Not Enough Memory To Open This Page Error In Google | Fixes

not enough memory to open this page error in google chrome _ easy fixes

Nearly 3.2 billion users depend on Google Chrome as their good web browser to surf the internet. So, what will happen if Google Chrome suddenly stops working, displaying the error message, “Not enough memory to open this page in Google Chrome.” This article acts as a guide to learn briefly on this topic.

not enough memory

What does this error message mean? It refers to the fact that Google Chrome faces a problem accessing enough free RAM to display the web page consisting of various video animations, images, etc. Also, keep checking your RAM frequently to avoid such problems.  This error message is sometimes displayed due to different unnecessary or suspicious extensions running in the background. Clearing the RAM might solve the problem with your system. Read this article on the 10 best browsers for Android TV in 2023.

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Possible fixes to the problem

You might fix this error using the following methods. So, let’s discuss these steps in detail to fix the error “Not enough memory to open this page in Google Chrome.

Increase the VRAM

A shortage of VRAM on your machine is the most likely cause of this issue. So, how will you increase the VRAM? I will guide you on how just by following the steps explained below.

1. Press the Windows key + R key

2. After that, type “system. cpl” and click on the “OK” button.system

3. When the system properties show up, click on the “Advanced” panel and tap on “Settings” in the performance section.

4. Now, go to the “Advanced” section.setting

5. Select the “settings” option in the virtual memory section and uncheck the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers” box.

6. Go to the “custom-size” option to adjust the settings as required.custom size

7. You have to set the Initial and maximum size. (In our case, it will be – Maximum size (MB) = Initial size (MB) = 1444). Finally, don’t forget to tap on “OK” to save the changed settings.

8. Now, a dialogue box will appear to reboot the machine. Click on the “OK” button. Further, select the “OK” option to apply and save the changes. Finally, tap “Apply” and “OK” on the system properties page.

9. Now, you have to restart the system. To continue your device, use the “Restart now” button.restart

Once your system successfully boots up, Open Google Chrome and try to re-visit the conflicting webpage. Check if this trick is working or not.

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Terminate all the tabs

Google Chrome tabs consume a high amount of free RAM. Closing all the accounts in the background should do the work.

1. Open Google Chrome, and close all the unnecessary tabs one by one.

2. After terminating all the unnecessary tabs, click on the three-dot menu and click on “More Tools.”google

3. Next, tap on “Extensions” and switch off all the extensions. Further, you can also remove the less important ones by clicking on the “Remove” button.extension

Once you disable the extensions, try reloading the problematic web page again.

Clear the Chrome cache

Emptying the Chrome cache could be another way to solve the problem.

1. Open Google Chrome and select the three-dot menu option. Click on the option “History” and again choose “History.”history

2. Now, select the “History” option on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Then, tap on “Clear browsing data.”clear browzing data

4. Select “All time” as the time range. And check all the three options – browsing history, cookies, and other site data, cached images, and files.

5. Now, move to the “Advanced” section and check the “Download history” box.

6. Finally, click once on the “Clear Data” to clear the browsing data permanently.

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Disable Hardware acceleration 

Sometimes a few websites may break due to the hardware acceleration feature of Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome, copy-paste “chrome://settings/system” in the address bar, and press the “Enter”

2. “Use hardware acceleration when available” should be turned off in the “Use hardware acceleration when available” section.system google

3. A prompt will appear to relaunch the browser. Click on the “Relaunch” button.relaunch

Once the Chrome is reopened, wait for a few seconds and test whether the website is loading or not.

Alter the Google Chrome folder

If your Google Chrome profile got corrupted, it might lead to the error “Not enough memory to open this page in Google Chrome.”

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together to open the Task Manager.task manager

2. Go through the list of processes carefully. If you find any process related to Google Chrome, right-click on it and click “End task” to terminate it.

3. Now, press the Windows key+ R key together.

4. Type “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\” and press the “Enter” key.window + r

5. Look for the “Default” folder and right-click on the “Default,” and select the “rename icon” to rename it.

6. Change the name to “Default_old.”

7. Close the file explorer and relaunch Google Chrome. This will create a new Default folder when it starts. Now, try to relaunch the website once again. This might solve your problem.

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Resetting the browser

The last trick that you might try to fix the problem is to:

1. Launch Chrome and create a new

2. Write “chrome://settings/reset” in the address bar and press the “Enter”

3. Finally, click “Reset Settings” to reset the web browser.reset

Once it resets, try to relaunch the website.

Alternative tips

1. If nothing works, use any other web browser like Edge or Firefox to launch the conflicting webpage. Test if this method is working or not.

2. Try to load the website in Google Chrome on another device (PC/Laptop/iOS or Android).


Google chrome has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. But this browser also faces issues once in a while. Hence it is necessary to know the fixes which make you’re browsing a cake slide. I hope that this article will help you fix the error “not enough memory to open this page.”

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