How to Connect Headphones to TV?

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Don’t want to share your movie time with anyone or don’t want anyone else to hear you, or would like to play video games on a big screen without sound, there is a time when you wish to connect your headphones to your TV, well this post is for you.

Prior to the rise of smart TVs, streaming services, gaming consoles, and specific TV headphone products, there weren’t many ways to connect headphones to your TV. But presently, these items have opened up numerous choices.

In this article, you will find numerous ways to connect your headphones to your TV so you can choose the most appropriate one.

How to connect Headphones to a TV?

Below are a few ways to connect your wired and wireless headphones to your TV.

Wired headphones

This is the most basic and uncomplicated technique for connecting your headphones. Check the back of your TV. Does it have a 3.5mm jack to plug in your headphone directly? If there is, then just plug it in. However, it means sitting very close to your TV or audio device for a wire to be used to bridge the distance conveniently. There are still a few good plug-in options. You can get an RCA-to- 3.5mm female adapter. Simple and inexpensive are two qualities of this setup. Newer televisions typically do away with analog outputs in favor of digital optical outputs. For this, you’ll need a DAC (digital-to-analog converter in order to plug in a 3.5mm headphone jack.

wired headphones

The fact that many Bluetooth transmitters double as receivers are convenient. If your TV is Bluetooth-enabled, but you only have wired headphones, you can still use Bluetooth to connect to your TV by placing a Bluetooth transmitter in receiver mode into your headphones. With a Bluetooth transmitter, you may have the best of both worlds!

Connecting with the remote of a streaming device

Connecting to your streaming device’s remote control, if one is available, is an additional, more practical choice. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ and Roku Ultra are well-known Roku products with remote headphone jacks. If the remote you’re using doesn’t work with headphones, Roku also provides an update. You can listen through your phone by using the Roku Remote app, available for Android and IOS.

Additionally, just like Roku, users can plug headphones into the remote and listen to the TV. If you have an Xbox or PlayStation, you can plug headphones into the controller and use that to watch TV. If you already own the necessary devices (like a Roku or Xbox One), this solution has the advantage that plugging in a set of headphones is incredibly simple.

The only drawback to wiring your headphones this way is that you can only use them to listen to streaming-only content. Except if your streaming device doubles as your TV (like the Roku TV lineup from TCL and Hisense).

Your Console or Streaming Box Supports Bluetooth

Bluetooth headphones can be directly paired with your gaming console or streaming device if it supports the technology. 

To determine whether your device supports Bluetooth, you must check its model and manual. Support varies depending on the model version, So just because you see a bit on Google, don’t expect Roku or Xbox to support it.

You’re usually limited to using one headphone, like when you pair your Bluetooth headphones directly to your TV. The Apple TV 4K stands out as an exception to this rule because it offers dual private listening mode if you’re wearing compatible headphones. You can wirelessly pair up to two pairs of Air Pods to your Apple TV, so if you live in an all-Apple home, this is a pretty cool feature.

Connecting through external audio devices

Most electronics, including A/V receivers and even external speakers, have a plug that can be used to attach a pair of headphones. This is very useful when you have multiple source devices (a spilling gadget, cable boxes, receiving cables, etc.). Depending on your device, there might be a headphone output, or you could use an adapter like the RCA adapter. 

Most A/V receivers have a ¼ inch headphone jack on the front. So, if you have 3.5 mm jack headphones, you only need a simple adapter.

Wireless connection 

The connection process of wireless headphones is a little more complicated, but the majority of users will find them more convenient for a living room setup.

Set-top box Bluetooth 

Streaming video equipment such as the Amazon’s Fire TV Cube and Apple TV 4K can also stream audio over Bluetooth. You can start streaming immediately after putting your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode by simply following the on-screen directions found in the Bluetooth settings of your streaming device. 

As a general rule, this approach only allows you to stream material from the device you’re now connected to, and it is ineffective until you have the Apple TV 4K 2021 model. This gadget serves as an audio distributor for any sound your TV is capable of handling because it employs an HDMI eARC connection. 

RF Headphones

The advantage of using RF headsets over others is that they provide a base station with a 3.5 mm jack, RCA cable, or optical connection and operate using radio frequencies. Typically, Bluetooth headphones have a range of 30 feet and can only be connected to one device at once.

rf headphones

However, RF headphones may connect to many devices at once and have a range of about 350 feet.

TV Bluetooth streaming

Bluetooth streaming is increasingly becoming a standard feature on TVs. You can check if your TV supports this feature by going through the audio settings. If your TV has Bluetooth capability, just put your headphones in pairing mode and follow on-screen directions to get everything set up.

external bluetooth adapter

However, latency is one thing to consider in this situation. Many Bluetooth connections between the TV and the headphones cause a slight lag. Even minimal lag can cause issues with audio-visual sync, which means that actions on the screen will happen a few hundredths of a second before you hear the sound, even though this isn’t a problem for music streaming.

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So, these were a few ways how to connect both wired and wireless headphones to TV. You can choose the most appropriate one according to your own preference. Hope you find them helpful.

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