How to Add Plex to Roku | Easily Explained with Images

How to add plex to roku

Technology has expanded boundaries since the last century, leaving behind drastic changes in our lifestyle. Entertainment and tech have been going hand in hand for a long time, and the need for ensuring quality demand for tools remains forever. Online streaming channels and facilities have overpowered commonly used cable TV services. Thousands indulge in media streaming devices, enabling them to enter into the world of fantasy, fiction, and most of the genres available. According to North America 2020, the second most popularly used streaming devices are Roku devices. So, here we would be discussing how to add Plex to Roku.

In addition to the above, to have proper access to the facilities provided by streaming devices like Roku devices, it would be great to add a client-server medium or platform to support your network and give you the best streaming experience ever! This article will cover how Plex, a digital media player, can be added to Roku devices. Before that, let’s have a look at both of these individually.

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What is Plex?

Before knowing about how to add Plex to Roku, let us look at Plex. Plex is your well-known digital media player or commonly called a client-server platform to extend organization of various files, probably good old video, movies on DVD’s or Blu-rays, images or other of sorts, possibly the ones from the internet stream to other people. Very similar to Kodi and VLC media players, Plex’s basic functionalities are entirely free to use for stuff on your server as well as the ones on the internet. You can purchase a plex pass for additional features monthly, annually, or even for a lifetime! What makes Plex so unique is its way of organizing your files, say, for instance, your videos into beautifully described places along with additional information about the movie or the show.


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What is Roku?

Roku is an American-based manufacturing company for digital hardware devices like streaming devices, audio devices, televisions, and other accessories.


It is a home base to all your entertainment media for easy setup and streaming content once connected to the internet. Roku streaming players are available at $29.99 and a different amount for subscription to other channels like Netflix or Apple TV. 

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How to add Plex to Roku?

Here’s a step-by-step procedure as to how you can add Plex to your Roku device. Read this article, if you want to add Facebook on Roku.

1. Download the Plex Media Server from the Plex TV website

plex media player

2. Make sure you have the Plex Home Theatre on the computer for your TV.

3. Provide a friendly name after the installation is complete.

4. Then create a Plex account on the Plex website.create account


5. Then add your content into libraries to show plex they exist on your device.

6. Roku will search for your Plex Media Server and find the media you are currently sharing

And you are done!

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Here was an insight into the topic. We looked at Plex and Roku individually and also looked at how to add Plex to Roku. We hope you liked the article. Do leave your comments and suggestions.

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