How To Protect Your TV Screen From Toddler | 3 Best Ways

how to protect tv screen from toddler

Modern HD screens are far more sensitive than older box TVs. The screens are acrylic or other high-quality plastics, but they are not scratch- or impact-resistant. You must exercise much greater caution if you have children around the house. Those young munchkins can choose to hit the TV during playtime or just because they feel like it! Looking for how to protect tv screen from toddler?

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Accidents occur frequently. It is essential to take precautions beforehand to prevent calamities. Many parents have dealt with their kids unintentionally cracking or breaking their pricey plasma screens. A brand-new television will set you back thousands of Rand.

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How To Protect Your TV Screen From Toddler?

Let’s examine the techniques for child-proofing your TV:

Fix-It To The Wall

Making sure your TV is out of your children’s reach is one of the best ways to preserve it. It functions best when mounted on a wall. It is very simple to unintentionally bump your TV when it is on a stand or in an area where your children may reach it or to have them accidentally destroy it with their toys.

tv fix on wall

So make sure it’s secure by putting it somewhere they can’t access it.

Screen Protector For Television Screens

Most of us purchase screen protectors for our smartphones since the displays may crack if the device gets falls to the ground. The screen gets shield from scratches and damage by a screen protector.

tv protection

The same thing they are accomplishing using a TV screen protector. It can crack if you or your child accidentally bump the flat screen. Screen protectors resist these strikes, which keeps the glass from breaking. The screen protectors’ advantages (for all screens) are as follows:

    1. High-quality TV screen protectors are incredibly simple to clean. With only one swipe of a cleaning product, the smudges, fingerprints, and unintentional spills on the TV will disappear. tv finger
    2. Most TV screen covers are simple to install because they feature Velcro. These are simple to remove if you want to access the bare screen.HD visual quality is maintained because the screen protectors don’t skew or blur the images.
    3. There are shields for several screen sizes that can be customized. If you require a customized new size, get in touch with the makers. tv shield

These are a few of the best ways to protect your TV screens by applying shields.

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Television Enclosure

A television enclosure will shield your TV from being cracked, scratched, and soiled.

tv enclosure

You can set up your TV outside without worrying about the weather thanks to the several weather-proof TV enclosures already on the market.

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How Can I Prevent My TV From Crashing?

All the issues can be solved with a screen protector. Most people advise you to acquire a screen protector while looking up ways to safeguard displays from children. A screen protector ensures that the screen won't be damaged when a toy falls on it or an accident occurs close by.

Can Sunshine Harm A Television Screen?

There is a noticeable difference when TV is exposed to direct sunlight. The sun's heat might distort the LCD screens' images. The LCD's chemistry could be disturbed by ultraviolet light, reducing the television's lifespan.

How Can I Keep My Little Child Away From Touching The TV?

Put a playpen around the TV to prevent her access. Alternately, position the TV higher on the wall so she can't get it. Then, when she tries to cross the boundary to the TV, provide the Least Positive Reinforcement—disregard what she's doing.

Does Exposure To Screens Alter A Child's Behaviour?

According to Paavonen, children who spend a lot of time on screens are more prone to have emotional symptoms like anxiety, melancholy, low mood, and dread. Behavioral symptoms include arguments, problems controlling one's temper, and oppositional conduct.

Does Watching TV Make kids Angry?

Research has connected too much screen usage to behavioral problems like hostility and behavioral issues in the classroom. Due to 'sensory overload,' children struggle to focus and become mentally exhausted, resulting in irrational outbursts of anger and violent conduct.


It cannot be easy to keep a toddler away from your TV. When they end up causing damage to valuable objects, like TVs, you feel helpless and depressed.

The tips above might guarantee their safety and give the kids a more enjoyable entertainment experience!

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