How to Pair/Unpair Firestick TV Remote Easily

how to pair_unpair firestick TV remote easily

The Amazon’s Fire Stick is an amazing way to watch your favorite TV episodes, movies, or live concerts. However, your TV might be less intelligent if you do not know how to pair your Fire Stick remote with your TV. This article will help you explore how to pair and unpair the fire tv remote. While talking about firestick you should also check out the ways to add apps to Vizio smart TV.

You may connect up to seven remotes to your Fire Stick. This includes the remote that came with your actual device, joysticks (for gaming purposes), replacement remotes, and those that we use with our mobile. At any time if your remote stops functioning, unpairing and re-pairing it with the device usually cures the problem. Pairing your remote is extremely simple. Let’s go through how to pair, unpair, and re-pair your Fire Stick remote!

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How to Easily Pair a Fire TV Remote

In many cases, the Fire Stick gets sync with the device, and pressing one or two keys will do the work. However, you may need to configure a Fire Stick remote in rare circumstances manually.

how to pairunpair firestick TV remote easily

You can link the Fire Stick remote with your device in various ways. Let us investigate each!

When you first set up your Fire Stick/Fire TV, you must pair the Fire Stick remote. In short, the first thing you must do is pair the remote to proceed with the setup procedure. During the setup, you will be prompted to link the Amazon Fire TV Stick control by pressing the Play/Pause button on the remote.

Along with pairing or unpairing your fire TV remote, do not forget to download the best browsers to your TV.

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How to Pair a New/Existing Remote When It Gets Unpaired

If the remote that came with your device breaks or stops working, you will have to replace it. Similarly, before using the new remote, you must first pair it with your device. To accomplish this, take these steps:

  1. Unplug the Fire Stick from the power supply.plug in
  2. Place the batteries in your new remote.
  3. After roughly a minute, turn on your Fire TV Stick and wait for the home page to appear.batteries
  4. Sometimes, when we reboot the device, the new remote may automatically get paired simultaneously, and to check with that, give some command using the remote.
  5. If it hasn’t automatically synced, press and hold the HOME button on your Fire Stick remote for 10-20 seconds.homescreen
  6. A popup on your TV may indicate that the remote has been successfully linked. If the message isn’t displayed or missed, try using the remote to check if it works.

Note: If the Fire Stick remote does not link the first time, continue this procedure again until the Fire Stick remote is connected.

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How to pair additional/second Fire Stick Remote

Amazon Fire Stick supports numerous remote controls. This may be useful if your current remote isn’t really that amazing and you’re not even ready to replace it. In the meantime, you will wish to have a more efficient remote control on site.

To link one or two remote controllers with your Fire Stick, follow the procedures below:

  1. Navigate to the Fire Stick’s homepage.homescreen
  2. Within the menu bar, select the option
  3. Choose the Controllers and Bluetooth Devices option.
  4. On the following screen, click Amazon Fire TV Remotes.
  5. Then, select the Add New Remote optionset
  6. For around 10 seconds, press and hold the Home button on your new remote. The Fire Stick will begin searching for a new remote.
  7. Once the new remote has been found, click the SELECT button (center button) on the OLD remote to establish the new remote’s pairing. Attempt using the new remote to see if it has been linked.

Your replacement/secondary remote is now ready to use from where you can see it listed on the screen. One can pair up to 7 remotes to the firestick.

How to Pair Your Phone with a Firestick Tv Remote

We all have experienced moments where the remote disappears out of sight or slips into the back of our couches when we need it the most. Therefore, it is handy to have your smartphones as a remote instead, which is always safely tucked in our pockets. What’s better? The steps to do so are rather easy.

  1. Download the “Amazon Fire TV app” for free from Google Play Store or Apple app store for iPhones and other devices based on iOS. Ensure that your phone/tablet is connected to the same wifi network as that of the Amazon Fire TV
  2. Open the app and select the Fire TV device you want to pair your smartphone with: After signing in to the app with your Amazon account, the app will connect to your Fire TV device. If not, you can manually add it by clicking on “Set Up New Device.”
  3. Please enter the 4-digit code displayed on your TV screen onto your phone: Although one would need to re-connect manually every time, you would not be asked for a code again.code
  4. Your TV device is now connected to your smart Fire TV remote.

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How to Unpair Fire Stick Remote

If you want to use your remote with another Fire Stick device, simply first unpair it from the present one. If you are using a single remote with a single Fire Stick device, you cannot unpair it. However, you may unpair it if you have an additional Fire device and want to pair this remote with it. You may also unpair the remote using the Fire TV app.

To unpair one of your current remotes from the Fire Stick device, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Fire Stick’s main screen.homescreen
  2. Select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices from the menu.set
  3. On the next page, choose Amazon Fire TV
  4. Select the Fire Stick remote to be unpaired. On the other remote, press the menu key (the three-line button, check the above figure).

Finally, we have looked at how to pair and unpair Fire TV Remotes easily by following the above-mentioned simple steps. This is the easiest way to unpair fire tv remote.

Unpairing Fire TV Remote Through Mobile Phone

If you have an Android or iOS device, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Press and hold the Back + Home + Menu buttons for 20 seconds. Hold them until the Red or Slightly Orange light starts blinking.
  2. Keep the remote aside and download “Amazon Fire Tv” from Google Playstore or App Store. Install the app, and click on Open to launch
  3. Connect to the same wifi you are using on television and select the Television name on the remote. Enter the code you see on your television screen. Simply type in.wifi
  4. Now that the app is successfully paired with the television, go to Fire TV Settings by simply clicking on the settings icon on the remote app and navigating to “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.”set
  5. Select the “Fire TV Remote” option located at the top. It will display the paired devices list. Just hover over to Fire TV Remote and click on the menu button.
  6. A confirmation request will appear. Just click the Select button on the app to confirm.

VOILA! the remote is now unpaired from your Fire TV, and the name will also disappear. After this procedure, you can only use your mobile app to control the television. Follow the steps carefully to unpair the fire tv remote.


Is the remote control for the Fire Stick universal?

Not all Fire TV remotes are compatible.

Is it possible to change the remote for a Fire Stick?

Yes, you can replace your Fire Stick, but make sure it is compatible with your model.


You can see the process of unpairing and pairing remotes is quite simple. A single device can have multiple remotes paired to it, therefore reducing the need to pair and unpair regularly, but should there arise a situation in which you need to unpair or pair a remote, now you know the way to do it!

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