6 Quick Charging Apps: Charge Faster, Get More Done

In today’s evolving world, we fascinate everything fast as we value time. Time is of the utmost essence for every human being and is an asset to us. Besides, during work or leisure, we heavily depend on mobile phones to stay productive and connected with others. But we can only imagine living with mobile phones, do we? Imagine one day when your mobile phone had a very low battery when you needed it the most. A day when you have to do lots of work assignments and your phone’s battery is dead. It looks frustrating. I know. Fortunately, several quick charging apps can help you charge your mobile phone faster and can help you to get more work done quickly.

Best quick charging apps

In this article, we will discuss some of the best quick charging apps that you can use to improve your phone’s charging experience. These apps will clean out the RAM inside your phone’s memory and give you complete analytics about the phone’s battery condition. So let’s get started.

6 Quick Charging Apps

Given below is the list of 6 quick charging apps.

1. AccuBattery

  • The AccuBattery app will help you to monitor the mobile’s battery condition and capacity. Moreover, the app will also tell you how worn out your phone’s battery life is.


  • It will notify you about the phone’s battery condition and provide you with valuable tips to extend your battery’s life. 
  • One of the best app’s features is fast charging, which shows you how much current your phone receives while charging. This will determine whether your charger is working correctly or whether your phone is charging at the maximum speed possible.
  • Furthermore, the app also constructs clear graphs showing the battery capacity’s wear and tear. The chart will help you determine how much battery capacity worns out during the regular use of mobile devices.

2. Fast Charging

  • The second app on this list is called Fast Charging, and it can reduce the regular charging time of your phone by optimizing the charging process.
  • This app works because it closes all the apps that run in the background and closes them down. It also disconnects your mobile if it’s connected to any internet, including WiFi, and also turns off Bluetooth automatically
  • There are various optimization techniques that you can use at a single tap with this app – like clearing out your RAM and reducing the brightness level of your mobile screen – which will increase the overall performance of your battery’s life.
  • Moreover, with this app, you can also view your battery’s status or temperature to optimize your battery’s health conditions.

3. Battery Turbo

  • Battery Turbo is another helpful application that can speed up the charging of your mobile phone.

Battery Turbo

  • This app can regulate the phone’s brightness level if your mobile phone is running out of battery power.
  • Additionally, the app will automatically disconnect your mobile from Bluetooth or WiFi when your phone’s battery is going down to preserve the battery’s life.
  • On top of that, this app also closes the background running apps on your mobile phone to fasten the charging speed without any data loss.

4. Fast Charging Pro

The other app on this list of quick charging apps, is called Fast Charging Pro.

  • This app makes your mobile a fast-charging-type without affecting the quality of your battery’s life or physical charger.
  • The specialty of this app is that it works with mobile processors that affect the time needed to charge your phone’s battery. Thus, the app also identifies the running apps in the background and closes them explicitly.
  • The app also has the built-in feature of automatically reducing the mobile’s brightness to save battery power. 

5. Super Charger & Battery Saver

  • Super Charger & Battery Saver app effectively optimizes the power consumption of your mobile devices. Moreover, it also helps to remove cache and unnecessary files that cause overheating of your device.

Super Charger & Battery Saver

  • Furthermore, this app gives up-to-date battery features status every day. Additionally, with this app, you can also find out how much power your battery has, the state of your battery, and the average temperature of your phone’s battery.
  • The app also closes the unnecessary running apps in the background. Thereby it helps to reduce the phone’s temperature and power consumption. 

6. Battery Charger: Master Clean

Our last app on the list of quick charging apps, is the Battery Charger: Master Clean.

  • This app is well-known for its ability to make monitoring the battery performance for your mobile device simple and efficient.
  • With this app, you can avoid problems such as successive overheating, continuous battery discharging, and slow operation
  • Another feature of this app includes a battery saver, which you can turn on or off when needed.
  • Furthermore, you can periodically analyze the battery’s health and temperature to prevent overheating the mobile device. 
  • On top of that, this app’s fast charging feature helps save time while charging your phone, and the power optimization features help improve the overall performance of all apps, thereby maintaining the health of your mobile’s battery for a longer time.


If you want to charge your mobile device instantly and get more work done quickly, then quick charging apps are the best option. 

These six charging apps listed above are the best charging apps for your mobile phone which will help to optimize your device’s battery condition, close unwanted background apps, and increase your overall battery’s performance. Give these apps a try, and you will experience the benefit of fast charging by yourself.

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