Chromecast Ultra vs Chromecast with Google TV

chromecast ultra vs chromcast with google tv

You can watch your favourite Disney+ or Netflix episodes directly on your TV using one of Google’s Chromecast devices. But which model should you pick? Whether to choose Chromecast Ultra or Chromecast with Google TV?

The internet company presently offers three streaming players: the old Chromecast Ultra, the new Chromecast with Google TV, and the basic Google Chromecast, which is in its third iteration.

Chromecast Ultra vs Chromecast with Google TV

We’ve put together this overview to highlight the important differences between Google’s Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. At first sight, they might all appear to be identical in terms of style and functions.

Only one of them includes an actual remote control.

The design and overall look

Compared to the Chromecast Ultra, the Chromecast with Google TV has a radically different look. First, Google has happily replaced the Ultra’s scratch-prone polycarbonate with a new matte finish.

chromecast with google tv

In addition, Google changed the dongle’s design from round to oval.

Power Supply and other significant differences

The power supply is also slightly different because of the Ultra’s addition of Ethernet. More significantly, Google has made a combination of the new Chromecast and Google TV with a remote. Also emulating the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

This essential capability will make using the Chromecast with Google TV’s TV software, another major selling point, quite simple.

Streaming Quality

Streaming Quality makes it totally different!

The clarity of the streaming is one of the main causes of the pricing difference. Compared to the standard Google Chromecast, which only supports 1080p quality, the Chromecast Ultra lets you watch material in up to 4K Ultra HD.


Although it costs a bit extra, the new Chromecast with Google TV features 4K resolution. And voice control with the newly integrated remote.

Check whether your old TV is 4K if you want to use a Chromecast to update it. Only if your TV is 4K will it be capable of streaming the Chromecast at a superior quality with Chromecast Ultra or Google TV. If not, we advise saving your cash and getting the basic Google Chromecast.

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The issues with Chromecast with Android TV

The Chromecast with Android Tv only comes with 8 GB of storage capacity, and the operating system is taking up over half of this. In addition, apps on a gadget take up a considerable amount of space. You could increase this with a USB hub, but why not just connect your TV to one of the finest mini PCs at that point?

The first Chromecast and all successive versions up to the most recent one required you to use your phone to deliver or “cast” video to your tv, albeit there was undoubtedly a learning curve. You only need to hit the Cast button on any streaming platform to connect to any TV in your home.


While you can still use Google TV and Chromecast to traditionally cast video, doing so might occasionally be challenging due to the new user interface and added applications.

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Which one should you buy?

Your budget, the streaming quality you require, and whether you already own a Chromecast all play a significant role in determining which Google Chromecast device you should buy.

We advise both the Chromecast and Chromecast with Google TV for individuals who don’t already own one or any smart TV stick. Simply said, anyone searching for an inexpensive gadget to enable them to view streaming services on a wider screen should strongly consider the original Chromecast.

chromecast ultra

It’s noteworthy to observe that the majority of smart TVs have an average storage capacity of 8 GB, which is also the size of the newest Chromecast from Google.

Since I adore the simplicity of my Chromecast Ultra, I intend to use it for as long as possible. The Google remote is an excellent and pleasant feature. But the extra bloat and slowness that Chromecast with Google TV’s interface brings are not worth it.


Chromecast Ultra would be a better choice according to me. You can go through your budget, streaming quality and other factors and decide. You might find Chromecast with Google TV good and can prefer it as long as it works fine for you.

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