How to Connect Laptop to Samsung TV?

connect laptop to samsung tv

With the rapid advancement of technology, smartness is in humans and non-living objects like televisions. Samsung has launched a modern television set that can connect to the internet, has more advanced features, and has better connectivity than the basic television set. 

The Samsung TV facilitates a wide and flat screen that can display local entertainment and stream the OTT platforms using the internet connection. Users can use Multiple external devices that can be connected; however, you can only stream from one connection at a time. 

Now, if you wish to play some content on the TV stored in your laptop device, you will have to use an external storage device such as a pen drive to store the data. But do you know that you can even connect the Laptop to your Samsung Tv? If you don’t, read further to learn more about it. 

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How to connect the Laptop to the Samsung TV?

There are two ways to connect the Laptop to the Samsung TV. 

Wired Connection

The primary component to connect the Laptop to your TV is to purchase the correct cable wire. Three types of cables connect any external device to the Samsung Smart TV. 

  • If you want an Analog connection, use 15 Pin (DSub) VGA Video Graphics Array cable.
  • The next type is HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) to DVI (Digital Video Interface)
  • The most common is HDMI to HDMI connection. 

It is important to remember that a VGA cable will only establish the video connection. So while using the VGA cable, you will also need a different audio cable for audio connection. However, using an HDMI cable is more efficient as it provides audio and video information. 

wired connection

Here is a guide that will help you to connect your Laptop and Samsung TV without any troubles. 

  1. Firstly select the suitable cable to connect the Laptop to your Samsung television set. 
  2. Connect one end to your laptop device and the other to the suitable input port in your TV set.
  3. Now turn on the Laptop to cast the content on your TV. 
  4. Next, turn on the television and select the “Source” option using the remote. 
  5. Lastly, go to the PC option or HDMI/DVI button and click on the Enter button using the remote. 

That’s all, and you can connect the Laptop to the Samsung television easily. Once the television is wholly connected to the Laptop, you can use the Laptop as the remote and the television as the monitor screen. You can play games, stream content, and work on a bigger screen. 

Wireless Connection

To establish a wireless connection between the Laptop and the Samsung TV, both devices must be connected to the same network connection. You can connect the devices via Bluetooth or using the TV code.

samsung smart view

Next, download and install the Samsung Smart View application and then launch the application and follow the steps to complete the wireless connection between the Laptop and Samsung TV. 

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Points to remember while connecting your Laptop to the Samsung TV

You must keep certain things in mind while connecting any Laptop to the Samsung Television set.

  • The wired connection is more stable and easy to work with while connecting your Laptop to the TV. All you need to do is connect the cable and select the input option. However, a wireless connection will give you a limited range of portable connections.  
  • Make sure to use the correct cable while establishing a wired connection between the Laptop and the TV. A damaged cable or corrupted port will not connect the two devices. 
  • After successfully establishing the connection, you will have to use the Laptop to access your TV content. You can switch the input mode and toggle to other input devices connected to the Samsung TV.  

If you face any other difficulties while connecting your Laptop to the TV, then you must contact Samsung Support’s customer service, who will guide you through the issue. For defective input ports, you can either claim the warranty or replace the ports. 

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