Top 3 Ways To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio TV

connect bluetooth headphones to vizio tv

If you’re trying to attenuate outside noise to enjoy your Vizio TV, you’ll want to try using wireless headphones for the optimal audio experience. It offers a local data network over which electronic devices can connect; Bluetooth technology is comparable to Wi-Fi. Manufacturers of equipment typically utilize Bluetooth for tiny devices that function across relatively short distances, such as the interior of a car or the area between rooms in a home. This is perfect for televisions and other home entertainment systems. While you can’t pair a Bluetooth, you’ll connect a speaker, a sound bar, or a home theatre audio system to the TV using the Audio Out Ports on your TV. Thus, there are top 3 ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv.

vizio tv

The customer may experience joint issues, so we’ve got a step-by-step guide for you to make the process easier. Let’s dive into the tactic of connecting Bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv.

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Methods To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio TV

Different ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv are:

Basic Method

It entails purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter device. Many models are available in the market and typically come with transmitter and receiver options. Most models include an AUX connection, but some include optical and AUX options.

basic method to connect blutooth to tv

Connect the transmitter to the TV via AUX or optical. Then, set the audio to AUX or optical on the TV options. Turn on the transmitter. Then pair your headset with the transmitter. Once paired, you’ll be able to hear the TV audio via your Bluetooth headset.

Vizio TVs Equipped With Bluetooth

Depending on your particular Vizio TV, the precise way to enable Bluetooth and pair devices will slightly differ if your Vizio TV already has Bluetooth technology installed. Ask the manual with your TV, or expose your TV’s settings and find the Bluetooth section to get started.

If your Vizio TV has Bluetooth technology installed, you won’t have to purchase a separate Bluetooth adapter. Follow the four steps to get started using just the TV and the device you want to pair.


  1. Power On both the devices fully, and if one was already on, restart it before continuing.  switch on headphone
  2. Set to Pair: Set each device to “pairing mode.” Ensure neither is connected to another Bluetooth source, as Bluetooth allows only one device to be connected to another. pair device
  3. Complete the Pairing Process: Connect one to the opposite using on-screen prompts once you’ve set each device to pair. Then complete the verification process.complete connection
  4. Test the New Connection: When the Bluetooth pairing process has been completed, turn on the music and test if it is audible through your headphones.

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Vizio TV Without Built-In Bluetooth

Check the TV manual for Bluetooth services. If your Vizio TV didn’t include Bluetooth technology installed out of the box, you’d just need an adapter. You’ll want to purchase a quality Bluetooth transmitter for your Vizio TV to try this.

  1. Power on or restart your headphones, adapter, and television. switch on headphone
  2. Attach adapter: Activate your Bluetooth adapter and then connect it to your TV. Next, activate your headphones (or Bluetooth device). Lastly, turn on your TV. connect to adapter
  3. Follow Adapter Pairing Steps: Set the Vizio TV’s Bluetooth Adapter to “pairing mode.” Then set your wireless headphones to “pairing mode” also. Follow all on-screen instructions given within the pairing steps from both products’ manuals.
  4. Check Your Bluetooth Adapter: Check to see if your Vizio TV’s Bluetooth adapter is now playing all audio through your wireless headphones. If it isn’t, search for a manual or customer support to troubleshoot issues. complete connection for without bluetooth


Thus, these are the ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv. If you want to connect your headphones to the TV, follow these steps and thereby get your headphones connected and enjoy listening to shows.

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