Ways To Fix The Error 020 Roku | Complete Guide

error 020 roku

Everyone loves watching TV. But sometimes, when errors like error 020 Roku come up, it becomes very irritating. This article, therefore, provides ways and solutions to fix this error.

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What Is HDCP?

The HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) protocol is copyright security or anti-piracy System built directly into current devices such as streaming players, intelligent Television, and video game systems.


Both the machines and the cables must be HDCP compatible to play the material. 

What Causes Error 020 Roku?

If the Display Refresh Rate of the Roku player is not precisely adjusted, users may receive the HDCP Error Detected / Error Code: 020. Furthermore, an incorrect Display Type within Roku settings may be the source of the problem.

error 020 roku

The problem occurs when the user receives the HDCP error with error number 020, along with the accompanying message: HDCP Error Detected Error Code: 020

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Solutions To Resolve Error 020 Roku

The Roku HDCP problem can be resolved by attempting the options listed beneath, but first, ensure that the HDMI cord is correctly positioned on either end (e.g., on the Roku device and your TV). Also, see whether a different HDMI cord (ideally a licensed 8K 48 Gbps HDMI) / socket (ideally a 4K connector on the Television) resolves the issue 020. Furthermore, see whether activating UHD Color for the HDMI ports in your Television settings resolves the HDCP issue. Whether you have an AVR (such as a Yamaha AVR), see if activating Full Bandwidth in the AVR settings resolves the issue error 020 roku.

Update Your Roku Device

Users, if your Roku Television is not up to date, please upgrade it immediately without delay. Updating is an essential procedure for every device, including Roku. If you do not upgrade your gadget, it will gradually deteriorate. The steps for the same are-

  1. On your Roku remote, press the Home key. on roku using remote
  2. Then select Settings. go to settings of roku
  3. Then choose the System option. choose system in roku
  4. After that, choose System update. choose system update in roku
  5. Click the check now option.

And there you have it.

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Turn Off The Roku Device’s Display Refresh Rate

Suppose the Display Refresh Rate (only accessible on 4K enabled Roku devices) of the Roku player is incompatible with your Television. In that case, you may receive the error number 020 and an HDCP problem. In this case, lowering the Roku device’s Display Refresh Rate may resolve the 020 error number on Roku. It can be done by following these steps-

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Roku player and choose System. go to settings of roku
  2. Open Advanced System Settings and then Advanced Display Settings from the resulting submenu. choose advanced system settings in roku
  3. Then, deactivate Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate and see whether the Roku problem number 020 is addressed.

Reboot Your Roku Device And Your Television

The Roku error number 020 might result from a brief connectivity failure amongst your devices (for example, your Television or HDMI cord failing the HDCP protocol test). In this case, rebooting the Roku player and your Television could resolve the Roku problem.

Reboot Using The Roku Menu

Follow the steps to fix the error 020 roku:

  1. Select System from the Roku Settings menu (by pressing the Home key on the Roku remote). choose system in roku
  2. Next, browse down to System Restart. choose system restart in roku
  3. Wait for the Roku device to turn on before checking to see if the error code 020 has been eliminated.

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Disconnect The Appliances From One Another And Reboot Them

Follow the steps to fix the error 020 roku:

  1. Remove the HDMI cord from your Roku player and Television (or AVR). Make doubly sure the HDMI wire is unplugged from both sides. on roku using remote
  2. Please turn off your Television and disconnect it from the power outlet.
  3. After three minutes, disconnect the Roku player from the power outlet. disconnect roku
  4. Reconnect the HDMI cord to the Roku player as well as Television. Check that each connector is correctly and securely placed. Then reconnect both devices (Roku and TV/AVR) to the power socket and turn them on.
  5. Switch on the device, and check whether the Roku problem 020 resolves itself.
  6. If that does not work, try steps 1 through 5 as mentioned above, but at step 5, turn on your Television initially, and then turn on the Roku player to see if the error 020 has been resolved.

Change The Display Type To Auto Detect In The Roku Settings

If the Display Type in the Roku settings is not precisely adjusted, the HDCP error code 020 may be shown, enabling it to auto-detect may resolve the HDCP issue. Reboot your Roku player before continuing.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Roku player and select Display Type. go to settings of roku
  2. Select Auto Detect and verify that the Roku player is free of HDCP error 20.
  3. Finally, if it doesn’t work, see if removing HDR in the Roku settings fixes the issue 020.

If the problem remains, see if switching Roku players (if you have more than one) resolves the error 020 on the affected TV. If that is not an option or does not work, you can purchase an HDMI switcher/splitter and link your devices (e.g., Roku and TV/AVR) through that splitter. Eventually, this will resolve the Roku issue code 020.


Thus, these are a few ways to fix the error 020 Roku. If you are facing these issues, follow the above steps and fix your problem in minutes.

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