How To Resolve The “Fubotv Not Working” Error?

fubotv not working

Fubotv Not Working: With each passing day, streaming services gain more and more popularity. Nowadays, online content is our sole source of entertainment. In that case, fuboTV is the best option for sports.

FuboTV is the world’s only live American TV streaming service specializing in sports, with customers mainly in the United States, Canada, and Spain.

fubotv not working

Users have complained about streaming difficulties when using fuboTV. However, there are some issues with it. Some users have complained that the videos continue to buffer despite having a robust internet connection. Others have reported that the software pauses when they attempt to skip a video by a few seconds. Certain channels are unavailable to some people. 

Other issues include seeing error messages like “No Video,” “An Unexpected Error,” and “Streaming Error.” If you have the same problem and wish to remedy it, you can perform the following steps.

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Steps To Fix “Fubotv Not Working” Error

Let’s discuss eight practical steps to help you fix this issue.

Examine The Server

First, make sure the servers are up and running.

examine the server

FuboTV occasionally has server-side problems that result in these error messages. Check the server and then try again.

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Inspect Your Internet Connection

Check your internet connection; if it is excessively slow or inconsistent, try switching to a different network. Slow internet speeds are frequently the source of problems with streaming programs. You might try contacting your internet service provider to check if any server or connectivity issues are possible.

inspect your internet connection


A slow and unreliable internet connection is why fuboTV does not work.

As a result, your live stream or shows won’t be able to load properly if your internet connection keeps dropping, and you’ll receive error messages like the fuboTV “Something went wrong” problem.

So make sure your internet is connected.

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Restart Your Computer Or Streaming Device

Try restarting your computer or streaming device and see if the problem still exists.

restart your computer

It might be possible that the streaming device is experiencing hardware problems.

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Uninstall And Reinstall The FuboTV App

Reinstalling FuboTV is one of the greatest ways to fix several problems.

Reinstall the app after first uninstalling it. After a complete reinstall, all your application files will be deleted, including the built-up cache.

uninstall and reinstall the fubotv app

As a result, you may say bye to the issue caused on the fuboTV “Something went wrong” with a fresh installation.

Sign In And Out Again

Logging out and then back in will sometimes resolve most issues.  

Select the Sign Out option under Account or My profile. Close the program after that.

sign out

Now reopen it, and it will ask you for your login information. After providing your log in details, click Sign in.

Now, open the channel you were trying to stream once more after logging back in. Try the next likely alternative if the first one doesn’t work.

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Installation Of The Software On A Different Device

If the issue persists, try installing fuboTV on a different device.

installing fubotv on a different device

FuboTV isn’t working because of the device you’re using or because of an incompatibility caused by a recent upgrade to your kernel.

Reconnect Or Check Your VPN

Understandably, if you are not in the United States, you will be unable to access the platform. You will be prompted with the error “fuboTV is currently not accessible in your location” or “FuboTV is not working.”

examine the server

As a result, if you use that particular US IP address, fuboTV might restrict you. As a result, we strongly discourage using subpar or “free” VPN services that give the same IP address to multiple users. FuboTV has placed several of these VPN providers on its blacklist.

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Contact FuboTV Customer Service

The “Something went wrong” problem on fuboTV could be caused by several things. Therefore, if certain fixes don’t work for you, don’t be worried.

fubo tv customer service

If you have tried all the suggested solutions and the issue persists, you should contact the fuboTV support staff. You can discover any bugs in the backend and request more precise fixes by contacting fuboTV directly. Click here for top 7 best outdoor TV antenna.


I sincerely hope you found this essay useful. If you experience such errors again, you can address them by following the above procedures.

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