How To Protect Pendrive With Password?


Are you having trouble keeping your files safe? Is the thought of losing essential documents haunt you? Are you a new user of USB drives? Well, we are here to resolve your troubles with the best guideline on how to protect pendrive with password.

First of all, we all know that passwords protect our personal information from others. But some of you might get confused about the process of setting passwords in your pen drive. Don’t worry! It’s straightforward. You have to follow some easy steps. But before starting, let’s dig deep.

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Why Does A Password Protect Pen Drive Is Much For You To Use?

Many of you must think about the point of setting a password if you don’t share your pen drive with others. But this conception is evil. In the era of modern technology, nothing is impossible. There are many hackers and cybercriminals always finding their prey. So a password protected pen drive will make your essential documents double protected.pendrive

The most important reason for having a password protected pen drive is to save your essential documents from hackers and others. Many options are available to safeguard Pendrive, but a password is always the easiest and most secure way. So that’s why we advise you to use a password to protect Pendrive.

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How To Password Protect A Pendrive?

There are several tools available online to protect Pendrive. So we recommend you some of the best tools and the usage to password protect Pendrive. So let’s find out how to protect Pendrive with a password.


It’s a built-in encryption feature in Windows 10. It is also available in older versions on Windows 7, 8.1 and others. It is a default application of Windows to protect Pendrive. So let’s follow these steps to use Bitlockerbitlocker

  1. The first step is to insert your pen drive into the computer.
  2. Then right-click on the pen drive and press on “turn on Bitlocker”.
  3. Next, click on use new password to protect the drive.bitlocker pin
  4. Now, “enter the password” you want to set, and keep in mind to always use eight letters in a password to make it strong.
  5. Now click next, then next and print or save the key for the future.
  6. Then you can see the encryption process will start to secure your pen drive with a password.

Bitlocker is a default tool provided by windows, but there are so many different tools besides BitLocker which you can use to password-protect Pendrive. So let’s see how to password protect Pendrive without Bitlocker.

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It’s one of the most common tools for pen drive protection. You can install it from an online website. It’s straightforward to use. First, you have to download and install this tool, then follow these steps.wondershare

  1. Firstly, open the software on your computer and insert the pen drive into it.
  2. Now select your drive program and area. After completing, click on the install button.wondershare recovery
  3. Write the username and password of your wish.
  4. Then click on ok, and your Pendrive is protected now.

This is very useful on how to protect pendrive with password.

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Kakasoft USB Security

It is one of the best tools to protect Pendrive with passwords. You can use it just after the download and installation of the tool is done. It is so easy to work on. One notable fact about this tool is it prevents any unauthorise access to your device, so let’s see how to use it.kakasoft

  1. Plug your pen drive with your computer.
  2. Double-tap on the Kakasoft USB Security and install it.
  3. Open your Pendrive.
  4. Then click on USBSecurity.exe and enter the password as you want to set.kakasoft protect
  5. Confirm it by clicking on protecting.
  6. Now your PC is 100% protected. From now on, whenever you open your Pendrive, it will ask for the password. 

This is very helpful on how to protect pendrive with password.


This tool offers encryption of all disk partitions, including the system partition. You can easily install it on your PC. You can use this tool to protect Pendrive from any unauthorised access, .so let’s go through the steps to use itdiskcryptor

  1. Firstly install this tool.
  2. Then click on a USB drive and click on ” Encrypt” from the interface.
  3. A window will pop up on your screen and ask you to select the encryption process.
  4. Let it be unless you want to change and click on the Next button.diskcryptor file
  5. Next, you will see a window to set a password for your Pendrive. Make sure to put a strong password. For example, write a password of 8 words with numeric and special characters.
  6. After putting in, a strong password click took for the encryption.
  7. After the process is completed, click on the USB drive and click on the Mount button. Now your pen drive is protected from all external access.

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We hope these guidelines will help you on how to protect pendrive with password. There are several tools available besides the options we recommend to you. We hope for now you can efficiently work with these. We Wish you all to be safe and Have a secure virtual life always!

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