Quickly Learn How to Get Discovery Plus on Smart TV?

how to get discovery plus on smart tv

The discovery plus channel is one of America’s most popular streaming platforms. Warner bros launched it with the services to watch discovery-related channels along with other series and content for their users.

Discovery is famous for world-class documentaries, series, and binge-watching. It is available on smart TV with a monthly subscription.

Here are a few ways to quickly and conveniently access discovery plus on smart TV.

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Subscription cost

If you want a discovery plus subscription, you get two options: go for annual subscriptions or access a monthly subscription.

A monthly subscription to discovery plus is around 199 INR, and an annual subscription is around 299 INR. You can see that an annual subscription is better than a monthly subscription, but you can choose one monthly one to try.

discovery plus

There are also free series and documentaries to watch without a subscription, which you can try anytime.

Along with all the things discussed above, we can also provide you with a 7-day free trial in which you can access all the shows, documentaries, and movie libraries without paying for it.

How to add discovery plus to your smart TV?

Here are quick steps to add discovery plus your smart TV screen and enjoy it with your friends and family. 

  1. First, make sure that you have a discovery plus subscription, and then you can add it to your smart TV. 
  2. Sign up for discovery plus with all your basic details along with all your billing details and your subscription pack. For subscription packs, you can check out the above paragraph, where we talk about monthly and annual subscriptions. 
  3. Once all the basic sign-up process is done, go back to your smart TV home screen.
  4. On your smart TV screen, look for the apps option where you can find it and then click on the discovery plus app.
  5. To add this app to your smart TV screen, click on “Add to home”. Then, the app is downloaded to your smart TV screen after a few seconds. 
  6. And the last step is to open discovery plus and log in to it.

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How to add discovery plus on your smart TV with the help of Chromecast or Airplay?

If your smart TV support systems like Chromecast and airplay, you can easily cast your discovery plus screen on your smart TV from your tablet or phone.

discovery plus on smart tv

Here are the steps which you can use to cast your discovery pulse on your smart TV and enjoy your evening:

  1. The first step is to get a discovery pulse subscription if you don’t have one. You can buy subscriptions as per your need, either monthly or annually. Discovery plus also provides you with a 7-day free trial to access everything for free.
  2. Then after getting a subscription, you have to download the discovery plus app on your android or IOS device before proceeding further.
  3. After downloading, log in to the discovery plus account on your Android or IOS device.
  4. We need to do one more thing before preceding the last step, i.e., check whether your phone and your smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network.  
  5. Now the final step is to play any video on your discovery plus app on your phone. After that, you notice the screen casting icon on your smart TV, click the icon, and now your evening is set with your friends and family.

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Which smart TV allows discovery plus access?

As per the reports, there is no list of supported smart TV models provided by discovery plus. You can access discovery plus on the following TV models and browsers. Check them out:

  1. Android 5 operating systems and new ones
  2. Amazon kindle fire tablets
  3. Amazon fire TV
  4. Apple TV gen HD and 4K
  5. iPad 3rd generation and newer
  6. iPhone 6 and new models
  7. LG TV with webOS 4X/5X (2018 model and newer models)
  8. All types of Roku
  9. Samsung smart TVs (2017 model and newer)
  10. VIZIO smart TVs (2017 model and newer)
  11. Chromecast (gen 2 and newer)
  12. Xbox
  13. Xfinity

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