Sling TV vs. Philo TV | Everything You Need to Know

Sling tv vs Philo. Cord-cutting is on the rise in today’s society as more and more consumers choose to forgo regular cable TV in favor of streaming options. Sling TV and Philo TV, two well-known streaming services, will be compared in this post, along with all the information you vs philo

Know about sling TV vs. Philo.

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Sling TV: What is it?

You may watch live TV channels on your internet-connected devices with Sling TV, an online streaming service. Dish Network introduced it in 2015; since then, it has gained popularity as a cable TV You can view various channels based on your plan using Sling TV’s package selection. Including Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue.

Philo TV: What is it?

Another online streaming service with live TV stations is Philo TV. It was introduced in 2017 and rapidly became well-liked among cord-cutters. philoAbout 60 channels are available in a single package from Philo TV, including well-known ones like MTV, AMC, and Comedy Central.

Prices for Sling TV and Philo TV

Three packages, each with a different pricing point, are available from Sling TV. The monthly fee of Sling Orange, which has more than 30 channels, is $35, and sling Blue, which has more than 45 channels, is $35 per month. All the channels from Sling Orange and Sling Blue are included in the $50 monthly Sling Orange + Blue package.

A package with over 60 channels is available from Philo TV for $25 monthly. Because of this, Philo TV is substantially less expensive than Sling TV. Especially if you only need a limited number of channels.

Comparing Philo TV to Sling TV: Channels

The channels you receive with sling tv vs philo TV will vary depending on your selected package.

Although Sling Blue delivers channels like FX, Syfy, and USA, Sling Orange offers ESPN, Disney Channel, and

Around 60 channels are available on Philo TV, including well-known ones like AMC, MTV, Comedy Central, and Discovery Channel. The absence of sports channels on Philo TV might put off some fans.

User Interface: Sling TV vs. Philo TV

You can quickly surf through the channels with the user-friendly interfaces of Sling TV and Philo TV.

You may move and reorder channels on Sling TV’s interface more quickly than with Philo TV, allowing you to build a customized lineup. If you’re looking for specific content, Sling TV lets you select channels by categories, such as sports, news, and entertainment.

The interface of Philo TV is less complex and more user-friendly than that of Sling TV, and it includes a channel guide that lists all of the channels’ current and forthcoming programming. You can record programs for later watching and filter the channel guide by day, hour, or channel.

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Comparison of Sling TV vs. Philo TV: Compatibility

Many devices can stream Sling TV and Philo TV, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and streaming boxes like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.compatibility

More devices, including gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation, support Sling TV than Philo TV. You can watch on up to three devices simultaneously with Sling TV, which is more than Philo TV’s two-device maximum.

As well as not being accessible on gaming consoles, Philo TV is not accessible on as many devices as Sling TV. On Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Philo TV does have a separate app, enabling a more streamlined viewing experience.

DVR Comparison between Sling TV and Philo TV

You may record shows to watch them later and access a library of previously aired episodes and movies with both Sling TV and Philo TV’s DVR and on-demand programming.

You may record up to 50 hours of material on Sling TV’s DVR, and you can increase that capacity to 200 hours for a price. In addition, Sling TV provides a selection of on-demand media, such as movies, TV series, and documentaries.

One significant advantage Philo TV has over Sling TV is its DVR feature, which lets you record endless programming. Also, Philo TV provides a selection of on-demand material that includes current and previous seasons of well-known TV programs.

Philo TV vs. Sling TV: Customer Service

Both Sling TV and Philo TV provide help to their customers via phone, email, live chat, and a detailed FAQ section on their websites.customer services

Also, Sling TV has a community forum where users may interact with one another and exchange questions and answers. Users of Philo TV can access informative articles and videos on a range of subjects in the support center.


In conclusion, cord-cutters looking for live TV channels will find sling tv vs Philo TV excellent choices. While Philo TV offers a single package with over 60 channels at a lower price point, Sling TV offers a more personalized experience with a selection of packages. While Philo TV offers an unlimited DVR option and a selection of on-demand programming, Sling TV is available on more devices and supports concurrent streams.

Ultimately, your unique demands and tastes will determine whether you choose Sling TV or Philo TV. Sling TV might be better if you search for a highly personalized experience with various channels and device compatibility. Philo TV might be a better alternative if you’re searching for a more economical option with an unlimited DVR and a wide selection of on-demand content.

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