How To Connect Ethernet Cable To TV

connect ethernet cable to tv

Television has metamorphosed from a reactive medium of entertainment experience to a very active medium. Thanks to the advances in communication media, it has become a full-blown experience. Televisions are connecting to the internet through Ethernet or wireless to enable entertainment experience and accessibility of world-class content. The advantages include streaming video content quickly and an easy installation process. However, given that Television would now be internet dependent, the quality of streaming would majorly depend upon the strength and stability of the internet connection. Keeping all these pros and cons in mind for a TV to be connected to the internet, we would talk about how to connect ethernet cable to tv.

ethernet connect to tv

First developed at Xerox PARC, ethernet cables used in connecting devices forming a Local Area Network to share resources and information have become pervasive. Ethernet cables have potentially greater significance when it comes to steady connection. They can be operated by plugging the cable into the TV and attaching it to a Wi-Fi router.

Depending on the user’s location and the service provider, Ethernet is considered to work hastier than Wi-Fi, which is why Ethernet’s benefits outnumber any other channel. Therefore, the benefits of Ethernet range from providing a faster data transfer facility to better security which is of utmost importance these days. Hence, people tend to connect the ethernet cable to tv.  Talking about the faster data transfer due to no intermediaries, the Ethernet has the edge over Wi-Fi, characterized by local interferences.

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Advantages Of Ethernet

The advantages of Ethernet for connecting it to TV are:

  • The data is secured and distant from any interception.
  • Also, provides a secured and safe connection facility.
  • Ethernet is better for streaming because of its higher bandwidth.  
  • Has optimal power consumption.ethernet connection
  • Above all, is more energy-efficient.
  • No bandwidth reduction in the connection.

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Methods To Connect Ethernet Cable To TV

You may be able to connect the Ethernet to the TV hassle-free by using any of the 4 methods:

  1. Detect the Ethernet jack at the back of the Television, which resembles a typical mobile phone jack. If there is no LAN port on the router, buy a hub device to connect the TV to the router. You could also check in the front if you cannot find the jack at the back. ethernet jack
  2. Determine the Ethernet connection cable, a cable meant for connecting the router to any device. Plug the one end of the line into the jack of the TV. ethernet cable
  3. Find the Network and Settings option on the TV. Provide the network login information as your ISP, upon connecting the ethernet cable to tv. The settings would offer you an option to Enable/Use Wired Internet. Search for the Network and Settings option on your TV (or any other similar location) and check whether you have any IP address. If you have an IP address, then you may go to Network and Settings option and select Wired Connection (IP address). network sharing after cable connection
  4. However, if you do not have an IP address, you may find the IP address by going on the settings option. Followed by Ethernet or Wi-Fi. After selecting the details and seeing the IP address change the last digit of the address. Now, move to the TV’s Network and Setting option, search for the IP address, and fill in the required details on your TV. network sharing settings
  5. Try to access entertainment videos to ensure the setup is working correctly.

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There are numerous ways to enjoy content over the internet these days. TVs connected to the internet are just one of those ways you can choose from. Hence, following the simple steps mentioned in the article, you may conveniently connect the Ethernet to the Television by ensuring you have a stable and secure connection to the internet.

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