WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration | Fixes

wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration _ fixes

If users might not want to hassle with cables and want to relocate their machine to a remote location, a Network adapter is a perfect option. Although Wi-Fi is extremely handy, some Windows 10 users have reported receiving an error message stating that the Wi-Fi may not have a proper IP configuration. This article explores the error- wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.


You may be unable to browse the Website if the Wi-Fi does not have proper network configuration information. There are a few permutations to this mistake, and when it comes to related concerns.

Wi-Fi not working due to errors like wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, is so traumatizing. To avoid such chaos, use the best WiFi antenna boosters for your android.

What Is An IP Config That Isn’t Valid?

It’s important to understand why such a problem occurs. In a nutshell, whenever you access Wi-Fi, the gateway provides your desktop an Internet address so it may access the internet.


Both desktop and router will be unable to interact if the IP setting is incorrect. For example, your computer may attempt to use a different IP address than the network anticipates. This prohibits you from surfing the web and causes the error “may not have a correct IP setup.”

What Is The Best Way To Solve This Problem?

Let’s examine how to fix this problem, which will prevent you from accessing Wi-Fi. We provide you with all the best solutions. But right now it is up to you to choose which is the best option for you.

Shut Down Your Computer

Restarting your system should be the first step in troubleshooting any problem. According to a momentary glitch, you might see the warning “Wi-Fi may not have a correct IP config.”


Before you go into more detailed troubleshooting, you should do a quick restart to restart over. Proceed if the issue persists after rebooting. This is the first way to rectify the error- wifi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration.

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Restart The Router

Restarting your Wi-Fi router is another simple solution for connectivity troubles. Like resetting your desktop, a fast router reboot will clear away any summary issues and allow it to function normally.

restart wifi router

Since this issue occurs when the router attempts to assign IP Addresses to your computer, it may have encountered a problem.

Rebuild And Release IP Address

One can consider giving up the device’s present IP address and obtaining a new one using a Command Prompt program. This is a nice technique to fix the problem with the incorrect IP setting.


To access the System Preferences menu in Windows 10, right-click the Start button or press Win + X. Start a run command; choose Run Command (Administrator) or PowerShell (Admin) first from the list. Try this method to rectify the error- wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.

Reset The Network Functions

Continue to the PowerShell to reconfigure the Winsock, which is also the protocol that describes how your pc connects to the network.

Look For A Custom IP Address Configuration.

By definition, your machine and network use the DHCP (Variable Host Config Protocol) procedure to assign IP addresses to your device.

wifi settings

If you’ve previously configured a public Ip address and anything has been modified, the error “Wi-Fi may not have a correct Configuration setting” may appear.

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Install The Latest Wireless Driver

Because this “Wi-Fi doesn’t even have a correct IP config” error affects broadband communication, ensure the Wi-Fi drivers on your system are up to date.

device manager

To do so, click Win + X once more and choose Device Manager. Select Network cards to locate your wireless controller. Special Upgrade driver > Browse immediately for revised windows computer from the context menu when you whether it.

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Make Sure There’s No Malware Or Anti-Virus Interference

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s time to perform a virus scan on your machine. While it’s unlikely to solve the “doesn’t have a correct IP config” problem, it’s given a go. Malware and other dangerous applications can tamper with your network settings, preventing you from surfing the web. Also, learn about gamblr alternatives tools to protect your PC from adware which generally comes bundled with other programs. 


Search with Windows Firewall or perhaps another antimalware software you should have downloaded. Install Malwarebytes and transfer it to the infected device to perform an antimalware check if you already have recourse to some other machine that can connect to the internet. Virus or malware could be the reason for the error- wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. Hence do this step to rectify it.

Reset Network Configuration

You’ve tried all of the primary remedies at this point. Because there may be a deeper issue, you should reset your Windows 10 settings.


At the bottom of the page, go to Properties > Networking & Web > Condition and select Network restore. Remember that doing this will erase all your ethernet switches and restore everyone to the default parameters. If that’s fine with you, choose Clear now. Your computer will be restarted as a result of the procedure.

To resolve the “Area network doesn’t even have a valid IP config” warning, perhaps you didn’t just have to change all of your config files. This problem is frequently a one-time occurrence resolved with one of the first steps.


Wi-Fi has multiple purposes in everyone’s day-to-day life. Imagining that Wi-Fi does not work will cease our breath for a while. Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration is one such error, which disconnects us from the Wi-Fi. Hoping that this article has helped you to fix this issue along with the understanding of IP Configuration.

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