comedy, acting, etc. TikTok lacks an internal casting feature while having a ton of other capabilities. But through the Google Chromecast, you can mirror it to your TV.

Google Chromecast is a streaming tool that allows you to run all your content on your TV screen. While chrome casting, you can directly control your streaming through your device rather than any remote.  

chrome cast tiktok to tv

In Android, casting TikTok on TV is easy because of the native mirroring capability. But it’ll be challenging if you are using Apple Device. For security reasons, Apple won’t let you mirror to Chromecast. So the only option available will be using a middleman Casting App like Replica. 

Remember that Tiktok is a portrait orientation app, and your TV is landscape-oriented. So while mirroring the screen, there will be a wide black patch on both sides of the video being cast. Kindly ensure that your TikTok application is up to date. 

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How To Chromecast TikTok To TV Via Android

  1. The first step involves connecting the Android Phone and TV to the same Wifi.
  2. Open Settings App and go to Wireless Connection Optionsettings
  3. Then, select the Cast option there. ( Option name can vary from device model to model like Cast, Screencast, Screen Mirroring, etc. ) cast
  4. Now, enable Wireless display to search the available devices.
  5. Select your Chromecast device, i.e., your TV, from the list.
  6. Now, grant permission to cast your android device screen.
  7. Once the screen is cast successfully, launch the TikTok app and play videos on your TV screen.

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How To Chromecast TikTok To TV Via iOS

There are a lot of casting apps available. You can find many on App Store. Here I’m using Replica to explain to you. 

  1. The first step involves connecting the iOS device and TV to the same Wifi.
  2. Download the Replica App from App Store. replica app
  3. Launch Replica and choose your TV from the list shown.
  4. Now, choose the Screen Mirroring/Casting Option in the app. And then select the Start Mirroring option. screen mirroring
  5. There will be a Pop-up with Start Broadcast Option; tap on it.
  6. After that, your iPhone is Chromecast on the TV.
  7. Launch Tiktok and enjoy.

We can also use the AirBeam TV app to use TikTok on your TV using your apple phone or iPad.

Download: Replica

How To Chrome cast TikTok To TV Via PC

Before starting, you should ensure that your Chrome Browser is up to date.

  1. The first step involves connecting the Laptop and TV to the same Wifi.
  2. Visit the official website of Tiktok from your browser.
  3. Then, Sign in to your TikTok Account. tiktok from your browser
  4. Go to the Options Menu, which is usually shown by three dots on your Web Browser.
  5. Tap the Cast option when it appears. cast option on browser
  6. From there, choose your TV and then select Cast Tab Option. It’ll be mirrored now.
  7. Play and enjoy.

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How To Chromecast TikTok Via Google Home App 

  1. Download this app. google home to cast tiktok to tv
  2. Launch Google Home and click on the Plus option available at the top. 
  3. Various options will be available there. Tap on the Set Up Device option.
  4. After that, on the next screen, Create a New Home and click Next, available in the right corner. 
  5. Now a list will be before your eyes. Select the Chromecast Device from there. select the chromecast device
  6. Verify that the code is appearing on the Chromecast TV screen. Just make sure it matches what is visible on your phone’s screen.
  7. Select the Wifi network. 
  8. Link the OTT/Streaming Apps there and click Nextstreaming apps for cast tiktok to tv
  9. Give a name to your Chromecast device and tap Next. 
  10. Finally, you are all set up. Now choose the Chromecast Device from the app’s home screen. 
  11. Tap Cast My Screen. You will show a pop-up. From there, choose Cast Screen.
  12. Now, tap on Start Now
  13. Your Phone screen will get streaming on your TV.
  14. Launch the Tiktok and Enjoy your videos. 

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