Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats

best slow pitch softball bats

If you play softball for competition or fun, you probably know that different softball bats give different experiences. Softball bats differ in length, weight, material, and control, meaning no one softball bat will work for every player. You will get to know about the best slow pitch softball bats too.

Keep watching, your age, height, swing, play type, and experience can all affect which softball bat is right for you. Here, we’ll explain what makes our top softball bat choices the best and provide four key features to help you pick the right bat for your game. We’ll also show you how to find the right bat size and how to measure a softball bat for the perfect length.slowpitch softball batss

Whether you’re looking for a new softball bat or trying to find the perfect fit, our Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats guide will help you find the right one to improve your game.

Our Picks for the Best Softball Bats of 2024:

     Best Fastpitch Softball Bat

  1. Louisville Slugger LXT Best Slowpitch Softball Bat
  2. DeMarini Steel Slowpitch Bat Best Composite Softball Bat
  3. DeMarini Prism Best Youth Softball Bat
  4. Easton Ghost Unlimited Fastpitch Bat 2023 Best Softball Bat for Seniors
  5. Axe Avenge Pro Slowpitch Bat Best Softball Bat Under $250
  6. Easton Firefly Fastpitch Bat 2024 Best Double-Barrel Softball Bat
  7. Easton Ghost Fastpitch 2023 Best Fastpitch Softball Bat
  8. Louisville Slugger LXT

Louisville Slugger LXT at a glance:louisville slugger lxt

Price: $399.99 Barrel material: Composite Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches Drop: -10 Length options: 30 to 34 inches We’ve chosen the premium Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Bat 2024 as the best fastpitch softball bat, thanks to its balanced swing weight and speed composite barrel. Available in lengths ranging from 30 to 34 inches and weights from 20 to 24 ounces, this versatile softball bat has a patented VCX2 vibration connection system that helps reduce vibration upon impact. Paired with a performance end cap that helps maintain a balanced swing weight, this comfortable bat is suitable for all skill levels of fastpitch softball players.

What we like:

  • Large sweet spot for good contact.
  • Reviewers say it has a lot of pop Two-piece design reduces vibration

What to consider:

  • Fairly expensive Purchase Louisville Slugger LXT


DeMarini Steel Slowpitch Bat at a glance:

Price: $249.99 Barrel material: Alloy steel Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches Drop: N/A Length options: 34 inches One of our favorite slowpitch softball bats, the DeMarini Steel USA/USSSA Slowpitch Bat is designed to provide excellent grip on the handle and enhanced stiffness through the barrel to max out energy transfer on contact.

Made with tough alloy steel in the barrel and an alloy handle that helps reduce flex, this two-piece bat increases deflection to boost barrel performance, making it a great fit for slowpitch softball players looking to increase the precision of their hits. Looking for Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats

A two-piece bat means the barrel and handle are created separately, then fused together; these bats typically offer more whip and lighter weights than one-piece bats. Balanced swing weight and even weight distribution mean this slowpitch softball bat will feel more comfortable during use.demartini steel slowpitch bat

What we like:

  • Single-wall construction allows for a bigger sweet spot,
  • More affordable than double-barrel bats, Alloy builds should last multiple seasons What to consider:

Some reviews mention denting Purchase DeMarini Steel Slowpitch Bat

Best Composite Softball Bat: DeMarini Prism+ SI Showcase + DeMarini

Key Features & Specs:

Price: $399.95 Barrel material: Composite Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches Drop: -10, -11 Length options: 31 to 34 inches Composite bats are made with a layered material, often carbon fiber, that helps boost the variety of swing weights a softball bat can have. One notable composite softball bat is the DeMarini Prism+ Fastpitch Bat, which costs just under $400 and comes in four length options. Best for advanced contact hitters, or those who frequently make contact with the ball but don’t regularly have powerful hits—like home runs—this sleek and colorful bat has a balanced swing weight, a refract end cap that helps players generate swing speed and a vibration-dampening handle. The DeMarini Prism+ Fastpitch Bat is best for contact hitters looking for total control and plate coverage.

What we like:

  • Large sweet spot for great contact Lots of pop What to consider:
  • Some reviewers mention paint chipping


Best Youth Softball Bat: Easton Ghost Unlimited Fastpitch Bat 2023

SI Showcase + Easton

Key Features & Specs:

Price: $499.99
Barrel Material: Composite
Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches
Drop: -10
Length options: 30 to 34 incheseaston ghost unlimited fastpitch bat

Young players looking to improve their swing should check out the Easton Ghost Unlimited Fastpitch Bat. It has a soft knob and comfortable grips for a smoother swing. This light bat is available in five lengths and is great for kids still getting used to heavier bats. The bat reduces vibration for smooth hits, even on mistakes. It also has a double-barrel design that helps increase the “pop” when hitting the ball.

What we like:

  • One-piece construction increases the power
  • Double-barrel design improves bounce on hit balls

What to consider:

  • More costly than other bats on our list
  • Purchase Easton Ghost Unlimited Fastpitch Bat 2023


Best Softball Bat for Seniors: Axe Avenge Pro Slowpitch Bat

SI Showcase + Axe Avenge

Key Features & Specs:

Price: $249.99
Barrel material: Composite
Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches
Drop: N/A
Length options: 34 inches

Older adults who play softball for fun or competition will want a bat that’s light and easy to hold. The Axe Avenge Pro End-loaded USSSA Slowpitch Bat 2024 has a softer, easier-to-hold Hypertack grip tape, which is great for people with joint problems or arthritis in their hands. Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats are the ones that are preferred from now and then.

This two-piece composite bat reduces vibration on impact, absorbs energy, and has a HyperWhip end cap that takes away extra weight from the tip, leading to faster bat speed and swing. It also has a bigger sweet spot for better hits.axe avenge pro slowpitch bat

What we like:

  • Hypertack handle for a more comfortable grip
  • Bigger sweet spot

What to consider:

  • Only one length option
  • Purchase Axe Avenge Pro Slowpitch Bat


Best Softball Bat Under $250: Easton Firefly Fastpitch Bat 2024

SI Showcase + Easton

Key Features & Specs:

Price: $219.99
Barrel Material: Composite
Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches
Drop: -12
Length options: 28 to 31 inches

Softball players know the game can be expensive. From team fees to equipment and workout clothes, it can add up. But a good softball bat doesn’t have to cost a lot. Check out the Easton Firefly Fastpitch Bat 2024 for a budget-friendly option. It has balanced swing weight and comes in various lengths, including a 28-inch bat for shorter people.

Made with seamless carbon construction, this flexible bat is softer, which can help the ball go further when hit.easton firely fastpitch bat 2024

What we like:

  • Affordable price
  • Shorter lengths for shorter people

What to consider:

  • Not as sturdy as other bats
  • Might be too light for some players

Purchase Easton Firefly Fastpitch Bat 2024


Best Double-Barrel Softball Bat: Easton Ghost Fastpitch 2023

SI Showcase + Easton

Key Features & Specs:

Price: $399.95
Barrel material: Composite
Barrel diameter: 2.25 inches
Drop: -8 to -11
Length options: 29 to 34 inches

For a top-quality bat with double-barrel construction that improves pop and feel, check out Easton Ghost Fastpitch 2023. This premium bat has a stiff handle flex that helps transfer energy from bat to ball and reduces vibration. It’s built to last with composite material and has a high-traction diamond grip for comfort and stability.easton double barrel ghost fastpitch

With six length options and four drop options, this bat can fit a range of players of different heights and strengths. It’s also great for power hitters looking for fast speed and hits.

What we like:

  • Available in various weights
  • Doesn’t need a long break-in period

What to consider:

  • Reviewers suggest getting a warranty with this bat

Purchase Easton Ghost Fastpitch 2023


How to Find the Right Bat Size

The right bat size depends on three factors: length, weight, and drop. The right size bat will make your grip more comfortable and is crucial for your game and accuracy. If you’re not familiar with these terms for softball bats, don’t worry. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right bat size for you.


Softball bats can be as short as 28 inches or as long as 34 inches or more. If you’re not sure which length is right for you, here are three ways to measure:

  • Center the bat knob on your chest and extend the barrel toward your fingertips. If you can touch the end of the bat with your fingertips, it’s the right size.
  • Place the bottom knob of the bat in the center of your chest, with the bat facing outward. If you can grab the barrel of the bat, it’s a perfect match for length.
  • You can use your legs for measurement. Stand the bat against your leg, and if it reaches the middle of your hip, the length is just right.


Drop is another factor related to weight. Many softball bats have a standard drop of -10, but some may offer different drops ranging from -8 to -11 or more. A smaller drop means the bat is heavier, while a larger drop is lighter. This preference might depend on your strength or skill level.drop of a bat


Weight is more about preference than exact science. Stronger or more experienced players prefer a heavier bat, while casual players or beginners prefer a lighter one. If you can hold a softball bat in one hand with your arm extended for 30 seconds without it feeling like it’s going to drop or causing pain, that weight is probably good for you.

What Makes a Good Softball Bat?

Each softball bat is different, but there are a few important features to consider when deciding which bat will work best for you. Here’s what to think about when shopping, and remember to remember your budget. Playing softball can come with many costs, like your equipment and running shoes, or gym memberships for extra training, and any fees you might owe to a softball club or team.

Here are some tips from Dick’s Sporting Goods on what to consider when buying a new softball bat.dick sporting goods

  • Barrel size: Softball bats can have different barrel sizes. Short barrel bats, like those around 12 inches, are usually easier to swing. Long barrel bats, usually around 14 inches, have more surface area for hitting the ball but can be harder to swing. Think about what you prefer and how strong your swing is when choosing a barrel size.
  • Balance point: A bat with a balanced swing has a more even weight distribution throughout the bat. This makes it more comfortable to hold and is a feature to look for if you want speed and accuracy in your swing.
  • Feel of the bat at contact: A double-barrel softball bat is a good choice if you want your bat to make the typical “pop” sound when it hits the ball. Otherwise, look for technology that reduces vibration for a smoother hit and overall feel.
  • Brand reputation: Buying a softball bat from a well-known brand is important. These brands are known for making durable, high-quality bats, which helps ensure your bat will last a long time. Reading verified bat reviews can give you an idea of what customers think about different bats and their pros and cons. Read about Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats too.

Softball Bat FAQs

What bats can be used in high school softball?

To be used in high school softball, a bat must meet the standards of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). These standards include bats marked with the ASA 2000, 2004, or the USA Softball All-Games Certification Mark. Softball bats must also not be on the list of the USA Softball Non-Approved Bats with Certification Marks.

How many softball bats should you have?

There's no right or wrong number of softball bats to have, but many people like to have two bats, one lighter and one heavier, so you can choose the one that feels most comfortable on a particular day.

What is a dead bat in softball?

A bat might be dead if it's past its best. Signs of a dead bat include a bat that makes a dull thud sound or vibrates a lot when it hits the ball.

Conclusion: Why a Quality Softball Bat Matters

A good softball bat from a well-known brand is important for more than just looking good at the plate. Bats with strong construction, technology that reduces or eliminates vibration, and a balanced swing can help you hit the ball harder, faster, and more accurately. Plus, the best Slow Pitch Softball Bats comes in many lengths, weights, and drop options to help you find the right feel for your size and preferences.

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