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where does chrome store bookmarks

Browsers like Google Chrome are among the most popular on the internet. The Google browser has undergone an incredible development since its launch in September 2008, resulting in an incredibly convenient experience. Even though the browser is often looked at as a memory hog, everything else in the browser comes together seamlessly. It works well, especially with Google services. Google browser has done an exceptional job in helping people organize their content in the form of bookmarks. Now, where does it really store our favorite sites as bookmarks?


Chrome Bookmark

On Google Chrome, we store a lot of bookmarks both for work and entertainment while browsing the internet. The Google Chrome browser allows us to add, rename or delete bookmarks with a few clicks, and we can browse all our bookmarks through the Chrome browser. We can quickly access our favorite sites whenever we want. Reviewing the websites we want on occasion saves us a lot of time and energy. So, we must know where chrome stores its bookmarks. You must find your bookmark files and share them freehand to share them with another browser from your Chrome browser. It will require you to know where these bookmarks are located on your computer to migrate them.

In Chrome, Where Are The Bookmarks Stored?

Browsers are the obvious choice. Our goal is not to look in the Google Chrome browser for bookmarks; instead, we seek to find where the Google Chrome bookmarks are located on Windows 10. In Chrome, bookmarks may be challenging to find and to fix a corrupt bookmark file or to ensure that we have a backup of the bookmark files we intend to use in the future, we may need to locate the bookmark file. In chrome, we must know where does it store the bookmarks.

You do not have to worry as we’ll show you how to find Google Chrome Windows 10 personal computer bookmarks that you would like to configure for use. The following steps will help you to find where Chrome stores it’s bookmarks correctly in Windows 10.

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chrome browser
Chrome Browser

Steps to Find Where Google Chrome Stores Bookmarks on Windows 10 locally:

It is simple to find where your necessary bookmarks from Chrome on Windows 10 are stored in the following five steps.

Step 1

Firstly, you will need to access the Windows system drive. In Windows operating systems, the C drive is usually on the desktop and your primary window is located on this drive and Google Chrome.

c drive

Step 2

If you go to your computer’s C drive or Windows system drive, you will see a ‘users’ folder s0 open the folder with your username if you’re the only user on your computer. However, if you have more than one user, select your user name accordingly.

users folder c-drive
Users Folder C-Drive

Step 3

To view hidden files, you must now enable the option. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Click on the ‘View’ tab from the ‘Menu.’
  2. The View tab will open upa new menu and the menu will drop down to reveal a small square box on the right. This box will be labeled “Hidden items.”
  3. Click “Hidden items” in the hide/show section for step number three.
hidden items
Hidden Items in C-Drive

It’s great that you’ve reached the end of the most challenging step of the process. Your computer now can show hidden files. In step four, we’ll see where Chrome stores bookmarks.

Step 4

  1. After following the above steps, follow this path to save the extension: AppData\ Local\ Google\ Chrome\ Userdata\ Default.
  2. The folder will probably have a name like “Default” or “Profile1/2”. Google Chrome will display specific folders depending on the number of profiles you have, and the “Default” folder will usually be visible for a single user most of the time.
  3. This completes step number 4. Next we’ll move on to the last step and once we pass this step, we would know where does chrome store the bookmarks.
default folder
Default Folder

Step 5

Within this folder, you’ll find the file “Bookmarks.” and this is the file that you are looking for. All your saved Google Chrome bookmarks will be in this bookmarks file for future use.

Using this bookmarks file, you can quickly delete them if they are corrupt or back them up if they are essential, either for using them later or migrate them to another browser or PC.

bookmarks c drive
Bookmarks C Drive

After researching for a while, we finally found where Google Chrome stores bookmarks.

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Are You Having Difficulty Finding The File or Exporting Bookmarks to Folders?

If you cannot find the bookmarks file on your Google Chrome profile, it may be due to a technical issue in Windows 10. For some reason, restarting your device may resolve the issue. If the problem continues, contact support and you will receive assistance and a solution from them. Google Support is available as well. Submit your question or view the answers to several questions.


Everything you need to know about where Google Chrome stores bookmarks are mentioned. Although you may need to change some settings to view hidden folders, you can still find your bookmarks file on most devices and operating systems. Creating a copy of the bookmark file at any time will help if exporting them is not sufficient. I hope our readers will find this article helpful on Where Does Chrome Store Bookmarks in Windows 10.

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