6 Weather Widgets For iPhone: Check The Weather At A Glance

Weather widgets for iPhone

Knowing the weather forecast before venturing outside for a bike ride, exercise, outdoor stroll, or adventurous trip is essential. if you are able to predict the weather, you can plan better. Since you want to avoid going on a picnic in the rain, weather widgets can help you choose the best day to go in seconds. Apple has integrated weather applications into the UI to make it simple for consumers and to improve our quality of life. The Weather Widget app for iPhone is fundamental.

There might be some cases in which a user is unsatisfied with the default application and wants a third-party one; no worries, we have you covered. Here are 6 top weather widget apps for the iPhone.

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Best Weather Widgets For iPhone

Given below are the six best weather widgets for iPhone:

1. Carrot Weather App

Carrot Weather for iOS is one of the most detailed weather apps widget available to iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users. The program is renowned for its clarity and innovative design. You enjoy using simple weather apps because they portray the weather in an engaging and humorous way. The application’s Ui is editable so you can arrange internal settings according to your liking.

Carrot WeatherIt has many customizable features for its users; CARROT users can highlight their weather station data from within the app. The top weather apps on the market, including Dark Sky, AccuWeather, and ClimaCell, are used to gather the data. You can also get voice notifications for alerts like rain, lightning, storms, etc. It provides visual and audial info.

2. AccuWeather App

AccuWeather is a popular weather widget forecasting app, and it is accessible on a variety of devices, including iOS and Android. The AccuWeather app has several features that may be used to keep users up to current on local and global weather conditions, much like other well-known weather forecasting applications. The program also provides several tools for users to prepare for impending weather conditions.


Users of the app can access a worldwide weather forecast and the most recent data on regional conditions in a few places. The software is helpful because it can forecast wind speeds, temperature trends, and precipitation chances. The app can organize travel or prepare for extreme weather conditions.

3. Weather Fit App

Weather Fit app is a free weather widget forecast app for iPhone and iPad. Along with providing a weather forecast, this app creatively suggests the dress one can wear that goes perfectly with the weather of that locality. It has a cute character who dresses according to the weather to give the user an idea of wearing what and what not.

Weather Fit

For example, on a sunny day, the character wears sunglasses, while on a rainy day, the character carries an umbrella. The nature itself is customizable as per user choice. The app also provides a lovely landscape behind the character to display the current or future weather. Enjoy this app for its projections, dressing sense, and lovely backgrounds.

4. Forecast Bar App

Forecast Bar provides real-time, hyper-local weather forecasts for any area. It automatically matches your location with iOS, apple tv, and Mac or any other iOS device with you. It provides minute precipitation forecasts and ensures you’re never caught in the rain or snow. This app extensively stores information about weather conditions up to 70 years in the past or future.

Forecast Bar

It provides 3D touch to you to access any location, and you can get more information about that place with just a few clicks. It is powered by forecast.io, which delivers super-accurate data and features the same radar map in the Dark Sky app. With this app on your iOS device, you can get all weather info on any geological area over any geological period with just one touch.

5. Windy.app

Windy.app is not just a standard weather widget forecasting app for iPhone, but as its name, it primarily focuses on winds. It’s an excellent wind forecast tool that’s great for surfers, sailors, windsurfers, fishers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. This app will be a great way to decide the best time to go surfing or swimming. You can use this app to dry your wet clothes precisely.


This app, while telling you about any storm or tides, will also offer a detailed explanation of what is causing it and show the wind velocity, temperature, and direction. In difficult situations, this app is an excellent tool.

6. Fuji Weather App

Fuji Weather is a unique weather app that provides all customizable widgets. Ranging from live weather, hourly forecast, clock, radar, storm tracker, air quality, UV, moon phase, etc., like a combined toolkit from which you can access any information you use. Top weather providers like apple, dark sky, and MET power it. It keeps you updated and prepared for weather conditions while decorating your phone.

Fuji Weather

Fuji weather app also provides various widget styles embedded with rich functionality widgets according to decoration needs. It offers superior accuracy with data updated in real-time (every 20 mins). Along with all these, this app also gives tips and advice according to current and near-future weather conditions.


These were a handful of the top iPhone weather widgets that provide an alternative to the built-in app. You may rapidly glance at the forecast for the rest of the day and other important weather data to quickly plan your route. Place handy weather widgets on the iPhone’s default home screen and go ahead and give them a try.

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