Best Gun Apps for Android: Enhance Your Shooting Skills

best gun apps for android

In today’s digital age, even the world of firearms isn’t untouched by technology. Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the myriad of gun laws or wished for a tool to enhance your shooting experience? You’re not alone. 

The best gun apps for Android include BallisticsARC for competitive shooting logs, CCW for referencing U.S. gun laws, Concealed Carry Gun Tools for resources, GUNTRACK for firearm records, and Strelok Ballistic Calculator for shooting adjustments. These apps cater to various needs, ensuring safety, knowledge, and enhanced shooting experiences.

Many firearm enthusiasts grapple with these challenges daily, yearning for a solution that’s both accessible and efficient. Enter the realm of gun apps for Android—a game-changer for every gun owner out there.

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Why Use Gun Apps?

In the vast universe of apps, gun apps might seem like a niche category. But for firearm aficionados, they’re nothing short of essential. Let’s dive into why.

Safety and Education: Navigating the world of firearms requires a keen sense of responsibility. Gun apps serve as digital mentors, guiding users on safe handling, maintenance, and proper shooting techniques. They’re like having a personal instructor right in your pocket.

Legal Considerations: Laws around firearms are intricate and ever-evolving. Staying compliant is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. With gun apps, you’re always in the loop, ensuring you’re on the right side of the law, no matter where you are.

Enhancing the Shooting Experience: Beyond the basics, gun apps elevate your shooting game. Whether it’s tracking your progress, simulating shooting scenarios, or offering ballistic calculations, these apps transform an ordinary day at the range into a data-driven, enhanced experience.

Types of Gun Apps

The digital realm is vast, and when it comes to gun apps, the variety is genuinely impressive. From tracking your shots to understanding the nitty-gritty of firearm maintenance, there’s an app for every gun enthusiast out there. Let’s break down the categories.

Range Buddy Apps: Have you ever wished for a personal assistant while practising at the range? Enter range buddy apps. These digital companions help you track your shooting progress, monitor accuracy, and even offer insights into areas of improvement. It’s like having a coach, statistician, and diary all rolled into

Informational Apps: Guns, while powerful tools require meticulous care. Informational apps are your go-to guides for stripping, cleaning, and maintaining your firearm. With step-by-step instructions, videos, and tips, they ensure your gun remains in pristine condition, ready for action whenever you are.

Legal Apps: The world of firearm laws can be a labyrinth. But with legal apps, navigating this maze becomes a breeze. Whether you’re travelling across states or just want to stay updated, these apps offer real-time information on gun laws, licenses, and other legal nuances, ensuring you’re always informed and compliant.

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Top Gun Apps for Android

Among the plethora of gun apps, there’s a notable category that many shooting enthusiasts often seek: free gunshot apps. While there are many gun apps available on the Android platform, some of the best ones come without a price tag. Let’s delve into the top free gun apps and some premium ones that offer exceptional features for firearm enthusiasts.


For the competitive shooter, BallisticsARC is a game-changer. This app is more than just a log; it’s a comprehensive tool that offers wind readings, geolocation, and even trajectory calculations. Whether you’re prepping for a competition or just honing your skills, BallisticsARC provides insights that can elevate your shooting game.

Download: BallisticsARC


Concealed Carry 50 State: Navigating the intricate web of U.S. gun laws can be daunting. But with CCW, you have a reliable reference right at your fingertips. Covering all 50 states, this app provides up-to-date information on carry laws, ensuring you stay compliant wherever you go.

Download: CCW

Concealed Carry Gun Tools: 

Every gun owner needs a trusty toolkit. Concealed Carry Gun Tools offers a plethora of resources, from locating nearby shooting ranges to tracking your training progress. It’s the Swiss Army knife of gun apps.

Download: Concealed Carry Gun Tools


Keeping records of your firearms is not just prudent—it’s essential. GUNTRACK offers an online database where users can log details of their guns, track maintenance schedules, and even set reminders for upcoming tasks.guntrack Organized and secure, it’s the digital locker every firearm owner needs.

Download: GUNTRACK


Ever walked into an establishment and wondered about their gun policy? With Posted, you’re always in the know. This app provides information on gun policies at various places, ensuring you make informed decisions every time you step out.

Download: Posted

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Range Buddy: 

The joy of shooting is in seeing improvement, and Range Buddy is the perfect companion for that. This app allows users to track their shooting accuracy over time, offering insights and analytics that can help refine techniques and enhance performance.

Download: Range Buddy

Strelok Ballistic Calculator: 

Shooting is as much a science as it is an art. Strelok offers a comprehensive ballistic calculator that helps shooters make adjustments based on various factors like wind speed, altitude, and humidity. appsWith its precise calculations, hitting the bullseye becomes a tad easier.

Download: Strelok Ballistic Calculator

Weapon Stripping: 

For those curious about the broader world of weaponry, beyond just firearms, there are various weapons apps available. One standout is ‘Weapon Stripping,’ a simulation game that lets users delve deep into the mechanics of various weapons, offering both entertainment and education.

Download: Weapon Stripping

In the ever-evolving world of Android apps, these stand out as the top picks for gun enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting, there’s an app tailored to enhance your experience.

Things to Remember When Using Gun Apps

In the digital age, apps have become indispensable tools, even in the realm of firearms. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Here are some crucial pointers to keep in mind:

Always Prioritize Safety: While apps offer a wealth of information, never compromise on safety. Always handle firearms with care and respect.

Stay Updated with the Latest Laws and Regulations: Laws evolve, and it’s essential to stay informed. Regularly update your apps to ensure you have the latest legal information.

Use Apps as a Supplementary Tool: Remember, apps are aids, not substitutes. They should complement, not replace, professional training and guidance.

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Are there gun-selling apps on the Play Store?

No, Google doesn't allow gun-selling apps on the Play Store. If you want to find or check out dealers nearby, you'd need to use a web browser to search for retailers in your area.

What does the BallisticsARC app offer?

BallisticsARC is a log for competitive shooters. It provides features like wind readings, geolocation, trajectory calculations, and even Google Maps integration for target distances.

How does the Range Buddy app work?

Range Buddy is a firearm range tool that uses your camera to take a picture of the target. It provides measurements about your grouping, such as group size, group area, and the smallest enclosing circle.

What is the purpose of the Weapon Stripping app?

Weapon Stripping is a simulation game that allows users to field strip various weapons, understand their mechanics, reassemble them, and watch them fire in different modes.

Can I watch gun tutorials on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube hosts a variety of channels and videos with tutorials on gun safety, firing techniques, disassembling guns, and other related content.


The world of gun apps is vast and varied, offering tools and resources for every firearm enthusiast. From tracking shots to understanding intricate laws, these apps have revolutionised the shooting experience. However, as we embrace this digital age, it’s crucial to remember the significance of these apps and use them responsibly. After all, with knowledge comes the duty to wield it wisely and safely.

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