Best Mobile Forensic Tools For iPhone And Android: Expert Picks

best mobile forensic tools for iphone and android

In today’s digital age, our smartphones hold more secrets than our diaries ever did. Imagine losing access to your device or, worse, suspecting a breach. The anxiety, the urgency, the sheer panic! It’s like losing a piece of yourself. 

The best mobile forensic tools for iPhone and Android include Cellebrite UFED, Oxygen Forensics, MSAB XRY, Hancom MD-NEXT, and MOBILedit Forensic. These tools are industry leaders, offering unparalleled insights into mobile devices.

But what if there was a way to dive deep into the digital DNA of these devices, uncovering the hidden and the deleted? Mobile forensics enters the world—a realm where it unravels mysteries and lays bare digital truths.

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Understanding Mobile Forensics

While professional tools dominate the mobile forensics landscape, there’s a growing interest in do it yourself cell phone forensics. These DIY methods, although not as comprehensive as specialized tools, offer individuals a glimpse into the world of digital investigations, allowing them to retrieve lost data or understand their device’s inner workings. Well, there are two lenses to look through:

  • The Investigative Lens: Here, the tool acts as a detective, delving into the device’s memory, retrieving deleted messages, call logs, or even photos. It’s the Sherlock Holmes of software, piecing together digital clues to solve crimes.
  • The Unlocking Lens: Have you ever been locked out of your own phone? Frustrating, right? Through this lens, the tool is more of a locksmith than a detective. It’s designed to bypass security features, granting access to the device’s contents without necessarily analyzing, while both types of tools can be crucial, they serve different purposes. The investigative tools are the backbone of cybercrime units, helping solve cases from cyberbullying to corporate espionage. On the other hand, unlocking tools are often the heroes of forgetful moments, aiding users who’ve been locked out or technicians trying to access a device for repair.

In essence, mobile forensics is a vast field, and the tools are its knights, each serving its unique purpose in the digital kingdom.

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Top Mobile Forensics Tools

In the realm of the best mobile forensic tools for iPhone and Android, mobile device forensics tools stand out as the champions of extracting and analyzing data from smartphones and tablets. Mobile forensics has seen a surge in specialized cell phone forensic software. These tools, designed specifically for mobile investigations, have become indispensable in the digital age. Among the top-tier forensic software for cell phones are Oxygen Forensics, Hancom MD-NEXT, MOBILedit Forensic, and more.

Cellebrite UFED 

Diving into the Past: Cellebrite UFED, hailing from Israel, burst onto the mobile forensics scene in 2007. Since then, it’s been akin to a digital archaeologist, unearthing buried secrets from mobile devices. Key Features:cellebrite ufed

  • Unlocking Devices: Think of it as a master key, adept at bypassing patterns and PIN locks.
  • Extractions: Whether it’s a surface-level (logical) or deep dive (physical) extraction, UFED has it covered.
  • Device Support: From the latest iPhone to that old Nokia in your drawer, its support is vast and varied.

Visit: Cellebrite UFED 

Oxygen Forensics 

From Russia with Expertise: Oxygen Forensics, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, but with Russian roots, offers a comprehensive suite for mobile investigations. Key Features:

  • File System Extraction: It meticulously sifts through device file systems, ensuring no byte is overlooked.
  • Drone Forensics: In an age of drones, it extracts data even from these flying wonders.
  • Cloud Extraction: From Google Drive to iCloud, it reaches into the cloud, pulling out essential data.

Visit: Oxygen Forensics 


Swedish Precision: MSAB, a Swedish tech marvel, is laser-focused on mobile device examination and analysis. Key Features:

  • Examinations: It can conduct both logical and physical examinations on a vast array of devices.
  • GPS & Memory Card: Whether it’s tracking past locations or examining external storage, XRY is on it.

Visit: MSAB XRY 

Hancom MD-NEXT 

Korean Digital Mastery: Hancom, a Korean stalwart, has been specializing in mobile device extraction since 2005, with a particular affinity for Korean brands like Samsung and LG. Key Features:

  • Device Support: From Apple to ZTE, its support spectrum is broad.
  • ADB Pro Extraction: It can exploit vulnerabilities in Android devices, ensuring thorough data extraction.

Visit: Hancom MD-NEXT 

MOBILedit Forensic 

The All-Rounder: MOBILedit isn’t just a tool; it’s a Swiss Army knife for mobile forensics. Key Features:

  • Data Acquisition: Whether you want a surface scan or a deep dive, it’s equipped.
  • Cloud Forensics: It can seamlessly fetch data from various cloud services, ensuring a holistic investigation.

Visit: MOBILedit Forensic 

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The Evolution of Mobile Forensics Tools

In the realm of the best mobile forensic tools for iPhone and Android, many forensic tools cater to a broad range of mobile devices, while specific Android forensics tools tailor to navigate the intricacies of Android’s operating system. From the rudimentary tools of the early 2000s to today’s sophisticated software suites, the journey of mobile forensics tools mirrors the rapid evolution of technology itself. Initially, these tools were designed to tackle basic cell phones with limited data.creating-report

But as smartphones became mini-computers, the tools had to evolve, becoming more intricate and powerful. The rise of encrypted messaging apps, biometric locks, and cloud storage presented new challenges, pushing the boundaries of what these tools could achieve. This evolution underscores the paramount importance of continuous R&D in the mobile forensics industry. Without relentless innovation, tools would stagnate, leaving crucial digital evidence out of reach. In this ever-evolving digital landscape, staying updated isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity.

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What is the mobile forensics process?

Mobile forensics involves recovering digital evidence from a mobile device in a manner that preserves the evidence's integrity. This process requires precise rules for seizing, isolating, transporting, storing, and analyzing digital evidence from mobile devices.

What are the steps in the mobile forensics process?

The mobile forensics process includes seizure (preserving and confiscating the device), acquisition (retrieving data from the device), and examination and analysis (identifying and analyzing data using forensic tools).

What challenges do forensic experts face with mobile devices?

Forensic experts face challenges like diverse mobile device types, varying operating systems, the vast landscape of mobile apps, and the constant synchronization of data. Additionally, data may exist beyond the physical device, like in cloud storage.

How do non-invasive forensic methods differ from invasive ones?

Non-invasive methods, like logical extraction or JTAG, retrieve data without physically altering the device. Invasive methods, such as chip-off, involve physically accessing the device's memory chip, which can be riskier and more complex.

What is the significance of JTAG in mobile forensics?

JTAG is a non-invasive form of physical acquisition that can extract data from a mobile device, even when it's damaged, locked, or encrypted. It allows direct access to the device's memory without compromising its integrity.


In the vast digital maze that our devices have become, the right forensic tool is the compass that guides investigators to the truth. Choosing the right tool isn’t just about solving a case; it’s about justice, closure, and sometimes, even national security. As we look to the future, mobile forensics will only grow in importance. With the advent of IoT, wearable tech, and even smarter “smartphones,” the challenges will multiply. But so will the opportunities, promising a future where no digital stone remains unturned.

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