How Do You Avail The Best Ethnic Emojis For Android?

ethnic emojis for android

The world is constantly connected today, and technology is continuously evolving and improving, and humans have to adapt to these changes. Significant evidence of human adaption to advanced technology is smartphones. The majority of the world is connected via smartphones and the internet, and I can easily say smartphones have been one of the best inventions.  Along with smartphones came the concept of chatting. It was simple text messages, but now it has evolved into talking via social media and hangout applications, like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Human beings can express themselves and communicate with their friends and family worldwide within seconds. Chatting has become even more fun now because of different ethnic emojis for android.

ethnic emojis for android


Emojis are pictograms or logograms, commonly a smiley face embedded in a text message to express one’s emotions. They help us define the emotional cues that just text messages lack. A plain text message is understandable, but emojis add that missing tone to the news that just words fail to capture. Today, we will be talking about ethnic emojis, which most smartphone users are unaware of, and I will also be telling you how to avail the best ethnic emojis for android users.

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Let us dive right in!

What Are Ethnic Emojis?

We have heard about regular emojis, like the smiley face or the crying laughing face, and emojis of cats, dogs, various food items, stop signs, different colored hearts, etc. There is a plethora of emojis available on all our smartphones.

Ethnic emojis are the male, female, and baby emojis available in different ethnicities. As the world becomes more woke, it is essential to ensure all different types of people are represented on every platform. Ethnic emojis for android means Africans, Asians, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and other people of color. 

ethnic emojis for android
ethnic emojis for android


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At first, the male, female, baby, and hand gesture emojis were only available in one skin tone. Which was ignorant and tone-deaf of the developers. The people belonging to other ethnicities and different races felt excluded. They demanded more representation when ethnic emojis were introduced in the update of social media applications.

Some examples of ethnic emojis are all the hand gesture emojis like the “thumbs-up” available in six different skin tones. All the emojis with a male and female figure are also available in six different skin tones, representing the ethnicities.  

Ethnic emojis make the chatting experience more personalized and diverse for every user. They get to express their emotions via text and emojis that look similar to them and represent their race.

How To Avail The Ethnic Emojis For Android Devices?

Now that you know what ethnic emojis are, you may be curious about how to use them on your android device. Did you think I would not leave you hanging after giving you information but no actual practice? Well, that is not the case. I have listed the following steps to avail of the ethnic emojis for android devices.

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Steps To Find The Ethnic Emojis

  1.  Open a social media application like Whatsapp or Facebook on your phone. Download one from the play store if you do not have one already. 
  2.  Open a chat in the application.
ethnic emojis for android
ethnic emojis for android
  1.  Click on the chatbox, and your keyboard will appear.
  2. Then click on the emoji section of your keyboard.
  3.  Click and hold on to either the hand gestures or male and female emojis, and different skin tones will appear. Choose one skin tone from the options given.

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The social media and hangout applications on your phone will already have these ethnic emojis pre-installed. But if you want some more diversity and unique ethnic emojis for android. You can always download different keyboard applications from the play store.

Some of the top keyboard applications are, Bitmoji, Memoji, and Emoji Keyboard.

After downloading any of these applications. You can go to your device’s setting and change that keyboard application as your default keyboard. Then use the ethnic emojis whenever you want.


This brings us to the end of this article; we have learned that ethnic emojis are an excellent tool for users to make chatting a more personalized experience. I hope this article has helped you and you got all the answers you were looking for. 

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