DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10 Error? Fix It Here

DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10

If you are on this page, you probably face issues while connecting to the internet. I tell you, it is a darn thing to happen given that most of the work we do, depends on the internet. This may be pretty costly, primarily if you work from home or take online classes. We’ve listed the quickest, most effective ways to troubleshoot the DNS server and restore it to operational status. Let’s get this party started! to see DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10 Error


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Before we delve into the trick and methods to sort this issue out, let us walk through what DNS is (It’s good to learn something new every day).

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What Is DNS?

A Domain Name System (DNS) is a database that converts domain names and hostnames into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS is a fancy word for Internet Directory. For example, when we had telephones(landlines), most of us had directories with the contact number of all the people in town. So, DNS works similarly. It is the directory of the internet. Users may readily visit websites on the internet using web browsers due to this procedure. When we put any address in the browser, it searches for the website in the manual and redirects us to the exact PagePage we want, and voila!


Now there are many reasons for the DNS server not responding issue. We will cover these in detail and provide a step-by-step guide to solve the problem and help you get back on the internet in no time. 

Methods To Fix DNS Server Not Responding To Windows 10 Error

Switch to a different browser is an easy solution to the “DNS server not responding” the problem is to visit the website using a different web browser.

For example, if Mozilla Firefox is your default browser, try accessing the web page using alternative browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.



Upgrade your default browser to the most recent version or reinstall it if this approach works. If the “DNS server is not responding” warning occurs again, the browser is not the source of the connection issue. Lets see how to fix DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10 Error

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Method 1 Restart Router/Modem

This trick might look like what he is talking about but rebooting the modem work more times than you can imagine. A non-functioning modem or router can also be why a DNS server does not respond and the connection fails.

Consider rebooting your modem or router to clear the cache, which may resolve the DNS server issue.


Unplug your router or modem’s power cable from the power outlet and press the power button on it. To restart it, wait at least 30 seconds before pushing the power button again.

Follow the above steps to Fix DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10 Error

Method 2 Re-enter The DNS Server Address In The Network Module 

  1.  Open the Control panel using the search bar and select the Network and Internet option. 
  2.  Click on Network and Sharing Centre. 
  3.  Click on your connection. Yours can be Wi-Fi or ethernet. Here is my case; it is Wi-Fi.connect to wifi
  4. After clicking on connection, you will receive a dialogue box below. Click on Properties on this box. 
  5.  One more pop-up box will appear, left-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 as shown in the picture below, and click on properties while selecting the Internet Protocol version 4. 

 You will see a pop-up shown below. Now you need to enter a new DNS server address. There might already be an address filled there; however, just put the address that I am putting. It is Google’s DNS server, and it works fine. Do not forget to click “Validate settings upon exit” and click “OK” afterward. 


You can now close all the other dialogue boxes and check if the internet is working. 

Follow the above steps to fix DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10 Error

Method 3 DNS Server Not Responding Then Allow Browser Through Firewall.

Your antivirus firewall may be preventing the browser from loading external data; in such circumstances, it’s better to block data access through the Firewall. 

  1. Press the “Start” button, type “Windows Defender Firewall” into the search field, and then select the “Windows Defender Firewall” option.

windows firewall

 As seen below, there will be an option to “Allow an app or feature via the Windows Defender Firewall.” Simply click on it.

  1. Click on the Change Setting box on the right top.
  2. Thereafter scroll to your browser (in my case, it was Google Chrome).
  3. As mentioned in the image, select both the boxes, Public and Private, and then click OK at the end of the page and close the window. 

seeing laptop

 Go back to your browser and check if the internet is working. 

Method 4 Common Solutions For  DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10 Error

Here are some of the most commonly used solutions for resolving the “DNS server not responding” problem:

  1. Re-enter the DNS server address in the network module 
  2. Restart Router/Modem
  3. Switch to a different browserchanging in laptop
  4. Allow browser through Firewall

Follow the above steps to Fix DNS Server Not Responding On Windows 10 Error


The “DNS server is not responding” warning indicates that your browser cannot connect to the internet, which is frequently caused by DNS failures or network issues.

I hope that you can connect to the internet. If you face any other issues, don’t hesitate to come back to us, we will be happy to assist. 

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