Ten Best Hidden Messages App For Android Of 2022

hidden messages app for android

Over the last several years, chat apps like WhatsApp and Telegram have become very popular. This Article says about list of  Best Hidden Messages App For Android.

hidden messages app

But for keeping your messages secrete or hidden, I will give details of some popular messaging apps.

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List Of Best Hidden Messages App For Android

The below is the list of hidden messages app

1.Signal Private Messenger

 In recent years, this app has gained much popularity among netizens after billionaire Elon Musk tweeted about it. It offers the basic features of a third-party messaging app.

signal mesenger

But what makes it so well in becoming a well-known private messaging app? So, the answer is primarily because it has no access to user inboxes and data.

2.Facebook Messenger

It has a secret or hidden messaging feature. Approximately there are over 130 crore users of Facebook Messenger in the world. We can send end-to-end encrypted chats and calls using this app in this app.

facebook messenger

This app prevents third-party applications, even Facebook, from accessing your discussions or messages while being transferred. If you want some more privacy, you can do so by simply activating Facebook’s disappearing messages. The thing to be noted here is that messages will self-destruct from both receiver’s and sender’s end.


When it comes to one-on-one messaging, it’s not very widely used. It has some beneficial chat features, and if you want privacy, you can do so by activating vanish mode on Instagram.


In this, all your messages will destruct on their own from both ends. OR I can say, practically, it works the same way as Facebook’s disappearing messages.

4.Hidden Messages App For Android Viber

Among many unobjectionable, modest, and trustworthy private messaging apps, Viber is their best. It’s a free-to-use and very straightforward app available for both Android and iOS applications.


But What makes it so different? The answer lies in its features. Its strength is the ability to send text messages and make phone calls for free with the help of Wi-Fi or Mobile data.

5. Hidden Messages App For Android  Wickr Me

 Like other messaging apps, it also comes with a feature of end-to-end encrypted private messaging. This app allows its users to send instant messages, photos, videos, and documents which will eventually delete automatically.


One of the features in this one can determine the length of time messages would be available between you and your contacts before the chats would “self-destruct.” It might seem to be a greenhorn in secret messaging. But the company is very proud of its solid reputation in terms of security.

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6.Private Now Messenger

 It’s a free private messaging app that uses the RSA-4096 level of encryption across the board. The free version offers basic 3rd party texting features in this app, and messages will self-destruct after a set time.

private now messenger

However, in the premium subscription, you will get an extra layer of protection and many more features like sending private messages and making personal calls. There might be no need to pay for a subscription if you’re making more texts than calls.


 It was formally known as SMS Secure. It’s a great private messaging app. Users get end-to-end protection with Axolotl encryption protection.


We can still communicate it with a regular SMS application if the other party does not have the app installed. It doesn’t require any server or internet connection on our phone for texting because it works like an ordinary SMS application.

8. Hidden Messages App For Android Dust

It was formally known as Cyber-Dust. This application was built with complete security in mind. The conversations in this app are highly encrypted and give end-to-end encryption to its users. The best feature of this app is it doesn’t store any messages or chats in permanent storage, and one can set their conversations to erase immediately after the receiver reads them.


If somebody takes a screenshot, it detects automatically and notifies you in the next second, making Dust one of the most secure messaging apps. It is free to download, and Dust doesn’t collect any data.


 In the most secure messaging apps market, Status is a newcomer. It is an open-source private messaging app and has a decentralized crypto-wallet and Web3 browser where one can access cryptocurrency like Ethereum based application.


The app uses a peer-to-peer (p2p) messaging protocol to make it private and secure. The app also permits us to join public chats. But the only problem with Status is that it’s still fresh in the market. Because of that, not many netizens are using the app.

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 For Android, iOS, and Windows phones, it is one of the most trusted open-source secure messaging apps. The app has over 10 Lakh downloads. But this is a paid one, which charges US$ 2.99. This app was load with all require features to keep our data safe from the hands of cooperation, government, and hackers.


While registering, it doesn’t ask for the user’s E-mail ID or phone number. Instead of this, it will provide you with a unique Threema ID. Once the message is deliver, all the messages sent from the app are delete in the next second from the servers.


In Conclusion the above articles says the list of Best Hidden Messages App For Android. I hope you like this article and its helpful for you. Last but not least Leave your valuable comments.

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