7 ways To Install Google Chrome On Firestick

chrome on firestick

AlChrome on Firestick: If you are or have used Firestick, you would have always wondered why these Firestick browsers, such as Amazon silk and Firefox, are so complicated. Can’t we have installed our most used and convenient web browser, Chrome?

Why Google Chrome?

Since its debut in 2008, Google Chrome has grown to rank among the most popular and widely used web browsers. And it’s no wonder Chrome is fast, efficient, and user-friendly.

google chrome

The most recent security features are continuously added to Google Chrome to help protect your data from online threats. So if you’re looking for a browser that can give you peace of mind, Chrome is the way to go.

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Features Of Chrome

Here are some of the features that make Chrome the best browser for the modern web:

Speed: Chrome is fast and loads pages quickly.

Security: Your browsing is secure with Chrome’s built-in pop-up blocking and security features. google chrome security

Privacy: Chrome respects your privacy with features like Incognito mode, which enables you to browse without saving your browsing history.

Customization: Chrome lets you customize your browser with themes, extensions, and apps.

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Steps To Install Chrome On Your Firestick

A guide of 7 simple steps to install Chrome on your Firestick.

  1. Turn on your Firestick device.
  2. Go to its home screen setting and click on the setting option
  3. From the settings, select the My Fire TV (on new versions, it is also known as Device & Software) my fire tv
  4. Go to the developer’s option and enable the ADB debugging and install from the unknown option – 

ADB debugging is a feature of the Android platform that allows developers to connect their devices to a computer and use tools to debug their apps. 

 You can use ADB debugging for various purposes, such as testing app functionality, fixing bugs, and performing analysis.

    1. Get the Downloader app from the store – We need to install the downloader to our Firestick because the official inbuilt software of the Firestick does not support third-party installation.

Thus we need to get the downloader to be able to download other software, such as google chrome.

  1. Open the Downloader
  2.  Install Chrome from the downloader home screen by using the URL https://bit.ly/2tVph6S install chrome
  3. you will return to the downloading screen once Chrome has been installed.
  4. However, after completing the installation, you might only see the chrome option available in your sidebars.

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How To Use Mouse Toggle With Chrome On Firestick

If you’re using a mouse with your Firestick, you’ll need to use an app called Mouse Toggle. Setting up Mouse Toggle differs from other apps, but it’s easy. Here’s how it is done:

  1. Install the app named Mouse Toggle on your Firestick. It is available on the App store.  mouse toggle for firestick
  2. Once the installation and setup are complete, start the application and follow the steps on the screen below.
  3. Open Chrome and go to the desired website you want to visit.
  4. To navigate or surf around, opt for the mouse toggle button in the top-left corner of the screen. It will bring up a cursor that you can use to click and surf around the page.


There are many pros to installing Chrome on your Firestick. You can access a wider variety of apps and content, which is the most obvious advantage. With Chrome, you can access the full range of apps and extensions available on the Google Play Store.extensions on google play store

Another big advantage or pro is that you can directly cast content or screen from your phone, iPad, or laptop to your TV. It is perfect for watching videos or playing games on a bigger screen. All you need is a Chromecast device to begin. 

Lastly, Chrome is a great means to improve the performance and accessibility of your Firestick. If Firefox or another browser runs slowly on your device, installing Chrome may help speed things up.

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We hope that the article above is helpful for you during the installation of Chrome on your Firestick.

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