How To Set Up Karaoke System For TV? Complete Guide

karaoke system for tv

Everyone can have a good time with karaoke. However, setting up the karaoke system for TV could be challenging.

You can easily connect your karaoke equipment to your TV, something you may not be aware of. It’s a terrific concept because everyone singing will be able to sing along more easily thanks to the ability to view the lyrics on the screen. Additionally, if you have guests around, they’ll enjoy listening to others sing and perhaps even join in! 

Unlike this karaoke app for tv, are you having in getting apps in your LG TV? Refer to this article, and get different ways of installing it.

karaoke system2

Your karaoke system with Smart TV will be set up according to the instructions on this page. You will better understand how to connect your devices and the advantages of using this arrangement for your home entertainment needs.

The finest aspect of this setup is that you may enjoy the experience at home without having to invest in expensive equipment or deal with complex configurations. Everything will work out wonderfully if you have a few basic tools and materials, which we’ve listed below, and know how to utilize them.

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What Is Required To Do To Set Up Karaoke System For Smart Tv

Your karaoke system with Smart TV must be configured using the following components:

  1. A karaoke machine with an audio output. karaoke system
  2. RCA or HDMI inputs on a television hdmi input
  3. An HDMI cable or RCA cablehdmi cable
  4. Two pieces of 3.5 mm auxiliary cable connector
  5. For more fun and a better experience, you can connect your device with a home theatre system with an auxiliary audio input.

Setting up your karaoke system with the Smart TV is simple when you have these things. Follow the simple instructions further down this article, and before you know it, you’ll be able to sing along while taking in the sights on a larger screen!

Similar to these cable operators, several other satellite TV Service providers could provide such services.

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How To Do A Set Up Of Karaoke System With Smart TV

There are two methods through which you can set up the Karaoke system with your smart TV. Those are:

Wired Connection

Firstly, we need to check/identify which type of TV model you have. If you have an old TV that does not have an HDMI port, then you can use an RCA cable or a composite video cable to connect your TV to your karaoke system. If you have a newer TV model that has an HDMI port, then it is well and good it will provide you with better picture quality.

Using RCA Cable

Setting your karaoke system with TV is simpler than you would have initially imagined. This approach works with older TVs with an RCA input but no HDMI port. Since there are only a few steps for setting it up easily, it’s one of the easiest installations you can perform.

The steps to connect the RCA Cable for the karaoke system with TV are:

  1. Disconnect any plugged-in devices and turn off the TV. A few examples include DVD players and game consoles.
  2. Use an RCA cable to connect the audio wires from your karaoke machine’s rear to the Red and White RCA outlets on the back of your television. On the back of your TV, you will typically see an input marked “Audio In” or something similar. Use it in place of a Red or White outlet if there is one. connect rca cable
  3. Use an additional RCA cable to connect the video cables from the rear of your karaoke machine to the Red and White RCA outlets on the back of your television. Your video must be plugged into the Yellow RCA outlet rather than the Red or White one if your TV only has one Red and White outlet. connect rca cable2
  4. Power on the TV and increase the volume. Go to the next step if you can hear sound coming from it.
  5. Start up your karaoke system and navigate to the settings. Select “TV” mode or “LINE IN manner” on your karaoke machine.
  6. Press “play” to move to the following song on your karaoke system. You’re ready to go, so please congratulate yourself if you can see the lyrics on the screen and hear the karaoke machines’ sounds.

The karaoke system and TV are successfully set up.

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Using An HDMI Cable (Best For Smart TVs)

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It’s a specification that combines video and audio into a single digital interface for use. An HDMI cable is a digital used for better video and audio signals.

Make sure your karaoke system has HDMI input and output connectors. If not, do so immediately (Check Best Karaoke Machines at Amazon, Flipkart ). You could also get the best cable alternatives to buy if you don’t want to use HDMI Cable.

It is the simplest method to connect your home theater system, including speakers and karaoke machines, to your smart TV screen if you have a current TV with an HDMI input or output.

The steps to connect the HDMI Cable for the karaoke system to connect with TV are:

  1. Turn off your smart TV first. Before moving further, turn off all connected devices.
  2. Attach one end of the HDMI cable to your TV and the other to the karaoke machine. The sound or picture is never an issue because this digital connection has a complete audio and video transmission. input the hdmi cable
  3. The next step is to turn on the TV and plug in your karaoke machine.
  4. Choose the HDMI input source on your Smart TV’s screen. It ought to show up as a Karaoke Player.
  5. Use your karaoke machine to play any CD+G song. Your screen should now display the lyrics.

Note: You could utilize an A/V cable if your TV lacks an HDMI input source. These are three lines (red, white, and yellow). Use an HDMI cable if you want greater visual quality.

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Wireless Connection

If you don’t want wires showing up all around your living space, this is the perfect type of connection you require. This method is more convenient because it does not require wires between the devices and allows for more freedom when setting up the equipment in the room or space. If you want your TV in the living room and your karaoke machine in your bedroom, you should buy a wired one because it is more stable.


Firstly, you should turn on the Bluetooth discovery setting on your karaoke machine. Then go to your Smart TV settings, go into the Bluetooth section, and search for devices. Your karaoke system shall now show on your TV in the list of options, press pair (or connect to this device), and connect your karaoke system and TV.

bluetooth karaoke

If your karaoke system isn’t showing up on the list, then make sure your system isn’t connected to any other device via Bluetooth. If your device isn’t connecting, then make sure your TV isn’t connected to any device via Bluetooth. Then you’re all set. Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your karaoke system with smart TV.


YouTube is the best source of online lyrical videos, including karaoke music, and you can easily search for any song in the world by any artist. You can have unlimited song selection on YouTube. You can sing your favorite song by adding karaoke at the end. Streaming YouTube onto your smart TV can be even more fun. You can stream YouTube onto your smart TV with the help of a smartphone or tablet. Look for your best songs or artists. As you search the song on YouTube, make sure to add the word ‘karaoke.’

youtube karaoke

For example, if you like Senorita, type ‘Senorita karaoke’ and get the karaoke version of your favorite song.

Now, connect all the devices and properly set up. Power up the smart TV along with the karaoke and enjoy your karaoke night by streaming YouTube onto your smart TV.


Sometimes, to connect the Karaoke system to TV, you might need to disconnect the TV Firestick also. So, while connecting, just once look on the error, if shown.

Thus, we hope that you have tried using any of the methods provided and that your problem got resolved. Now, you are connected to your karaoke system, so enjoy singing!!

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