How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free

Discord is a platform cum program that allows free text and voice conversation along with multi-media sharing options, compatible with running on a variety of operating systems. The typical users that this platform attracts are gamers, who find the liberty to create separate channels or groups where they can play together, listen to music, and do other such activities. It is a convenient platform for social gaming where users can communicate with each other in their desired ways.

How To Get Discord Nitro For FreeThere are two premium versions of Discord, Nitro Basic and Nitro. Nitro is the ultimate premium version of Discord, which guarantees users the maximum number of perks. Discord Nitro is offered to users for 9.99 dollars monthly to 99.99 dollars weekly, which is quite a hefty amount for most users. This article here is for all those who want the perks but don’t want to spend such big bucks on it.

Follow this article to know how to get discord Nitro for free.

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Perks Of Discord Nitro

The perks of Nitro range from customizable emojis, stickers, avatars, and server profiles to considerable file sharing and much more. The perks are listed below:

Perks of Discord Nitro

  • Users can customize emojis that can be animated.
  • They have custom stickers with more than 300 Nitro exclusives.
  • Bigger File Sharing with Nitro Basic having a range of 50 Mb to Nitro with a range of 500 Mb.
  • They have access to a wide range of Activities.
  • HD streaming up to 4k and 60 fps is helpful for many professional gamers who earn money by streaming live.
  • Users are given 2 Free Boosts with an additional 30% extra Boost.
  • Users can have animated avatars with profile themes and custom tags.
  • Custom Server Profile with Nitro badge on the profile.
  • Allowance of joining up to 200 servers.
  • Custom Video Backgrounds and longer messages up to 4000 characters.

Ways To Get Discord Nitro For Free

Here are 7 actual ways to get Discord Nitro for free which might work for you:

1. Giveaways and Events

Giveaways are basically freebie giving promotional events by several Discord servers. As already mentioned, they are sometimes promotional events with one or two assured winners. This may be a partially-proof way of getting Nitro for free, but it’s worth a try. Willing users should participate in these accessible giveaway events, which have simple enough rules, and have a chance at getting Discord Nitro for free.

Giveaway Discord Nitro

There are also often events run for Discord, like the one for Christmas called Snowsgiving, which often offers many freebies like Xbox, PS5, and Discord Nitro. Users should be aware of the fake servers promising free Nitro, they might look natural, but they lead to fake websites. Some legit servers that give Nitro giveaways are Dank’s Dungeon, Sound’s Spooky World, and Custom’s Magical World.

2. YouTube Promotion

Currently, YouTube and Discord have teamed up, and Discord is offering free YouTube Premium for 3 months, worth 33 dollars for a Discord Nitro subscription.

Youtube Premium Discord

So, the user for a 10-dollar Nitro subscription is getting a YouTube subscription for free, which is a good deal. Please note that this promotion is available in limited countries.

3. Discord Partner program

This is a great way to get Discord for free under certain conditions. Servers that have partnered with Discord get a free Nitro upgrade.

Partner Program

For a partnership, the user with the server must have a minimum of 500 members. It should be more than 8 weeks old, be an active server with a good environment, and have followed all community guidelines.

4. Mobile App

Free Nitro can also be gotten by downloading the Mobile App, upon which Discord offers only a month-free subscription to first-time users. It does ask for the payment info and deducts 1 dollar from your account, which it later refunds.

Mobile App

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5. Server Talks

Some discord servers give users XP (experience points) with each message they send; over time, one can use it to level up. These servers offer gifts and freebies during these level-ups, including Nitro. Participating in such servers can enable one to get a chance to win a Nitro subscription for free.

6. Freeward.Net

Users may earn money while having fun with Freeward.Net, a free earning platform. There are numerous ways to get money, including paid surveys, games, and movies. One may earn money through PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and gift cards to stores like Amazon, iTunes, Steam, and a host of others in exchange for completing simple surveys and offers. One can use the points or money they earn here to redeem Nitro for free.

7. Salad

SaladSalad is a free cryptocurrency mining program that mines cryptocurrency for users using their computer’s resources. Once they earn money, they can withdraw it to a cryptocurrency wallet or buy Amazon gift cards, virtual goods from games, subscriptions to services like Spotify, or even the Discord Nitro.


Participating in giveaways or downloading the Discord app are just a few techniques that can help you get Nitro rapidly. You can access every option for producing Nitro from numerous sources; pick the one that works best for you and keep an eye out for scammers.

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