How to Add Sky Go on LG Smart TV 

When it first debuted on January 11, 2006, it was known as Sky by Broadband. Sky stated on November 25, 2006, that Sky by Broadband has changed its name to Sky Anytime on PC.

A client upgrade that includes a new user interface and a pay-per-view service for US television series and movies also took place at the same time as the rebranding.

Movies, TV shows, the newest news, and sports highlights are all included in on-demand material. Digital rights management software from Microsoft and the NDS Group limits the number of times that content may be watched and prevents it from being copied on a disc or viewed after the license expiration date.

Existing Sky TV subscribers can access the service at no additional cost; the available material depends on the subscriber’s Sky subscription. Pay-per-view subscriptions are available for non-Sky TV subscribers who want to use the service.

Sky Go Extra and Sky Go

Upgrading to Sky Go Extra for a monthly subscription allows you to watch it on up to four devices, whereas Sky Go can only be seen on two devices simultaneously. Computers need the out-of-date Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 browser plug-in to play content.

Due to viewing rights, some shows are “blacked out” from the schedule and unavailable via Sky Go. Users must be subscribers to the specific Sky TV packages that go with the accessible channels to access the whole array of live TV channels available on Sky Go.

Sky Go is a live streaming site from the Sky Group that lets Sky TV customers in Great Britain and the Irish Republic watch live and on-demand Sky TV while on the move.

sky go

Sky Go is a beneficial supplement to Sky TV. You can access the Sky Go app on Android and IOS mobiles as well as on your Windows and MAC PCs.

The LG Smart TV does not support Sky Go. Therefore, Sky TV subscribers and Sky Go users should get used to watching Sky Go on LG Smart TVs in various methods. Screen Replicating is now the only indirect way for streaming Sky Go out on LG Smart TV.

Users of the Sky Go app can log in using their current Sky TV login information.

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How to connect an Android smartphone to an LG Smart TV to use Sky Go

  1. Download and install Sky Go from the PlayStore onto your Android smartphone.
  2. Open the Sky Go app and log in.
  3. Join a Chromecast device to the LG Smart TV’s HDMI port.
  4. Ensure each device is connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  5. Open the Sky Go app.
  6. Tap the Cast/ Screen Mirroring icon.
  7. A list will emerge once it searches for casting devices.
  8. Select your device.
  9. Open the Sky Go app on your Android device and view it on your LG Smart TV as soon as everything is ready to cast.

Everything is set and ready to cast. Now you can easily stream Sky Go on your LG Smart TV.


A lot of individuals use the Sky Go app. But Smart TVs do not support it. Making it occasionally a less popular choice.

I hope the approaches mentioned above will be useful for LG Smart TV owners who want to watch Sky Go on it. I appreciate your reading.

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