Copy And Paste Not Working: Fix The Problem On Windows And Mac

Copy and paste not working

Copy and Paste are two of the most basic and commonly used commands on a computer or a smartphone. On a laptop or a computer, the act is as simple as a right-click on the trackpad or a mouse and selecting the option of copy or paste. Their use is made more accessible with keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl + C or Command + C for copy and Ctrl + V or Command + V for paste, depending on whether it is on Windows or Mac. However, sometimes the simplest of the features seem to need fixing. Users may face the issue of Copy and Paste not working. The reason could range from a simple technical glitch to a complex or specific problem.

Copy and Paste not working

This Article aims to assist in solving the issues in the abovementioned circumstances.

Fixing the problem on Windows

Fix on Windows

  1. Firstly, ensure that both the options, i.e., on the mouse and keyboard, are tried and checked.
  2. If the issue concerns the functioning of the keyboard shortcut, check if the keys’ Ctrl,’ ‘C,’ and ‘V’ are working separately. Since studying if the ‘Ctrl’ key is appropriately functioning is more challenging and evident than the other two keys, you can test commands like ‘Ctrl + H,’ ‘Ctrl + J,’ or ‘Ctrl + A.’
  3. Run the troubleshooter and scan if there are any viruses in the computer.
  4. Sometimes, temporarily disabling the antivirus software might help. [However, if the non-functioning of the copy or paste commands is due to a virus or a malware attack, disabling the software will defeat the whole purpose. Therefore, it is significant that one must do it with caution and at one’s own risk.]
  5. Try reloading or restarting the website or app you are trying to copy or paste. If that does not make a difference, try restarting the device and run through any system updates, if any are pending.
  6. If the clipboard capacity is at the maximum, it may not copy or paste new items at certain times. Hence, try clearing the cache of the clipboard.
  7. The reason is that too many tabs or applications are open and running, thereby preventing the system’s optimum or even proper functioning. Closing some applications and clearing or optimizing the device’s storage also help.
  8. Type ‘task kill.exe/F/IM rdpclip.exe‘ in the Command Prompt window and check if the desired commands work.

Fixing the problem on Mac

Fix on Mac

  1. Irrespective of whether the device is Windows or Mac, ensure that both the options, i.e., on the mouse and keyboard, are tried and checked.
  2. If there is an issue with the keyboard shortcut’s functioning, check if the keys ‘Command,’ ‘C,’ and ‘V’ work separately. 
  3. Before jumping on to any complicated resolution of the problem, firstly try reloading or restarting the application or site on which the copy and paste feature is not working.
  4. Click on a combination of the Command key and the Spacebar, and launch ‘Activity monitor‘ via spotlight, or search for activity monitor and type ‘pboard.’ Pboard stands for ‘pasteboard,’ and its function is similar to that of a clipboard on devices consisting of Windows. Then, forcefully quit or close the pboard using the activity monitor. After reopening the application, try copying or pasting to check if it works.
  5. Try restarting or rebooting the system to solve the problem if it was due to a random technical glitch or system overheating or overuse. First, restart it in safe mode and turn the safe mode off. If that does not seem to work, try restarting normally.
  6. Make sure that the macOS is up-to-date with its latest version. Downgrading the existing version might also help in removing bugs.
  7. To eliminate the possibility of a software discord, you may try installing any trusted third part cleaner, security app, or site and running it through or running a scan.


These are some of the solutions you may run through your system to try and resolve the issue and to use Copy and Paste features again. However, if the issue still persists, visit the store and let a professional check and repair it.


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