How Old Is My iPhone? This is How You Find Out!


Resale, the products of Apple, mainly iPhone, have humongous resale value. To buy or sell a used or a second-hand iPhone, one must know its age. The resale value of a product can be any electronic device, depending on its age. Also, when you want to buy or sell an iPhone in the second-hand market, you will be required to find out how old the device is to quote the perfect price.

There are a number of ways to find out how old your iPhone is, but firstly, you will need to know the serial number of your iPhone in common.

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How to find out the serial number of your iPhone ?

  • Go to “Setting” on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “General” option, which is right at the top of the Control Centre.
  • In the “General” menu, click on the “About” option.iphone serial no

(The option “About” basically discloses all the details about the iPhone like name, software version, model name, and model number, which all also can be used for future purposes)

  • Step 4: Scroll down to your serial number, and please make a note of it.

Now, the ways to find out how old your iPhone is are: –

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Using Apple’s Check Coverage or Apple Warranty Query

Step 1: Open the website on your iPhone, PC, or Mac.

(Note: The above URL may vary in time, therefore, try opening the website through searching the “Apple Check Coverage” webpage)

Step 2: Enter the serial number of your iPhone in the specified input field. Enter the CAPTCHA CODE given below the input field and click check coverage

On the following page, you’ll observe data about the support and the expected termination date of the iPhone warranty. You can now find out the age of your iPhone at ease by checking out the warranty time frame. Since Apple generally allows a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee on its items, you need to ascertain back one year from the expiry date displayed here. Then you will know the exact date and time your iPhone was purchased and can figure out the precise age of your iPhone.

If your iPhone is older than one year, you will not be able to find the expiry date. Then you will need to use the online tool, “Chipmunk Klantenservice.”

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Chipmunk Klantenservice

Chipmunk Klantenservice is a Dutch third-party tool used to find out the technical data related to your iPhone. It even provides a free service that allows us to find out the year and the week of the production of a particular iPhone.

The website of Chipmunk Klantenservice provides an English translation for its inputs.

Following are the steps to find out your iPhone’s age using Chipmunk Klantenservice.

Step 1: Open the “Chipmunk” website in the browser of your iPhone, PC, or Mac.

(Note: The above URL may vary in time, therefore, search for the website using the keyword “Chipmunk,” “Apple,” and “Age”)chipmunk service

Step 2: Enter the serial number of your iPhone in the specified input field. Then, click on the “Laat de informatie zien” button, which translates to “Show the information.”

If you look down to the end of the page, you will find all the data about your iPhone. Note down the production year of your iPhone and even its production week. Using that, you can compute the age of your iPhone without much of a stretch.chipmunk service

There is the website of SNDeepInfo ( which is similar to Chipmunk Klantenservice Method. In fact, SNDeepInfo offers much more information related to the iPhone compared to Chipmunk Klantenservice. Just by entering the serial number, you will know the age of your iPhone, the color of your iPhone, and even other information.

However, there is a certain drawback to both websites, which is that they have information only of specific iPhone models. It is from research that it failed to show the production year of certain models like iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8 plus, etc. Without the year of production, it is not feasible to find out the age of the iPhone.

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Using Apple’s Support App

Apple Support App is Apple’s official support application which can be downloaded through AppStore. This support application is used by customers to contact Apple’s executives for support. Also, this application helps you to find out the age of your iPhone by giving information about its warranty expiry date, thus letting you know about the date you have purchased your support app

Following are the steps to find out the age of your iPhone using Apple’s Support Application:

  • Download the “Apple Support App” on your iPhone and open the application.
  • Click on the “Device Details” button in the support.
  • You will find out the expiry date under the “Coverage Information” only if your iPhone is less than one year old.

To find out the age, deduct one year from the expiry date if you have a Standard Warranty. If you have AppleCare or AppleCare Plus, deduct two years from the expiry date to find out the exact age of the iPhone.

Using the serial number to determine the age of your iPhone

Lastly, there is one simple method to find out the exact age of your iPhone. This may look absurd, but it has worked all the time.

This is one of the methods where you can find out the age of your iPhone instantly by looking and decoding the serial number.

The serial number is a combination of numbers and alphabets, which denotes the manufactured time, place, date, also even the model number of the device.

The serial number is usually 14 characters. To find out the age, one needs to look carefully at the 4th character of the serial number.

Also, each alphabet denotes the year in which the iPhone is manufactured. Also, this method can be only for iPhones that are manufactured from 2012 to 2020.iphone serial no

K denotes 2013 first half of

L denotes 2013 (Second Half)

M denotes 2014 (First Half)

N denotes 2014 (Second Half)

P denotes 2015 (First Half)

Q denotes 2015 (Second Half)

R denotes 2016 (First Half)

S denotes 2016 (Second Half)

T denotes 2017 (First Half)

V denotes 2017 (Second Half)

W denotes 2018 (First Half)

X denotes 2018 (Second Half)

Y denotes 2019 (First Half)

Z denotes 2019 (First Half)

D denotes 2020 (Second Half)

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There are countless methods and third-party websites which help you to find out the real age of your iPhone. But it is advisable to keep a soft copy of the bill linked with your drive. Also, this often saves you a lot of time and effort, which is necessary to find out the age of the iPhone using third-party websites. Keeping a copy of the bills is often a good task.

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