2 Reliable Ways To Jailbreak Apple TV Apps

Jailbreak Apple Tv

Jailbreak” can modify the iOS operating system for Apple TV so that you can access the apps that Apple has blocked. By jailbreaking your Apple TV, you can add non-Apple programs like Kodi, ATV Flash (black), and many more.

The jailbreak is primarily for jailbreak developers and security researchers and will only offer SSH access without any GUI-based capabilities. This should still be viewed as positive news because it allows for future Apple TV changes and enhancements.

Jailbreak apple tv

For instance, in addition to offering new functionality, the developers may offer a means for consumers to customize the Apple TV interface. You can install Kodi and a few more helpful customizations on an Apple TV that has been jailbroken. Compared to iOS and iPad, Apple TV has fewer modifications. However, simply being able to install Kodi opens up a world of opportunities.

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Ways To Jailbreak An Apple TV

Listed below are the top two ways to jailbreak an Apple TV:

1. Blackbox Jailbreak Tool

You may jailbreak your second or third-generation Apple TV with the help of a freshly released Blackb0x jailbreak tool for Apple TV. Currently, the jailbreak tool is only accessible on macOS.

Although Blackb0x supports second and third-generation Apple TV models, the compatibility list can be perplexing.

  • (A1469) Apple TV 3. (iOS 8.4.x untethered, iOS 7.x tethered)
  • 3.1 Apple TV (A1427) (iOS 8.4.x untethered, iOS 7.x tethered)
  • Apple TV version 2 (A1378) (iOS 7.1.2 tethered, iOS 6.1.4 untethered)

As you can see from the list above, the iOS version your Apple TV 2/3 uses, determines whether you can jailbreak it. Depending on your Apple TV model, there are many ways to do it.

blackbox jailbreak
Because Apple no longer supports the second and third-generation Apple TV, you can at least give your outdated streaming device a fresh lease of life with this jailbreak.

Please be aware that Blackb0x did not previously support Apple TV 4K. It would be best if you needed the Checkrain jailbreak for that.

On its GitHub page, Blackb0x is available for download, and there are also instructions for jailbreaking Apple TV.

2. PanGu iOS Jailbreak Tool

Following the unexpected release of an untethered jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.1, PanGu Team revealed last week that they would be releasing a jailbreak for Apple TV 4. Additionally, they have stated that an IPA that must be signed to be installed on Apple TV 4, before it would be made available.


But you’re out of luck if your Apple TV has already received an update to tvOS 9.1 or 9.1.1 as the new PanGu jailbreak will only work with Apple TVs that are running tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1.

To check your tvOS version; open the Settings app> go to General > About. Check the tvOS version your Apple TV is on. You should look for an Apple TV 4 made before December 2015, because tvOS 9.1 was launched on December 8th.

Unfortunately, you cannot downgrade tvOS to an earlier version like iOS. It won’t work with Apple TVs from the past, like the Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3.


After jailbreaking your device, you can use services and applications that Apple doesn’t support. To make your Apple TV into a video center, you may install apps like Kodi. Unlocking your Apple TV will open up a new world of entertainment you may not have had access to before. So, it is definitely worthwhile trying.

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