Best Linux for Old Laptops | Top Ten Options for You

You would rightly agree that we probably need to reuse old things that we possess, maybe laptops! I promise you that once you know to use your old laptops, you’ll be lovin’ it!  This article would include how you could go about the same, what types of Linux are there, and their description of how it supports the 32-bit system, and the options to consider for the best Linux for old laptops for you.


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Best Linux for Old Laptops

Here are the options to consider for the best Linux for old laptops for you.

Tiny Core

Tiny Core is arguably the most lightweight distro for laptops, and it’s pristine whenever this distribution system loads because of its extraordinary stability. It focuses on being as small and secure as possible, and this is probably not a complete Linux distribution for average desktop users.

tiny core

The minimum requirements for Tiny Core would be 64 MB RAM and i486DX CPU though it’s recommended to use 12MB RAM, making it a very viable ‘best Linux for old laptops’ option.

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux type of Linux distributor is excellent for old hardware! It’s lean as well as fast-paced. It doesn’t have to access either the hard disk or the CD/DVD drive. The minor requirements to use this would include 256 MB RAM and 600Hz CPU. It is therefore a very good option if you’re looking for the best linux for old laptops

puppy linux

Also, new developers can be presented to programming if they exploit this distribution system.

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antiX Linux

The Debian Linux antiX supports 32-bit systems and does not include a system. It requires 256 MB RAM, PIII Systems CPU, and 5GB disk space. You get the feature of easy installation and safe usage.

antix linux

Though the safety of this distributor is impeccable, do not use the ‘root-user’ account and instead thumb through the ‘normal-user’ account. Using this would be a wonderful option if you are looking for one of the best linux for old laptop.

Bodhi Linux

Bodhi Linux features the Moksha Desktop. Hence, whenever a good choice for old hardware configurations. It supports the older versions of 32-bit systems, making it a wonderful option if you’re wondering: what the best linux for old laptops are? There is minimal approach and support for low-end hardware, however.

bodhi linux

The minimum requirement for this distribution would be 256 MB RAM, 1.0 GHz CPU, and disk space of 5GB. Bodhi is a lightweight Debian/Ubuntu-based distribution.

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You might also know this as CBPP or #!++ or CrunchBang Plus. This supports the older versions of 32 bit systems and is Debian operating system. It is a clone of CrunchBang Linux.

crunch bang ++

The minor requirements for this distribution would be 1GB RAM and Pentium 4, Pentium M, or AMDK8 or higher CPU and if you’re searching for the best linux for old laptops, this is a wonderful option.


LXLE is the re-edification of the Lubuntu LTS version. It has an intuitive UI, is a lightweight Linux distribution, and supports 32-bit systems. It focuses on visual aesthetics and serves excellently on both old and new hardware.


Though the minimum requirements comprise 512 MB RAM, Pentium 3 CPU, and disk space of 8GB, 1GB RAM and Pentium 4 CPU are a recommendation. It is one of the best linux for old laptops.

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Not only is this Ubuntu-based, but Lubuntu also supports the older versions of 32-bit systems. But don’t let that dishearten you because this distribution system also works just as efficiently on the modern versions.

lubuntu desktop

In addition to that, Lubuntu is amongst the official flavors of Ubuntu. The bare minimum necessities would involve 1GB RAM and Pentium 4, Pentium M, AMD K, or higher CPU. Considering Lubuntu as one of the best linux for old laptops available on the market is a smart decision indeed.

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Peppermint is a cloud-focused Linux supports 32-bit systems and doesn’t need pro-quality hardware to operate. Being Ubuntu-based, this distribution type would cover ICE applications for incorporating any website or web app as a standalone desktop application.


While this requires 1GB RAM, processor-based on Intel x86 architecture CPU, and disk space of 4GB, it is highly suggested to use 2GB RAM.

Linux Mint Xfce 

Linux Mint Xfce is an Ubuntu-based distribution’s essential, desirable prerequisites would include 1GB RAM, 15GB of disk space, and 1024 x 768 resolution. Nevertheless, you can always use 2GB RAM and disk space of 20GB.

linux mint

Very light on resource usage and highly stable, this distribution variety of Linux supports 32-bit systems. One stumbling block that the user may face upon using this is that this doesn’t help as many features as the other flavors of Linux Mint, such as Cinnamon or MATE.

Zorin OS Lite

On top of being completely free, the Zorin OS lite distribution system is relatively easy to install has a stable operating system (OS). The Ubuntu-based system uses a lightweight Xfce desktop to function. It requires 512 MB RAM, 702 MHz single-core CPU, disk space of 8GB, and a 640 x 480 resolution display. But if you possess a pretty adequate system, you can always try the standard Zorin OS. Additionally, it supports 32-bit systems as well as 64-bit systems. A truly viable option when considering the best linux for old laptops

zorin os

After all, is said and done and everything is considered, you can have the best Linux distributor for your laptops, old or new. The options given above contain one of the many best Linux for your computers and laptops. The distributors mentioned above can easily install on outdated laptops without any difficulties.

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These were the best linux options for old laptops. Instead of throwing away your old laptops, why not revive them with Linux? Out-of-date computers with a good hardware layout can be quickly recovered using good lightweight Linux. We hope this article was of help to you!

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