YouTube Vs Cable | A Complete Guide

Recently, streaming services are becoming increasingly popular, leading some customers to cut their cable and pay for lower-cost streaming services. One disadvantage of certain streaming services is that it can occasionally be difficult for users to access live events or watch television shows on networks during their airing. The main doubt is between YouTube Vs Cable, which one is better.

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YouTube TV aims to remedy the issue, offering access to the most popular live TV channels and cable channels without needing special equipment. Here’s what you should know.

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What Exactly Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is an online streaming service platform that YouTube provides. It’s important to know that it’s distinct from YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium gives you the ability to block advertisements on YouTube videos. You can also play videos in the background or even view some videos without internet access.

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With Premium, you no longer have access to TV channels in the same manner (although you’ll see streaming live when you visit the channel on YouTube).

However, YouTube TV is access to live channels. The most popular networks such as NBC, FOX, the CW, SyFy, and ESPN are all on YouTube TV. If you purchase a subscription, you gain all these networks, which provide you with live television.

Although YouTube TV doesn’t have everything, it does provide some decent features. It also has other networks, such as Showtime and Showtime, which you can purchase at a cost every month.

If you’d like to record live television, it is possible to do so, which is not possible on cable TV. Thereby, in YouTube Vs Cable, Youtube TV must be preferred. Additionally, YouTube TV also comes with a cloud-based DVR. Instead of an actual DVR, all of it is stored via the cloud. This makes it relatively simple to control your entertainment regardless of where you are and without any complicated maneuvering.

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How Much Does YouTube TV Cost?

YouTube TV costs the price of $65/month. In addition, adding an add-on network can increase the cost. For example, the Showtime add-on costs $77 per month. Therefore, you’ll pay $77 monthly if you’d like Showtime. It’s cheaper than the premium cable channels when you subscribe to the more standard package, thereby here also, in YouTube Vs Cable, Youtube must be preferred.

If you compare this with the price of your cable service, you might want to know where you stand based on which channels you watch and how often you check them out.

In certain cases, it is possible to obtain a better price with cable if it’s integrated with an internet bundle or an agreement with your wireless provider. But for many people, YouTube TV is likely to offer savings. For instance, when using a cable, I was charged $80 for the internet and $110 for the cable bundle, but that doesn’t count the cost of $10 per month on renting equipment for cable.

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If you choose not to spend the same amount of money each month on cable and then change to YouTube TV for $40 per month, this would amount to a savings of around $80. Over a whole year, that’s an amount of protection of $960. This is nearly $1,000 in savings when you switch between cable and YouTube TV.

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Can YouTube TV Replace Cable?

The main question is, while comparing YouTube Vs Cable, whether you can truly utilize YouTube TV to replace your cable. The answer depends on what you like and how often you watch it. One of the benefits of YouTube TV is that it allows you to watch live television and every NFL game and the Super Bowl because these networks form included in the package.

In addition, to live TV channels and the capability to record shows using The cloud-based DVR, users also have access to YouTube’s Original programming. Programs (which was before called YouTube Red). If you are content with the basics and enjoy YouTube’s original content, you can use YouTube TV. YouTube TV can be a suitable alternative to cable.


What you may not get from YouTube TV includes premium cable networks. There could be other channels that you aren’t able to access. For instance, you’re probably not likely to receive HBO, although Showtime can be added as an additional option. In addition, you might not be able to access some of the shows available on streaming services like Hulu or Netflix or the content you can get from Amazon Prime. Of course, even though you can access the Disney channel on YouTube TV, the new streaming service, Disney +, isn’t part of the package.

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The Bottom Line: Making Your Entertainment Package

The final decision to combine your entertainment experience is about how you spend your time. Suppose you’re looking for a replacement for the basic cable or expensive television. In that case, it’s a great possibility that YouTube TV will work just perfectly, particularly if you have already separately paid for the internet, as considering YouTube Vs Cable, youtube provides you all the services in one payment, while in a cable TV, the same thing takes places in different parts, and an individual has to buy them separately. Hence, in YouTube Vs Cable, preferring Youtube again.

But, when you consider all the streaming services available, you’ll have to consider what makes the most sense for your circumstances. For instance, I do not stream live TV. However, I like streaming old TV shows, movies, and old TV shows, so Hulu is a good choice. If I decide to stream live TV, on top of that, I could include live TV on the Hulu subscription. If I subscribe to Hulu Premium plus Live TV, the price will be $50.99 monthly. It’s a bit more costly than YouTube TV.

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When weighing your alternatives, consider the kinds of programs you enjoy and the kinds of content you’re interested in. Take note of what you prefer to watch and look at the alternatives. YouTube TV could be the perfect replacement for cable, particularly if you want live TV but don’t have much time to watch premium channels, hence preferring youtube on YouTube Vs Cable.

Thanks to the numerous streaming services available, you can make the home entertainment experience you’d like without the expense of cable.

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Hence, this article compares YouTube Vs. Cable suggests which one is better, and thus, choose according to your requirements.

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