Top 10 Best Alternatives Websites for Textsheet

websites like textsheets

If you used Textsheet to seek solutions to your daily homework assignments, you might be disappointed to learn that this is no longer accessible.

Textsheets were popular among students. It was possible to find solutions to every question in almost any category, and it assisted many students to complete their assigned work. This article will explain some websites like textsheet.


websites like textsheet

The Top 10 Alternatives for Textsheets are as follows:

1) Chegg

2) School Solver

3) Slader

4) Studylib

5) Course Hero

6) Studyfy

7) Write My Paper Hub

8) PaperHelp

9) SparkNotes

10) Skooli

Let’s begin by explaining some of the advantages of using these alternatives.

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1. Chegg

Chegg can get help with homework of over 80 subject areas and many courses, covering the most difficult classes and assignments. With 80 subjects and many courses, the site provides solutions to many subjects such as chemistry, math, engineering, and business.

chegg-websites like textsheet

To use the webpage or app services, you must first sign up and pay for a subscription, which may be difficult for some students. Chegg’s memberships start at $14.95 per month and go up to $30 per month with video calling. On the other hand, you can use a free 30-minute free trial of an online teaching service.

2. School Solver

School Solver, one of the most popular micro tutoring sites for homework help, offers solutions, essays, and completed assignments to many questions. Students can post single questions or entire courses to be graded. This is also one of those websites like textsheet.

school solver-websites like textsheet

School Solver also makes it simple for tutors to earn money. It highlights how tutors can earn even more money because of their backend Answer-suggesting technology for people who ask similar questions.

It’s a great alternative to text sheets because there are so many tutors on the same page as course hero and chegg accounts that are sitting there.

3. Slader

Slader is very popular among students in the United States. You can discover step-by-step answers for your series of questions across thousands of textbooks for various subjects and complete clarifications. This is also one of those websites like textsheet.

slader-websites like textsheet

Slader has answers for students of all ages, from middle school to college. Slader makes it simple to find answers. You have to simply scan the barcodes on your textbooks or type the titles of your books. After completing the process, you will have discovered all of the pertinent solutions to the problems you seek. As a result, we can say that this is the best textsheet alternative.

4. Studylib

Studlib is yet another textbook substitute. The website contains a large number of completed assignments and homework solutions. You can use to download and store relevant documents for free and easily share your notes with needy friends.

studylib-websites like textsheet

Studylib is a fantastic resource for students looking for answers to assignments and other subjects. Studylib has an interactive homepage where you can find trending documents that help you navigate the site more efficiently.

5. Course Hero

Course Hero is also the perfect platform for learning and downloading study material and the best alternative to Textsheet. It guarantees to have over 25 million course-specific study materials. Students can easily find study resources by typing their school’s name, subject, or books, or through filtration of documents by Course, Question and Explanation, and Study Documents. This is also one of those websites like textsheet.

course hero-websites like textsheet

The website offers Tutoring assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can be beneficial for students who live in different time zones. You can also earn money by uploading and referring your friends to the Course Hero.

6. Studyfy

Studyfy is one of the most dependable options available when it comes to academic assistance. This platform provides a wide range of services, including online tutoring, editing, and essay writing. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed with assignments or struggling with a particular subject, Studyfy can assist you. This is one of those websites like textsheet.


Even if you don’t require immediate assistance, the website offers a lot. Check out the writing guides for helpful hints and tips on writing academic papers. Use the built-in editing features to polish your assignments before submitting them.

7. Write My Paper Hub

Write My Paper Hub‘s area of expertise includes more than 50 major disciplines and a plethora of sub-disciplines. If you can’t find the required discipline in the order list, choose the closest one and contact a support team member.

write my paper hub

When it comes to academic writing online, confidentiality is critical, and this service ensures that third parties never track the fact and details of your order. With this online paper writing service, you always know how much you will pay for your order; there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

8. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is a fantastic alternative to the textsheet that is now available. Since 2008, it has been assisting students in completing new and difficult assignments.

paper help

PaperHelp has made many students’ lives easier who are constantly in desperate need of studying and writing research papers. This website will assist you in writing your research paper, whether you are in high school, college, or pursuing a Ph.D. This is also valued. Your privacy and details will be kept private and not disclosed to others.

9. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is a website where students can find lesson notes for a wide range of courses and guides for a wide range of school subjects. The website was launched in 1999 and was purchased by Barnes & Noble in 2001. This is also one of those websites like textsheet.


SparkNotes offers an online bookstore as well as a Test Prep service, which assists American students in preparing for exams like the SAT. One could say that this is one of the best alternatives to the textsheet.

10. Skooli

Skooli is yet another micro tutoring website. If you want help from real tutors rather than pasted answers on a website, I think it’s a great alternative to Textsheet. Skooli is not the same as School Solver, another micro tutoring website I mentioned earlier in this list. You pay per question with School Solver. This is also one of those websites like textsheet.


Skooli, on the other hand, charges you by the minute. In other words, you are not required to sign up for a monthly plan, nor are you required to pay for a full hour of tutoring, which you may be unable to afford.

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