How To Change Twitter Handle

how to change twitter handle

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service located in the United States that allows users to post and receive “tweets,” which are short messages. Unregistered users can only read tweets that are publicly available, while registered users can post, like, and retweet them. Twitter is a social media network that focuses on bringing people together and allowing them to share their views with a broad audience. Users can use Twitter to keep up with the latest news and events, follow people or businesses who tweet information they enjoy or simply talk with their friends. With this article, we hope to show you how to change Twitter Handle easily.


This article will show you how to modify your Twitter handle, sometimes called a Twitter username. This is the character that appears after the “@” sign and is unique to each account. You’re probably wondering why I’m just talking about Twitter when there’s a reason why you should all start using it as well.

  • You can keep track of what specialists in your sector are doing.
  • Create a useful and productive network for yourself and others.
  • Keep up with the most recent news and updates from a variety of industries and fields.
  • Learn about other cultures and meet new people.
  • Make an effort to broaden your horizons.
  • Feel free to express yourself.

When logging into your account, you’ll need your Username. People use your Username to find you. Because you’re all aware of the value of a username, sticking to a simple one can help you expand your network.

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What Does the Twitter Handle Consist Of?

Before learning how to change it, let’s first learn how to change Twitter handle. A Twitter handle consists of :

  • Lowercase and uppercase letters from A – Z.
  • Numbers from 0 – 9.
  • It must be more than four letters or characters and less than 15 letters or characters.
  • No spaces allowed, only letters, numbers & underscores.twitter handle

How will your Twitter handle look? : @Samarthmishra

How will your Twitter URL appear? :

What Is the Distinction Between Your Twitter Handle and Your Twitter Name?

There’s More to It Than a Name – Your Twitter handle, like any other social media platform, defines your brand and leaves an impression on visitors to your page. It’s vital that the username you pick is professional and appropriate for your industry. To make it easier for people to locate you and tag you in postings, it should be consistent across all of your social media accounts. But as you and your online identity evolve, learning how to change Twitter handle can make that transition easier.

twitter name vs. handle

Unlike some other social media platforms, Twitter does not require you to use your real name anywhere. Your handle might be anything from a parody of your own name to a pun or meme to a random combination of digits and letters. It only needs to be one-of-a-kind, and it can’t contain slurs or other terms that are against the guidelines.

A Twitter handle must be unique, although a Twitter name does not. The Twitter handle can be up to 15 characters long, and the Twitter name can be up to 15 characters long.

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How Do We Pick an Effective Twitter Account to Manage?

It appears to be a straightforward task, but it is not. Twitter’s user base is steadily increasing. Finding an ideal or perfect handle would then be a challenge.

twitter account

So, before we get into how to change twitter username, here are a few tricks on how to change Twitter handle to perfectly reflect you :

  • If you own a company, you may always call it “HQ” (Headquarter).
  • The app can be used in a company’s Twitter handle.
  • Make use of the word “the.”
  • Use the phrase “I am.”
  • “We are” can be used as the first word in a company or group’s Username.
  • Your name should be simple and OG. *wink*

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 Learn How To Change Your Twitter Handle?

Let’s have a look at how to modify your Twitter handle if you don’t know-how.

 IOS and Android versions are available

  1. Select Account from the drop-down menu under Settings and Privacy.twitter your account
  2. Select Username and begin typing your new Username in the Username area. If the Username you want is already used, you’ll be given the option to choose another.
  3. After you’ve finished everything, click Done.

If you don’t know how to alter your @ on Twitter, this is how you do it.

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  Regarding Laptops

  1. Open the webpage and go to the side menu and click the more (horizontal three dots) button.
  2. Toggle between settings and privacy.
  3. After that, go to Account and then to Additional Information.
  4. Then to ensure that it is you, you will be asked to type your password.login and security
  5. Then you must update your Username in the username section below the account information. If the username you choose is already used, you’ll be asked to choose another.
  6. Save by using the Save button.

If you also don’t know how to alter your Twitter handle using a web browser, this is the method to use.


These were the ways on how to change your Twitter handle effectively. We hope this article was helpful for you. Also for more such tech queries do visit our site in the future!

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