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Ever wanted to have an iPhone on your pc? There are many reasons to run an iOS app on computers. Some people run iOS games on pc for a better experience. Others want to also test their new apps. Whatever the reason you want to run an app on your pc, it also can be hard to find the right emulator for you. We are here to turn techie jargon into actual English! Which are the best iOS emulators for pc?

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What Is An Emulator?

Your techie friend will tell you that it is software that runs one system on another. Which, if you ask me, makes no sense. In English, it is an app that lets you run mobile apps on your computer. If you want to use Linux on a Windows computer, an emulator will help you. emulators

Emulators are used for many different reasons. You can play mobile games on your pc with its bigger screen and better graphics. Some people use it to test run their apps. Other people are tired of windows’ countless updates and want to switch over to Linux. 

Is an emulator a phone on a pc? Yes and no. Depending on the type of emulator, you can run an iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux on a pc without making overt changes. 

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What Is iOS?

iOS stands for iPhone operating system. We know more techie jargon. Let us translate it for you: it’s everything you see on an iPhone.ios

It’s like windows but for apple phones. An iOS emulator will run the iPhone on your Mac book or Windows pc. 

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iOS Emulators For Browsers

You can run the following emulator using the browser on your pc regardless of if it’s Mac or Windows. The biggest advantage of these emulators is that you also don’t need your techie friend to set it up for you. In fact, it also requires no installation. Everything is also run on the browser itself. If you are just getting into the app development scene or are just helping out the techie friend, these emulators are also the best choice for you. is best used for testing and debugging apps. It runs on the browser itself, with no plugins, no extensions. offers a 100-minute free trial. At the start of every month, the 100 minutes is

By any chance, you are the techie friend, appetize has the option to buy their service too. You can continue being the techie friend with the help of 100+ minutes of development and debugging software a month!



While all the advantages of apply here, Corellium does not offer a free trial that renews every month.corellium

Instead, it is a premium service that works better for the techie friend.


iOS Emulators For Mac

These are the iOS emulators for Mac :


It is the official iOS developing tool that comes with your Mac book for developing, testing, and also debugging.xcode

Note: TestFlight is also another developer tool that is used for developing apps and is owned by Apple.


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iOS Emulator For Windows

These are iOS emulators for Windows

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR is an app developing software developed by Human international and Adobe.adobe air

It is free and paid and emulates more than just iOS.



Now that all the techie toys are out of the way, let us look at an emulator that we can use to play games on. PPSSPP is an all-in-one emulator that emulates not just iOS but also almost everything one can think of emulating.ppsspp

It can emulate Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Android, Nintendo WiiU, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and also MeeGo. It is also free.



What about Bluestacks?

While Bluestacks works really well at emulating android and has grown in popularity, it does not emulate iOS. It is, however, a good choice for people who want android on their pc.

Can I run iOS on Oracle?

Once again, the answer is no. Oracle is virtualization software. In non-techie terms, it is used to execute multiple operating systems. You can run Mac OS X on a Windows computer with it but not iOS.


As you can see, there aren’t many iOS emulators that are also for gaming. It is easier to find quality freemium services for iOS app developing and also debugging. Unlike Android, it is quite hard to find a service that isn’t made for the average techie.

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